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  1. I feel like a lot of these can be immediately shot down by a google search. But hey, at least that person looked for confirmation before spreading it themselves.
  2. I find it confusing as to why they keep fabricating terror attacks to try and convince people of why their policies and actions are justified.
  3. Pretty sure it did something about the crappy vanilla boss fights. It's been a while.
  4. Nope
  5. Woop! Up next:
  6. A monster calls?
  7. Should check out Seth meyers too
  8. I have been bested in this exchange of words.
  9. This thread as gone to shit.
  10. Mix of the two actually. few pages droning on about risk assessments being followed by a few paragraphs on my portfolio blog, writing up level concepts and rewriting my CV.
  11. The catalyst in the stories in Half-life has always been centred around teleportation technology, so I'd be interested to see how that story element could be converted into a gameplay mechanic. edit: There's kinda portal as a reference for it, but using it in a combat setting would make it very different. Another edit: borealis would fit well with that mechanic as well given how that's a teleporting ship.
  12. Been off sick since yesterday and somehow that's got me into getting more work done. I suppose since I have nothing else to really do, sitting back and grinding out as many paragraphs of text is the best way to spend my time alongside working on levels in editor and on paper. I'd be enjoying this a lot if I didn't feel awful. Aside from that I've got another driving lesson soon, no set date just yet but it's almost sorted.
  13. The best part was the original Ray-man music at the end. Oh my god, so good.
  14. Best of luck if you're planning to apply.
  15. Been fairly bored this weekend, just been scripting something along the lines of the city section of hl2. decent progress, would like to try doing some more interactive parts however.