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  1. Found this picture on my pc Took it 6 years ago, nothing really fancy but I like it
  2. It is very hard to make a smooth yet realistic space like this. I was planning to add something like this but I really don't want to add another obstacle in this space. So we either make it passable or we can leave it as it is. Thanks for kind words
  3. Trying to make a cool looking loading screen for Transit.
  4. Kinda
  5. Hi man. You can easly pass the Tourniquet. We are working on them to be fully animated but there are some issues atm.
  6. Hello everyone! We are very close to release and I would like to share with you some of the screens from A bombsite for the first time. We might release later today when we fix all the issues with current versions. @MikeGon Sorry for late reply The area really plays smooth and the lower part of the room is more save route to take. Ct can't really get there before you. Cheers !
  7. This works both ways lol
  8. Second screen looks very natural. I would leave it as it is.
  9. As we are getting closer and closer to the playtest here are some new fresh screens. This is a set up area for T's leading to B bombsite. Best Regards !
  10. Sure man. This is how it works LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.
  11. REFERENDUM WAS RIGGED BY RUSSIANS !!1! Good thing the russian part of Crimea woke up in time to vote when they saw that the new western gov is being installed.
  12. Divide et impera...
  13. Of course. I believe that if a nation has a problem they should protest and show their arguments in civilized way and respect. Acts like this won't lead to anything I'm right? Funny situation because when there was an outrage because trump supporter attacked other side my twitter was flooded with twitts about it, but now ... literally nothing this only shows how f*cked up is this.
  14. Way to go america! She obviously deserved that. Keep it up! Proud of you.
  15. This took me so long to asnwer Sorry. I'm trying really hard to fight with boxyness right now. You are right about that room right there. We should have something to show in next 2 days.