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  1. Is there a possibility of seeing some gameplay videos?
  2. The stream was really cool and interesting :)! Philip still got it
  3. Half life 2 hands down, I love the challenge of having no light preview in-editor
  4. Sorry won´t happen again :)! it works perfectly! Thank you so SOOOO much!
  5. Thanks I will try it :)!
  6. Heya, Been looking around the internet and the mapcore forum but I am unable to make it work when I try to add the cstrike.fgd to the project. How do I add the CSS assets to my Half Life 2 mod?
  7. This is a joke right? Good goof UK! No one leaves the union. NO ONE.
  8. Thanks man :D! <3
  9. Wowa this is looking damn fine :D!
  10. Thanks man I got it fixed : -)! Also my portfolio got a rework check it out : -)
  11. I will updatethe texts tomorrow to adress the issue : -)! Thanks for checking out my portfolio and leaving feedback!
  12. Consider lowering the quality of your images since they take a very long time to load : -)
  13. Thanks man : -D! Going to fix this right now!
  14. Heya I am going to be applying for internship within a months time and I need to make sure my portfolio will stand the test! : -)! Don´t hold back, if anything annoys you tell me : -) It is a work in progress but I feel as if feedback won´t hurt! Feel free to add me on steam if you want to discuss the portfolio
  15. Thanks for the feedback will add you : -)!