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  1. Fuck. Anyone want to buy me a new graphics card?
  2. I rammed it into my case with so much force that I broke the power supply and graphics card. I need a new case now too. :3
  3. I can't remember anymore, my pc is a Frankenstein's monster of hardware brought all over the place
  4. that got the pc running again. so as a final damage report broken power supply broken GPU also my keyboard broke at least i can cheaply replace my keyboard, and that I also had a backup power supply. just got to worry about the gpu replacement, good excuse to upgrade though! (also, using the on screen keyboard is a nightmare)
  5. Power supply did die as well, lucky for me I had a spare, I sometimes get it to boot only to see a very broken image on the monitor. Although now it struggles to boot at all, can hear it attempt to and fail just before my fans start to spin like a jet engine. May look at getting a full replacement on credit, looking at my options still.
  6. Now that we have spent all our disposable income on the room improvements. My pc has died. Either a crapped out mother board or graphics card
  7. Almost there, new carpet got fitted and I've moved my furniture back in, had to put a couple back together but it was surprisingly easy. Why do people complain about it so much? :3 Anyway, just waiting on my new bed, due to get it in tomorrow.
  8. Redecorating parts of the house, my room at the moment is without a carpet and covered in fresh paint. With the only item in the room being my desk and this PC. Not sure how I'm going to sleep tonight, I'll figure out something.
  9. Back to work with this stuff, took a bit too much time off from working on it, few things were distracting. But I remember @Radu suggesting that the map would've not been satisfying to look at in fullbright, so this time there is lighting. And yeah, he was right about lighting, I've also made some changes, added a slight diversion in the first stretch and blocked off one of the larger sightlines. Will likely play more with rebuilding the first stage again, but for now I should get the rest of the layout greyboxed first. Best thing about TF2 mapping is that you don't have to noclip to get around fast, just have some fun rocket jumping instead.
  10. Heading off to my job interview in a minute, Spent the majority of my week preparing for it so let's see if my preparations will pay off!
  11. Seems that Macron has won the election, with 65.5% of the vote. Turnout was pretty poor this time though.
  12. Was quite the spectacle, and then I remembered the playtime on that file
  13. Would like to mention a quick bug in the new version, so you don't end up like me. Been playing on hardcore mode, I like a challenge where I actually have to be careful in game, although I've encountered a pretty lethal bug now with the update, not sure if it occurred before the update but it appeared today. I was in my Cyclops submarine and about to get out through the hatch at the bottom of the ladder, I climbed down the ladder and then immediately clipped into the floor of the cyclops which in turn caused the cyclops to start throwing itself around with me trapped to it, being thrown around like that was enough to greatly injure my character and clip him outside of the sub. And since the game thought I was still in the cyclops, I didn't trigger swimming and promptly fell to the ocean floor where I was finished off by the fall damage. Given it was a hardcore mode save file with only one life before you have to give up that run, I've been completely screwed.
  14. Only way they could've stepped up the plot now is if two different dimensions were at war with eachother.