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  1. Yeah AD rocks! Thanks for the interview & nice to see that QuArK is still in use.
  2. Looks good, maybe a bit too clean! I would suggest to add color-drips and color-fadeings (and maybe some half-footprints) to the floors (just next to the painted walls). Like in this picture: Theres always a good amount of color dripping/spraying down to the floor
  3. Small update with fast lighting, still alot todo: I want to use darker floor-trims in the next build. But i have to talk about that with the Author (sock).
  4. Here are my first steps in gtkradiant. I want to do some prefabs for later maps (QL) Textures are Socks IndustrialĀ“s.
  5. Hi, im working on this QL map for quite a long time now, time to finish it. Lighting needs some tuning, some areas need detailwork and decals need to be placed.