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  1. I've uploaded a new Infinity PBR Monster, Spiders! Featuring a combination of clicking mandibles, crunchy exoskeleton, chilling vocalisations and silken webs... You can see more of Infinity PBR's Spider Pack, or buy the asset pack, here:
  2. I hope everyone has had a productive start to the year! I've been busy back in the studio, making a variety sounds for several of my projects. This is the third and final collection of sounds from my latest Medikidz commission.
  3. Happy 2017! Hope you've all had a good break over the holidays I've just uploaded a second collection of sounds from my latest Medikidz comission. I'm currently looking for new jobs to start of the new year, so please get in touch if you are interested in my services!
  4. My last post of 2016! I'm taking a week off from 24th-1st at the end of this week. I've uploaded a new sound effects soundreel to my soundcloud, part of a new series of sounds I'm making for Medikidz' new educational comics. I also thought I'd show a bit of a retrospective of my year, by way of portfolio pieces... Folk Tale - This was a big project, I was workign on the various sounds for FOlk Tale for several months. I've collected some of the best into the soundreels linked below. Heart Forth, Alicia - A beautifully made side-scroller in the style of old Squaresoft games. I'm still working on this with developer Alonso Martin, looking to release mid-2017. Medikidz - A publishing groups that makes educational comics for children, about medicine and diseases. I've worked on several projects over the year. Infinity PBR - I started working with Andrew earlier in the year and we've maintained a steady pace of projects since then. Acro Storm - A recent composition for new sci-fi pod racer, Acro Storm! Banadoh! - A mobile game I made music and sounds for, this was an early project for me this year.
  5. This week I have been composing for Acro Storm, Blue Comet Games' upcoming sci-fi racer. Here is a work-in-progress update for the track 'Treen Port'.
  6. A new trailer for Heart Forth, Alicia has been released! Showcasing combat and exploration elements. Me and the games developer, Alonso Martin, both make sfx for this project. At 02:00 you can see the laserfly enemy, that's one of mine. You can find out more about Heart Forth, Alicia here:
  7. There's been another experimental build of Folk Tale released! There's some new campaign stories, new creatures and a bunch of fixes to smooth out the player experience. You can hear some of the magic and battle sound effects for Folk Tale here:
  8. I've begun making another set of impact sfx, for Infinity PBR. You can listen to a few of them here, in my updated 'Impacts Demo'.
  9. Games Foundry released another experimental patch for Folk Tale last week. Showcasing the Toadkin race's lair, you can hear some of my weapon, magic and creature sound design. Folk Tale is a fantasy village builder ARPG game in which you lead a ragtag band of peasants in growing a thriving market town. Available now on Steam Early Access:
  10. What do you get when you record a load of jelly and wobbly MDF? This Gelatinous Cube/Sphere combo! You can check out Infinity PBR's website and unity asset store here
  11. I've been working on another monster for Infinity PBR, this time a Slime Monster. Most of these sounds were made by recording jello and vegetable foley! You can check out Infinity PBR's website and unity asset store here
  12. Here is the third Folk Tale soundreel, this time featuring a collection of creature sounds.
  13. Some more Folk Tale sounds for you all. A collection of inventory sfx and magic whooshes.
  14. The second Folk Tale boss battle I've made sounds for recently: Bonefinger, the undead dragon.
  15. More footage from Folk Tale. Sounds from the 'Mossclaw' boss.