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  1. Mate you've got to put in the effort on your own part, it's one google search away from discovering thousands of sites. http://www.textures.com/ https://episcura.com/ http://texturelib.com/
  2. Dump incoming, some renders may be a bit worse than others, felt in a sharing mood this particular night. We are hard at work to make Transit great again
  3. Looks like Mapcore took the red pill
  4. Smoothing groups are old stuff! Get on editing the vertex normals of your models
  5. I'll invest into replacing all my organs to stay alive that long
  6. >random model thread >brushes Also, listen to robot man, this type of stuff should not be made out of brushes, but know that you will be opening a can of worms in attempting to create your first model.
  7. http://www.mapcore.org/forum/23-work-release/
  8. Don't download models from the internet unless it's for learning or to use as reference (gun model makers tend to download .cad files of certain parts and keep them around for reference or pop it into zbrush and dynamesh)
  9. If you are sure your map will be better than all of those I'd say there is no harm in picking them up. There may be multiple insertions, multiple radios, multiple concerts on the workshop but only 1 of each name will make it into the operations.
  10. I would appreciate any feedback regarding visuals, models, textures, etc.
  11. Looking good, I would just like to inform you of a map I'm currently working on has an almost identical name to your new project, however I understand you probably wanted something "transmission" based as the name.
  12. It's incredible what a little bit of desaturation can do. Looking great @tchick
  13. To add onto Radu's suggestion, you could use more ground foliage like patches of grass, bushes, rocks
  14. Montage editing