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  1. ObamaCare repeal in a nutshell.
  2. That's a real kick to the gut, his creations were great and it's awful that it got cut so short. Can only hope for the best for his friends and family, and that is work inspires artists well into the future.
  3. Got some good news for you mate.
  4. What Nazi did he hire?
  5. Pretty good way of figuring out how to make a map like it work, having thousands playing the map around the clock giving a stream of data.
  6. In spite of the real silly mistakes (holding the gun backwards, dear god how) I find the facial animations kind of adorable when they really try to make them work, although it does completely destroy all of the more serious scenes between characters. I don't know, I kind of want to buy this game more now.
  7. Your post wrote off everyone's critique of the map because of your personal opinion of how the map plays and an assumption of people's playtime of the map. In a community where a cycle of playtesting and feedback is vital to create experiences that are fun and functional to all, your comment was not helpful.
  8. Very hit and miss I guess.
  9. Maybe, but they could at least have decently optimised the map, I run this new map and I get a 4th of my regular framerate compared to rest of the other maps.
  10. Uhm.. I don't really know what this game is suppose to be and I don't think I like it. I guess I need to find out more about this game, awkward given this gameplay trailer is ten minutes long. I don't know, I'm just confused.
  11. Fuck me, it's already hit the funding goal.
  12. Finally got to try out VR today. Something as simple as walking on a plank felt fucking amazing, ended up laughing all the way out of the building after giving it a go.
  13. It's pretty good. I don't struggle to find matches, regardless of gamemode and time of day.
  14. Time to revive a near dead thread for a little bit to say that ranked season two has started. Managed to pull myself out of the first season with a gold rank under my belt and currently done about half of the placement matches for the current season. Ranked is stopwatch mode with teams of five, friendly fire and team collision. It's been quite the blast to play so far. I also need people to play with, they've adjusted matchmaking to prevent solo players from getting put against pre-made teams, and I'd like to do some pre-made team matches at some stage.
  15. Good book and film, one of the only books I was forced to read in school that I actually keep going back to even today.