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  1. Remember that Papa tomm's meme? It was incredibly hard and frustrating but here it is. I think it's good enough. Thanks @tomm for the help with the 2nd UV channel chaos. One of the goals with the remake was to match the reference much closer, whereas the original one was bland. The original one was also made entirely of brushes except for the doors, this one is just one model, clean and easy to manipulate. (doors are still separate, but also completely new!)
  2. There might be a lot of clashing in a project like that, specially if you got 5-10 skilled artists and there is a clear contrast between their props cause they have different philosophies. Would work if it was just a regular campaign contest where people form their own teams.
  3. http://www.strawpoll.me/12401066
  4. Valve killed TF2 so while the idea of: Sounds absolutely lovely, I personally would not invest a huge amount of time into it because the gain is minimal, and if Valve doesn't care that much about it - why should others?
  5. lmao the game is so rigged
  6. Desensitizing people for the next big scandal, could be a legit strategy.
  7. Well it's no surprise that girls like status & when you're single you are useless but when you are with someone you have shown that you can indeed attract other people, the thought process is like you get together with girl > other girls see that girl likes you enough to get together hence there must be something special about you i have a phd in being a virgin spending my days making models, textures and bodybuilding, so you can relax and trust me
  8. Optional misc. I don't want to clutter the post .
  9. Thanks, I didn't know much about this. I only knew certain value ranges aren't good for PBR. Also I know I made it in the PBR workflow (because I've never made a Substance that way) but the diffuse I ended up blending a lot of stuff into it so it looks good in CS:GO as well. I'll post a screenshot of it in-game soon ™
  10. Base Color | Heightmap | Normalmap | Roughness
  11. I never know I needed this so bad in my life until you showed me it. Too bad the dropbox link doesn't work, goddammit
  12. Sounds a bit too optimistic
  13. You could, but probably limited to big cities like Moscow & St.Petersburg, the rest is a bit of a gamble 'cause Russians are very nationalistic and some people may frown upon you but others will welcome you
  14. He's more of an oligarch than a dictator. As for the whole Crimea thing it's a tad bit more complex than a couple of sentences but the TL;DR is that it's a response to the US geopolitical powerplay when they installed their own puppet in Ukraine. The population of Crimea is 65,3% Russian, followed by the 2nd largest group: Ukranians at 15,7%. They also tried holding a legal referendum to stay with Ukraine, join Russia, or leave both and become independent and joining Russia was the one that won most overwhelming, followed by some small amount of "become independent" and then last join Ukraine. Naturally this referendum was said to be illegal by Obama so...