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  1. that i was thinking about was that the players spawn at there own side of the map, but not at the same spot everytime
  2. Hi its me again, im done with The 1 v 1 aim map, but i want the players to spawn in different locations every new round, is it func_instances im gonna use for that?
  3. haha i know, but i tried the .VTF program, and it was more easier than i suspected, so im doing them all by myself now thanks for all the help to find around this sites
  4. yeah i know this sites, but they are only pictures, i can search images at google, but i dont get me wrong, im kinda lazy, i would want some ready to go textures, just put it in the materials folder, you understand? sorry
  5. does anyone here know a site or if you have yourself maybe some decals for the csgo, i cant find any decals, hit me up if you got some or direct me somewhere on this site where i can find them, thanks!
  6. lol, im so sorry! thanks for the help!
  7. didnt work, im checking some tutorials, they say i should use func buttons, and bind it to game player equip, but same there, dont work
  8. im sorry, can you please give me a step by step? this is what i did, i did every step you told me
  9. dude, you serious right now? i know how to use game_player_equip, its to easy, but did i ask for that? no i didnt, im asking how to equip a player like this, i have a wall with stickers of every pistol in game okey, and i wanna go to that wall, press on the weapon i want and have it in my hand after i pressed that wall with that weapon on! thanks how do you mean? give me that step by step thing!
  10. in game it gives me this couldnt make enitinity with name weapon_deagel! why?
  11. lol man, ur good, thanks alot!
  12. Hello! I need some help, i want to my aim maps a wall there you can go and press to get a certain weapon? like in Aim_allpistols, caan someone please tell me how, cant find anything like that on youtube or somewhere else!
  13. Hello all cores, im searching and searching for all textures i can find, but its running out, can i ask you guys to post all ur textures and models for me thats youcan find or maybe that you have done for yourself? that would be great for some new content to make new maps with!
  14. Thanks it worked out fine!
  15. Hi can u share it to dropbox so i can download it! it looks so great!