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  1. Cruise was a hostage map
  2. Just had a run around the map, and wow, I really like the atmosphere you've created inside and outside! The animated rain effects on the floor really help to complete this I have a feeling there might be some problems with long / underused pathing, but we will see when it comes to playtesting!
  3. Cheers for hosting this contest, its been a great experience and will be great for a portfolio piece. Congrats to everyone else. Any chance we could see the points for each category on the maps?, like a raw points breakdown that the contest was judged on.
  4. We generally request you wait at least two weeks before resubmitting. As well as this, after checking the map I concluded that there was not enough change on the level's layout to require additional play testing at this point in time.
  5. I wrote the program so that it would convert it to grey scale, and decrease contrast to get the best view of the heatmaps This was just the first one that got unpacked from the bsp and then flattened in this way Added a flowmap to your folder but its offset, maybe this is an old radar that's still packed?
  6. Hello, back again already! I've worked on a feature to generate flowmaps of the playtest. Heres an example on the map De_Aviv The intention is to help in the ability to see very clearly the common paths across the map, and high traffic areas such as chokepoints. I will be refactoring the code shortly to show off paths direction (colour fading along line), to increase readability! This is not available publicly anywhere else, so if you would like one of a previous playtest from the mapcore server, please contact me!
  7. Hey everyone, small little update; I spent a little while putting together a bot for the discord server ( https://discord.gg/QndSg4f ) The function of it keeps a live view of the maps that are going to be played, and posts announcements when play-testing is near. You will see this in the # announcements text channel Examples: Hopefully this adds a bit of convenience
  8. The map can be in any state as long as it functions, and has an acceptable visual quality (greyboxing is fine). US West coast would probably have an undesirable ping, I don't know much exactly. Server is located in Sweden.
  9. When doing these kind of models I usually set these parameters: I'm not sure if Disable Shadows will make a difference or not, but Disable Self-Shadowing definitely does.
  10. There was a large gap over the end of December for playtesting. Demos (hopefully working), feedback and heatmaps will all be uploaded for today's and last Sundays test.
  11. - Build a good portfolio - Finish GCSE's and go to college - Start making a small game (after cs:go maps done :P) dats about it really
  12. Hehe, I tried doing this at one point, as voro said it doesn't work, and for me hardly at all And as well as bad lighting, you will get a whole new set of errors. Valve's de_nuke is a very good example of the brush to model ratio that should be used for best results
  13. Good luck everyone who submitted!!! Time to take a nice break.
  14. A video of Brest from start to finish
  15. Needs to be VTF DXT 1, its not the same as CSGO. The radar VTF + VMT should be in materials/overviews/ Edit your resource/overviews/Operation_Harbor.txt to look like this: "operation_harbor"{ "material" "overviews/Operation_Harbor" "pos_x" "-14001" "pos_y" "8135" "scale" "13.00" grid_divisions 10 // number grid rows and columns grid_dark 1 // use dark grid} Your VMT for the radar should also look like this: UnlitGeneric { $basetexture "overviews/Operation_Harbor" $translucent 1 $vertexalpha 1 $ignorez 1 $no_fullbright 1 }