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  1. Random stuff I am working on, need to redo the rock texture....but man, I'm diggin messing around with hand painted stuff. EDIT: I ported it into source for shits and giggles...
  2. I still have nightmares about the wood floors.
  3. I've gotten that question a few times. The original inspiration came from binge watching Netflix's Daredevil season 2. So since day 1 I've been basing things off of Hell's Kitchen in New York. That was the biggest reference for a long time in the development cycle. Wasn't till right before Christmas I finally got around to playing Division with some friends. I will say my friends were highly annoyed when I constantly wanted to explore every rooftop. I'd be lying if I said Division wasn't at least a small reference at this point, but I've been trying to not be a Division clone. I hope the vibe I am going for, and the things I want to accomplish with de_rooftop, help it be it's own thing.. Really though since we are drawing from the same inspiration this can become very hard at times. So...
  4. v7 Public Update Removed T side window replaced with better cover in mid, and a more streamline path, see below. See! CT side mid cover changed along with mid2A Mid 2 B has new path to a crouch hole into B site window. Ts get safe passage into upper A. Added fence for protections against fast pushes, flower pot turns fence into cover to deter aggression from CT. B site window moved, cover added. A site main route modified, cubby added in place of old upper A door. A site now has better places for CTs to fight on site.
  5. From brushes to models! This 3d stuff is neato.
  6. Messing around with the idea of a cs_office, might be cool?
  7. am_chicken complete, I get it, it's a wip thread but creating an entire thread about this? Minus a few shadow bugs I'll have to recompile for, it's done
  8. Thank man, chicken fish was super fun to make to be honest. Also rooftop's Layout is, probably, done. I'm strictly on detailing, so lots of work. Taking a break to work on the chicken map, cause it's nice to take on small projects you can start and finish in less than a month.
  9. Been taking a break from normal stuff to work on something a little more serious. It's an am_map I am hoping to release sometime nest week. Still have a few more props to make, and some small tweaks and house keeping, but the main area is basically done.
  10. But does it have chickens? In all seriousness look rad, can't wait to play it
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but you've texture your model in blender, and now you want to export that? If so you're going to have to learn about baking textures, it's not terribly hard, but I think that's what you're asking.
  12. More models for de_rooftop....Feels like this never ends. Rainbow plastic bins! Also rainbow spray paint cans! Boring utility box... Cool graffiti utility box. just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
  13. I was extending the graffiti sprays to the floor but the issue became file size. The amount of graffiti planned is going to take 50mb+. I am also creating a lot of custom props and textures that make the file size pretty big. I decided that needed to reduce map file size, ground effects were one of the things to go. I think when I was trying to calculate with floor "dirt" it goes up to 80mb+ of graffiti files.. I might try to create a generic floor decal that can be repeated, or at least placed in select locations to better sell the effect. That'll have to be towards the end of the map, see how much room I can spare for stuff like that.
  14. Graffiti getting closer to final product........