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  1. Honestly can't call myself a supporter for all the reasons you mentioned & more. The man's a total wreck. If you ever wonder why he won, look no further than his opponent. A man like Bernie would have probably taken it in a landslide. I'll stay neutral on Trump, hope his presidency is good for the sake of the people, and hope for much better candidates in 2020, like Rand Paul, whom I liked very much since the beginning, just like his father.
  2. In hindsight, how did it ever come down to Trump v Hillary. Christ. He's also against a lot of what I heavily support, should have been enough of a red flag.
  3. @Jiro Yeah I make all the custom content for this map. Thank you for the kind words.
  4. i like 80s futurism XD

  5. Is it though? Certainly appears to be where this world is heading. The difference is that in the west they'll take your information without your knowledge, whereas in this situation people sign onto everything themselves for what will probably be a 99% cheat free system.
  6. Action = Operation
  7. Used it for a couple days a long time ago, didn't enjoy it that much. I think it's mostly useless for game dev compared to Designer, but maybe for photoeditors etc it's a bit more handy. However I will say this, if it looks intriguing to you, give it a spin.
  8. I agree. The higher up you get, the more wind
  9. That spelling
  10. rest in peace humble chinese real estate salesman

    1. Vorontsov


      amongst other an infamous water-filter connoisseur

  11. implying they ever stood a chance also popular vote doesnt matter get outta here
  12. >When you think you had a choice of lesser evils but both paths lead to the demise of planet Earth. Feels bad, man.
  13. Yeah well I think you're a dummy, in any profession certain principles apply as a whole and things run smoothly if you follow those principles. I'm not sure in what way you have played it that you've deemed it's already working very good, map has its good spots & weak spots for sure but it's naive to say it doesn't have flaws that need fixing.
  14. First impression I got was that this isn't polished valve quality and it's sort of unfinished visually, but I imagine they will be updating this a lot like they did with overpass.
  15. 2007.. was 10 years ago?