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  1. Wauw beautifull! Where are you from? Its a lovely enviorment
  2. Yeah I like much contrast but already thought this was too much, ty for ur opinion! And yeah it was a quick shoot. I noticed the focus was on his body afther I looked the photo on the PC, too bad! It's a auto focus and I didn't figure out yet how to manually do that, so I guess I need some experimenting. Or well I know I have to rotate the thing on the lens but.. The times I tried it I failed. Though I think I can easyly pull it off with auto focus and just aim the head and focus or touch the touch screen Thank you for ur advise!
  3. Excuse me for my spam on this topic. I hope I won't bother u guys too much with the updates. There is now a working radar and you can still walk arround the map just check the first post for a link to the workshop Venice statues fits nicely And CT spawn a litle detailed
  4. Well there is not really a purpose for me on making pictures as in something I want to tell/show with the pictures. Especially no commercial goals that I have, it's pure a hobby for me. I like nature/animals so that's where I am focusing on really, but yeah maybe it's a cool idea/practise to make a photoserie of a specific subject within nature/animals. Though sometimes I just like to go out and make some pictures as time spending in the hope I get some good/interresting shots. But I found out it's quite rare to get a good one
  5. So yeahhh normally I am not such a creepy guy but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. This bird was just chilling over here and you know, I was peeking on him with my camera. But then.. there was this moment he realised he was being watched afther I got too close, dam check this startled look on his face. Oke so this story went abit different. This morning this litle innocent red brest bird flew against the kitchen window. It was pretty sad. He lied there on his side not moving at all. Then thankfully he jumped back on his feet. I tried to give him something to eat, but he just kept staring at it doing nothing. I thought birds like nuts and apples but maybe he was a bad eater? I don't know.... Anyway I think he was in shock of what just happend. So yeah I read some on the internet, what to do? Well he needs warmth.. so I tried to carefully pick him up in my hands to place him on a nice spot in the sun (and to make a nice picture ofcourse xD) But then he flew away on the bench close by in the garden. So yeah he was alright thankfully,so that was good news. I took my camera and made some close ups untill the moment he looked at me with this startled face and shit all over the bench. On that moment I knew that was the last shot of today xD Time to let him chill So yeah anyway to be on topic, I guess. The pictures I make do have a high contrast/levels of light and darkness. I like pictures that way but is it too much? The picture below is the same but then used auto color, auto levels and auto contrast. It looks really similair to the original picture. And if u got any more feedback, please help! I am new to this.
  6. To be honest its almost entirly my imagination. I searched on google 'german castle' and 'overgrown castle/cathedral/ruins' and used some inspiration from that.
  7. Yeah I have took a look, they use lots of open roofs, I can defenitly use that by adding broken roofs/ceilings but it won't work for all places. Anyways.. I have a ruff greybox of the whole map. There is no radar yet. I have to fix a few things. Cover up a few bad seightlines, fill up CT some more and get rid of some nodraws and then I will add a radar for hopefully a playtest. You can subscribe to the map and walk arround already if you like: And a few screenshots of T spawn, midle and A site:
  8. Hahaha yeahh.. I know right. It are just placeholders for now. I hoped to have some torches with fire later on. Or maybe these lamps with candles in it. But yeah I am no modeler Thanks! Yeah I hoped to keep some good vissibilities and not alot of plants disturbing the view. I have been working some more on it, but I am quite struggling with the other bombsite and abit on midle, but I take tiny steps and once I get there I'll post some more screenshots. I hope to get a basic greybox done so I can test the layout and people can walk arround.
  9. Yeaahh we got some weird plants and tree's in Holland, almost surreal looking things Poison Crazy Eyes Divergent Colorfull Wave Hairy Tree
  10. Well idk if Valve cares about it. There are 3 maps (Dust, Dust2 and Mirage) located in the midle east and 3 maps (italy, inferno and canals) located in Italy. I think most important thing is you do what you like doing in your own unique way. Its good to see you got rid of the upper part on midle. Because the angle from that upper window to A bombsite was so odd.
  11. I love ur work el @El Moroes, keep it up! Did u used a long closing time on damage nocture? And for those insects do u do alot of afther editing? Add blur, change color/saturation or?
  12. Oh well what a shame @Finn I thought you made those since it's a topic for community made photos. Anyway thanks for sharing! I really dig the first photo and I may learn from it
  13. Great job @Finn I love the first and third photo alot! What program you guys use to edit photo's? I use photoshop myself, but I was wondering if Lightroom is more recommanded?
  14. It's looking so... natural, good job! I like it
  15. A lost Castle in the midle of the Forrest have been taken over by growing plants and tree's. EDIT: Ready for a playtest! Workshop: