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  1. If they do that, I'll consider getting it. If not it's a 100% skip for me.
  2. I don't necessarily agree, I don't see how anyone could "cheat" in the last contest? It was open to all projects and people (exception being previous operation contributors). Given the number of entries, I don't think people were discouraged, at least I weren't. But if people were outspoken about that then yeah, perhaps. Anyhow, may the best map win, regardless how it was conceived.
  3. Yeah I can recollect the arguments of the two camps from the last contest, though in the end I believe you said it best, that giving exposure to the most promising maps is what is really important. At least I think you said something to that extent, please correct me if I'm wrong. If I were to bet, the winners of this contest will likely be teams of two or more who already have a layout and/or art ready to ship. Might be a dark horse out there, like @jakuza who I believe started from scratch last time? So basically more or less like last time. Not that I think that's bad, just backwards for reasons already stated. But I'll be following this with great interest, and stand ready to eat my words should I have to.
  4. Yep, my biggest concern here is that the rules promote a secretive environment, where hiding your stuff from the community is beneficial to you, which in itself is very counter productive for a community. It's been hinted that we'll see another UT contest further down the road, should I just hide what I'm doing with UT, and then drop it when the time is right? I'm sure we'll see exactly that for this contest, but it's not against the rules, just somehow not unfair unlike the designers who like to show their stuff regularly, for feedback and other purposes. But like I said, I'm not here to stir things, I love Mapcore, the users and initatives happening here. Just some food for thought.
  5. Unfortunate. Got very excited at first since the last released version is far from complete in the sense it's been worded. But I'll leave it at that, c'est la vie.
  6. This would be the last uploaded WIP version.
  7. My apologies, I'm not a native speaker so I'm not sure what this means practially. Since I will be finishing my map regardless wheter it's eligible for the contest or not, should I enter it and await judgement on eligibility?
  8. Congrats all OP contributors! Looks like they used Shipped as art for the OP @catfood
  9. I see. I'm trying to figure out where that leaves me, considering the workshop version of my map has not been updated since the last contest, and it had some custom textures that I've since replaced and not published. It was left in a WIP state ever since. Frankly, the current version doesn't look anything like it does in the workshop version. Does this disqualify me? I'm not trying to stir things up or poke holes, but it made me curious on what happened, since last time the rules were more flexible, and it was all about getting the best maps out there. A contest like this can truly never be fair for a multitude of reasons
  10. So there's a clear cut line that previously released, unfinished maps can only contain dev textures, otherwise it's disqualified? Because the rules state that you can't have released a "complete map version (layout and art)". I'm pretty sure @catfood has not released a complete version in any of these aspects (though I might be wrong)? Some clarification on what constitutes as complete would be great
  11. Sweet! Good luck eveyone
  12. There's really no best software, any of the big brands work, they're just tools. What really matters is the skill of the artist. Premium packages like Maya and Max have the advantage of being popular in an already niche hobby/profession, which means more documentation. Blender on the other hand is free.
  13. Yep, the leaf normals are perfectly dome shaped, so I don't think it's that. I softened the diffuse a bit and that helped, though subtletly. I'm thinking it might be that it's just very low poly, or the fact that it's source lighting (it's easier to blame something else )
  14. The past few days I've been diving deeper into the dark, undocumented waters of Blender, to find a workflow that allows me to quickly whip up various trees. I'm pretty happy with the refinement I've made (right side), though I could possibly ramp up the tri count a bit in the lower pruned parts of it.
  15. Where are you buying your hardware? So that I can avoid the place