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  1. Oh I know just what you mean, juggling a day job, family and aspirations of becoming a developer can be so draining at times. I guess I'm just fueled by raw willpower at this point. Here's to us both making it sooner or later!
  2. Excellent link, didn't know this existed. Have some testing to do =) I ask because of what Cliffe had to say about this picture: "The reason you're seeing those models render is because models of similarity (that share textures) were combined in order to reduce draw calls. We measured the peformance of the map before and after this optimization and it resulted in a 40% average framerate boost. While looking at this it may seem counter intuitive but currently in the engine the number of entities is of far greater importance than the number of polygons you're rendering" I just found this very interesting and would like to know more about best practices in Source, theoretically.
  3. Got any good ideas of how to handle irregular patterns in general? When I make an opus pattern for example, I have to resort to making the initial layout in Photoshop. I've seen some stellar looking irregular brickwork and I just can't figure out how the artist did it. I've tried experimenting with FX-maps, histograms, distance, levels etc.
  4. Imagine a scene where you have two separate models, each with their own 1k material. Now let's add another model that utilizes both of these materials. Is this favorable over creating a new 1k material for the third model in terms of performance?
  5. If anyone's on the fence on this: do not buy. The game is getting progressively worse, the community is incredibly toxic and the unfinished state of the game is just getting more evident by the day. I'd pick it up on a steam sale at 75% off a year from now, as long as it's been patched up good by then.
  6. If you value time, I'd say so, yes I spent an hour on that material, from booting up SD to saving the vtf's, most of which was spent nitpicking the colors. Then again, if I was making something like a plaque of a lion's face to be a part of a stone material, I would sculpt it and import it to SD. But I'm just an amateur, there are probably other means to doing that.
  7. Following up on the previous post. I duplicated the brick material, removed the brick height information and tweaked the colors and cracks a bit and made that into a worldvertextransition:
  8. Edit: forget what I said. For a moment I forgot OW is a game about shooting stuff. She is obviously not going to be a part of the cast at that age.
  9. Was playing For Honor last night and noticed this cool brick material on a castle wall, it looked almost oily. Got inspired and wanted to make something similar.
  10. So I just feel like sharing my story. I'll be turning 31 soon (I saw earlier in this thread someone considering themselves old at 22.. Yeah..). I have a wife, two kids and a academic career that is fun and pays really well. I've also had a passion for level design for the past 20 years. I made my first map with QuArK in 1996/1997 that I still remember to this date. I've also played a LOT of games over these two decades, and in every single one of them, I stop to look at the architecture and gameplay layout. I do this IRL as well. Sometimes to my wife's dismay. I just enjoy scanning stuff I see and putting them in my visual library somewhere up there in my brain. It's a bit of an obession. I've considered a career in LD on many occasions. It just never happened, for various reasons. Most likely because I never really tried, if I boil it down, and that is killing me. I'll be releasing my CSGO map soon, and after that I'll be moving on to more modern engines to get a portfolio running, to see if I could land a junior position. If I succeed, my paycheck will likely be 25-50% smaller, but I'd be happier. If all else failes, at least I tried. Curious to hear if anyone here made a career switch post 30?
  11. There's a drop down on your profile where you choose between qp and ranked (per season) stats.
  12. Voted Unreal as I plan to expand my repertoire. Would've loved voting Overwatch though. Toolset pretty please?
  13. The main issue here is security. Drop hacks are apparently already a thing, though I've yet to encounter one personally. Unlike what they say in the video, there is no single host, instead everyone is the host, so there's no host advantage. That's why you sometimes get "configuring session" when someone ragequits. I've had no issues with latency whatsoever thus far (then again i have glorious swedish fiber), but I'd prefer dedicated servers for sure. Edit: turns out I was just lucky the first few hours. Their P2P architecture is garbage.
  14. Story looks to be top shelf stuff.
  15. It's kind of funny how fast SR can swing with streaks as I had a game recently where we were underdogs in mid master, but had three people who used to be 4200-4500 just recently. They had a rough patch of games individually, but when put together absolutely dominated. Going from top 500 to top 5% in a week doesn't make much sense. But I understand there are also good reasons for streak bonus/punishment. Looking forward to seeing how the system will evolve over time.