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  1. rest in peace humble chinese real estate salesman

    1. Vorontsov


      amongst other an infamous water-filter connoisseur

  2. implying they ever stood a chance also popular vote doesnt matter get outta here
  3. >When you think you had a choice of lesser evils but both paths lead to the demise of planet Earth. Feels bad, man.
  4. Yeah well I think you're a dummy, in any profession certain principles apply as a whole and things run smoothly if you follow those principles. I'm not sure in what way you have played it that you've deemed it's already working very good, map has its good spots & weak spots for sure but it's naive to say it doesn't have flaws that need fixing.
  5. First impression I got was that this isn't polished valve quality and it's sort of unfinished visually, but I imagine they will be updating this a lot like they did with overpass.
  6. 2007.. was 10 years ago?
  7. I've been using the UMP for as long as I can remember before it became mainstream meta due to it's accuracy and 1shot headshot at certain ranges, it's like a pocket close quarters AK
  8. They're two sides of the same coin who pretend that they are oh-so-different and that they disagree with each other on "big major issues" except it's just minor issues which they have inflated so much to make it seem like major clashes we need to restore monarchy
  9. That's precisely what I did . Thanks I'll keep it in mind.
  10. None of the big parties that rule the country have much integrity to begin with, the people best fit for presidency will never run for president and if they do they'll get shutdown.
  11. Harshly disagree with the "we need to win more wars" sentiment, it's a retarded mindset of people most of whom never set a foot on the battlefield and don't know the horrors. We should avoid it at all costs instead of seeing it as a viable option. I'm not fighting some fat faggot politicians & his friends war, ever.
  12. Remember that Papa tomm's meme? It was incredibly hard and frustrating but here it is. I think it's good enough. Thanks @tomm for the help with the 2nd UV channel chaos. One of the goals with the remake was to match the reference much closer, whereas the original one was bland. The original one was also made entirely of brushes except for the doors, this one is just one model, clean and easy to manipulate. (doors are still separate, but also completely new!)
  13. There might be a lot of clashing in a project like that, specially if you got 5-10 skilled artists and there is a clear contrast between their props cause they have different philosophies. Would work if it was just a regular campaign contest where people form their own teams.
  14. http://www.strawpoll.me/12401066
  15. Valve killed TF2 so while the idea of: Sounds absolutely lovely, I personally would not invest a huge amount of time into it because the gain is minimal, and if Valve doesn't care that much about it - why should others?