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  1. Oh I had a separate spectate radar in there. Thought there was some automated tool that makes good looking radars for a second there
  2. @Terri, @Vaya I gotta ask about those heatmaps. Are they entirely auto generated or do you make a custom radar for it? Because the heatmap I got had a much better radar image than the one I packed into the map.
  3. yeah I filled up the game area with horizontal hints but I'm thinking I made them too high and they see into far off vertical hints.
  4. Post playtest changelog: -Blocked off some annoying angles -Removed minecart on B site -B short is now detailed and it's a lot more open (gotta add a lamp or something for visibility) -Fixed most bugs I remembered (fade distance on some props, broken displacements, ...) -Experimenting with some blend textures (new detailed area above) TODO: all interiors, some minor stuff around CT spawn, further optimization, 3d skybox, visibility tweaks. Hopefully get this done by the end of 2017 lol. I've added some hints now so performance should be a bit better. It's on workshop. Would be great if someone who had performance problems on the last playtest could check how it runs now.
  5. I recognize those, infernew
  6. Haven't done much since I took those pics ^ but going for a playtest on 29th
  7. Counter strike source and the gamemodes like bhop, surf, mg, deathrun. csgo never had the charm of good old fullbright surf maps.
  8. uni/school has started
  9. Yeah it's a disaster I need to play with sun brightness and exposure a bit
  10. Here's some compiled pics
  11. Update I've been using subdivide a lot for this map, it's magic. I got T spawn done, and part of CT. (circled: visibility problems) I know people complained about visibility a lot on the playtests- I did try to address this but not too sure how successful it was. Added a lamp at A long Brighter/cleaner textures at mid I'm still using the optimization disaster stone wall But I did recolor the stonepath decal to match it. I've changed up B too. The mineshaft was really annoying to play. Mid is unchanged and Ts can still get to B from mid unchallenged. This was originally going to be a desert cowboy town but then turned more into a northern mining town. So maybe a name change wouldn't hurt, something like de_goldfield ? Sanchez is pretty cachy tho might just keep that even tho it's not mexican/southern at all.
  12. Scheduled the playtest on sunday. Compiled it from old placeholder light_env and sky so they don't even match, and the light is a bit on the dark side. It should do for a playtest tho.
  13. Been mapping a bit lately. Don't have any pretty compile pics because I haven't decided on time of day yet, might go for night. Here's some wip: Some scenery outside B site Mid: And here's a crazy new idea for B There's a ladder going down into a mineshaft which comes out into a ramp leading to B site. The ramp is quite deep and the headpeeks might be a bit much tho.
  14. Wow thanks, that's some feedback. I've actually fixed some of the problems you listed straight after the playtest including b entry and (5) sightline. Interestingly I also extended CT spawn exactly like you posted. Moved T spawn back too, to widen the timings a bit. I was about to dig into mid and make it more traditional but I think I'll keep it like this for now. Maybe I'll add some kind of overpass toilets thing to make the area more interesting.
  15. Alright here's the new layout. New, as mentioned in above posts: B completely redone A long entry simplified tweaks all over... I think maybe there's not enough mid control for CTs, maybe I'll add some kind of window. I'll see after the playtest.