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  1. this looks great man. if you can keep visibility high and the atmosphere feelin good, this level would be awesome. looks like you're keeping the foliage abundant but out of sight lines too which is nice. would love to see this move forward
  2. Agreed, although it's difficult to determine what I'll like before the brushes go down. Will probably end up making a separate canal-less graybox and comparing them. With it being a remake, I'm hoping to give it as much originality as possible. I had plans to incorporate canals into the skybox and unplayable area, which is why I'm considering tossing them out all together to stay away from de_canals. Thank you both for posting.
  3. Hi everyone. Work is continuing on Piranesi, but the recent release of de_canals by Valve is a bit troublesome. I'm considering removing the canal elements of the map and some other theme elements to separate it from de_canals. I think de_canals does a lot of things wrong that I could do better, but I still think some separation might be best in the end. Just wondering what others think. Here are a few screenshots with some new ideas as balancing continues as well. New CT entrance to B for easier retakes: View from back of B: Upper mid expanded: Back of A:
  4. The theme is changing to a colorful, Italian city. Way more colorful and lively compared to cs_italy. To separate it from the new de_inferno, the colorfulness and more urban setting will do the trick. A place called manarola is serving as inspiration.
  5. I've done some more work but have neglected to update this page. Really making sure that the map is enjoyable and competitive before I start detailing. Here are some more recent screenshots.
  6. I'd like to change my submission from Sunday 5/8 to Thursday, 5/12. Thanks
  7. The theme is based on venice, the canals, and the straight, aligned colorful buildings. I think Piranesi would be bland if it did not get a theme change, and it would become something like Cobblestone 2. So yes, the layout will remain the same, but the theme has been different from the start. Check this google image search for the feel I will be aiming for. Thanks for posting
  8. Hey everyone. I've been working on a huge update to really bring the map back in line with the Piranesi that I loved on source. At this point, I've gotten the areas playable enough to be sent to the workshop and tested. The changelog is on the workshop. Here are some screenshots: Please let me know what you think of the map's progress.
  9. Just sent out a pretty significant update. I'd like to know what anyone thinks about the new additions. My main concerns revolve around competitive gameplay and faithfulness to the source version, so keep those in mind. Thanks all!
  10. I figured I was doing something wrong, but my playtest demo seems to be corrupted as well. It just kind of crashes after warmup. Didn't get any useful info after that. Don't know what to do
  11. The map has been updated after incorporating some feedback from a recent playtest. Please let me know what you think! I'm doing everything I can to ensure it's great. Thank you for your interest. Let me know how you like the map's progress as it continues.
  12. Thank you to everyone involved in organizing and maintaining this. Super helpful. Edit: Also, I would like the files associated with piranesi whenever they're available. thanks again
  13. That's kind of the goal of the foliage. I've been thinking about ways to implement lower bridge that add to the gameplay, but it's quite the challenge. And in terms of size, most of the major encounter points are very similar. The tall walls with no detail also make the player feel small at this stage. I still like your points though. I'll think about them going forward. Thank you
  14. The playtest that I requested for today (4/7/2016) was actually meant for NEXT thursday (4/14/2016).
  15. Most, if not all, of the remakes fall short because they are straight ports, were abandoned long ago, are unfinished, or don't execute a fresh, unique theme. I think they haven't taken off for those reasons. Also, my remake has a strong emphasis on competitive play, which is not to say that the others should have attempted that as well. When I'm done, I hope for theme and balance to speak for themselves, and produce a map that people love to play. Also, the canal idea is interesting! I will think about it for sure. Thanks