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  1. Studio is a Defusal mode map located on an American Film Studio / Stunt Production company grounds. Images from V3 of the layout can be seen in the spoilers below:
  2. Yea we've seen about TV_Station already and spoken to Valve if it would be an issue. Studio was the new name to diverge away from the TV station / Broadcast name as well as slightly modifying our theme to go with the new name. Thanks for the concern though, I appreciate it.
  3. So after a small test yesterday, I've patched up the level and introduced some changes to help with balance and game play. Changelog: New Images:
  4. Well me and the team just released A3 Version of Broadcast for testing. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=810842743 Here's some images of the progress: Not only that, we have a new member on the team. @Tanookisuit3 who will be focusing on the models Here's some images on Tanooki's and Hollandje's work combined: More progress will be made but so far it's an excellent start!
  5. Hey Mapcore, This is Broadcast being worked on by myself, Tanookisuite3 and @Hollandje Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=810842743 More screenshots: Hope you like it!
  6. I'd delete the topic if I knew how to xD Maybe i'll come back to it another time but right now, grades are top priority
  7. Cancelled due to overwhelming university work / other projects. Maybe next time eh
  8. Currently forming 2 Different layouts as I am not sure how either play out as of yet. Important artillery locations have been found by the US forces. It's their task to attack the locations and take them. Note: - The map has no cubemaps OR Trees / bushes etc for cover. Only important locations have been added so far. - Orange in the middle is a frozen river. Texture is still in the making but here is a preview: Currently using Placeholder Assets (Bastogne Church)
  9. Nope, your are defiantly not wrong. I made Ramis, also experienced the same thing, was at around 40 dislikes yesterday, now today (within 30 mins) im on 140. Yesterday and Today Bit of a difference today since now "Jeff" has been called out on it. Shame the workshops come to this point.
  10. Another update on the Workshop and full Imgur Album are now live.
  11. Updated the map with these changes: HUD Changes: - New Radar Added to better represent playable areas. A Site Changes: - Moved lockers to be a CT sided position (Boost is possible) - Old Locker position now changed to be a T Entrance to Platform. - Old Platform now closed. - Adjusted some prop placements. B Site Changes: - Removed railings from B Lobby area. (Faster timings) Pictures showing some changes:
  12. Alright thats cool with me thanks in advance for letting me know!
  13. Workshop Page updated with feedback from play-test google sheet. (Stairs are now clipped) - Depending on tomorrows play-test, there may be major changes to A site too. But we will wait until then.
  14. Hey There! I've been working on this map for a short while now with a few friends and here's some progress we've made. (Everything is still early WIP) Feedback would be really appreciated on layout, gameplay and anything else. Some more info on the map: - I am the level designer, Hugh Ja$$ is working on custom assets / logo's (Special thanks to @Yanzl for access to Resorts assets. - Currently being used as placeholder to help visualize the theme) Theme: Modern Research Facility / Office Complex. Workshop Download Full Imgur Album Here are a few WIP Pictures:
  15. In the freelance industry for 3D level design. How would you go about being paid? Pay with an hourly rate? E.g. £5 an hour? Flat Fee? £300 for the finished product? Or another method?