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  1. Thanks fmpone, I learned some new things there I'll try to apply them in the future. I'm going to polish this a bit over the next few months before starting another map. Needs some more optimization as well. Should also mention that if anyone wants to team up and do some models, or already has models that would fit, you're welcome to join. My models guy has been pretty busy lately and basically didn't do anything. We had some models planned for this map but then new inferno hit and it was pretty much covered. Still a few models wouldn't hurt.
  2. Alright I've decided to release it with old lighting for now. Workshop release
  3. I made it more yellow like some of you suggested, but not too sure about it, I kinda liked the washed out mountain air look.
  4. @Bevielis Did you mean this?
  5. thanks for the tips! I think it's an improvement, maybe the floor texture is a little too clean
  6. Thanks for testing everyone Somebody asked about lighting. Here's some screenshots of what I tried so far That last pic is from yesterdays playtest, but I've increased the sun angle a bit since. The reason I chose this over the second pic is shadow advantage for CTs. Other changes: Breakable window on B short is now not breakable CT spawn had some room for optimization but T is as good as it gets Added some wires hanging throughout the map Fixed bombstuck and floating barrel at mid Fixed some clipping and loose nodraws, hopefully more when I get chat transcript or demo Added glowsticks at the bottom of A site elevator shaft. The last thing to do left is soundscapes.
  7. Made a radar image Scheduled a playtest on 23rd Apart from clipping and optimization touchups the map should be pretty much done.
  8. So the map is now fully detailed (workshop has been updated). I've got some problems getting these areas to look right anyone got any tips?
  9. Oh I had a separate spectate radar in there. Thought there was some automated tool that makes good looking radars for a second there
  10. @Terri, @Vaya I gotta ask about those heatmaps. Are they entirely auto generated or do you make a custom radar for it? Because the heatmap I got had a much better radar image than the one I packed into the map.
  11. yeah I filled up the game area with horizontal hints but I'm thinking I made them too high and they see into far off vertical hints.
  12. Post playtest changelog: -Blocked off some annoying angles -Removed minecart on B site -B short is now detailed and it's a lot more open (gotta add a lamp or something for visibility) -Fixed most bugs I remembered (fade distance on some props, broken displacements, ...) -Experimenting with some blend textures (new detailed area above) TODO: all interiors, some minor stuff around CT spawn, further optimization, 3d skybox, visibility tweaks. Hopefully get this done by the end of 2017 lol. I've added some hints now so performance should be a bit better. It's on workshop. Would be great if someone who had performance problems on the last playtest could check how it runs now.
  13. I recognize those, infernew
  14. Haven't done much since I took those pics ^ but going for a playtest on 29th