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  1. We really need unranked MM.
  2. I really don't get why Agency or Season aren't in the game already. every week we get a "Season pls Volvo" thread on reddit and it seems to be consensus that Agency is by far the most popular recently released Hostage map. Just add them to the base game, you have some room for it now and they are certainly better than Assault... Meanwhile, maps like Concert or Waterfall get shafted
  3. We know every rotation has 6-7 maps based on previous Active and Reserve Duty rotations. After the split we had Vertigo, Aztec and Dust in Reserves and Italy, Office, Militia and Assault in Hostage. Now that Canals has been added, we have 3 slots left. + Siege, Agency for Hostage and + Season and Santorini for Reserves would still leave us with one free slot for other maps if Valve plans to add more, yet includes community favourites. Speaking of maps and the Operation, though.... https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/5zu5mo/using_a_flash_decompiler_i_found_this_sprite_of/ I really don't get why they included older maps instead of Concert or Waterfall. They are nice, but after over a year, more maps deserve the honor of getting into an Operation. especially if they are as polished as the two. And as I said before, it is clear the community wants Agency to be a permanent map. Just do so and add Concert instead..... Also, it is time for Valve to work on the non-active maps as well - besides Italy :P. A lot of smaller bug fixes should happen at least, maybe even implement bigger map changes to makes all of them more viable in competitive play. Aztec and Vertigo have tons of alternate layouts on the workshop that try to do exactly that, they should look at it.
  4. This map needs a lot of work, but remember how Overpass started and how great it is today. I have no doubt that Canals will be good and viable in a year. Also, still 3 slots left for both Hostage and Reserve Groups.Santorini, Season, Agency, Siege... I am looking at you
  5. This looks really promising, i hope I can play the finished version one day.
  6. No idea, but I personally hope Santorini gets added to the vanilla game. Valve finally split up the Reserve Duty into CS and DE maps, so it would be logical to fill them up with the most beloved community creations. For me that would be Siege and Agency for CS (though I get the feeling a LOT of people would enjoy the addition of Cruise or Workout as well) and Santorini, Season for DE. Other DE candidates - though less likely - for me would Lite, Fire and Ali and maybe Mill, but let's be serious here for a second.
  7. You tease
  8. I'd say you are actually more likely to get into an operation with a well-made hostage map because there are just so little available atm.
  9. Anything but normal defusal, really. The other game modes have been neglected far too long. I like text_fish's idea of working on a more or less abstract theme.
  10. Another idea for a CS contest would be to focus on Demolition maps. Sadly, it doesn't seem like Valve is willing to improve that mode via operations or new vanilla maps anytime soon.
  11. I wonder if Mapcore could cooperate with the Black Mesa team as well. Surely they wouldn't mind seeing some new MP map for their game getting developed here?
  12. UT4, CS and Black Mesa sound good to me, but I am all in favour of mixing things up when it comes to the contest itself. How about a Hostage only contest for CS?
  13. Any updates on this recently?
  14. I really hope they will fill up Reserve and Hostage with popular Operation maps. Santorini, Season, Agency seem to be prime candidates but I wouldn't mind some Resort, Ali or Siege either Speaking of which: I really hope Valve hurry up with the new Operation. It feels like Thrill, Austria, Concert, etc. will not even get a shot if they wait any longer as a new bunch of maps seem to near completion...
  15. Probably the best final we had in at least 2 years.