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  1. Same situation with B bombsite. I will wait for the playtest But there is a chance you are right .
  2. Yet another update. I changed the sewer a little bit gameplay wise.
  3. I will wait for the feedback from the playtest. I don't want to light up and lose too much of atmosphere if there is no need
  4. Hello guys! Its been awhile. Transit is still alive and kicking. Took a 3 months break because of the DOI contest but now we are ready to post some screenshots from the B bombsite. Keep in mind that there are few things that are not finished here like reflections. Still few things to tweak before the playtest. Just entire B Bombsite Mid connector (left) and T's main entry point Stairs leading to CT spawn Please leave feedback/ opinions we really appreciate Regards!
  5. Check it now. Should work
  6. Is this what you are trying to achieve? @grapen
  7. what do you mean by "not working" does it render? Like I said before, I only changed the render mode. Also set fx amount to 0 but this should not be the issue.
  8. Ekhm ... I used the default one So Toggle is fine The only thing I changed was the render mode.
  9. It will block player if that's what you mean.
  10. I did a small test and a func_brush with "Don't Render" Render mode blocks flashes completely. Grenade and the effect. And its penetrable