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  1. That weird moment when Valve will drop the source 2 update rendering everyone's work useless... !
  2. Damn 7 min and 48 seconds to complete this game. That's some insanely glitchy way of playing it. How long is this game in a normal playthrough?
  3. Why are they keeping it away from steam ?
  4. Or lack thereof, since social isn't his focus that much. Well I had the chance to talk to him once, and he was positive that higher education expenses is something overlooked that should change to regain a dominant position in the industry. For someone in an engineering school looking at the state of this type of school, I can only agree because for years, funds have been reduced and reduced, leaving researchers the obligation to leave to live. I don't know what exactly will happen in primary and secondary education, that may be something important as well, but harder to change. Why wouldn't it be sane?
  5. What's worrying is the proportion of voters who finally voted for her. During legislative elections, we better hope to have the same distribution as the 1st round, with worse results for the far right as well. I don't fully know everything about his plan myself, but he at least has a decent grasp about economy, which will maybe change something from politicians who used to only know about politics and not so much the rest. The harder part of his presidency will probably what he'll do about the social part of politics. His stance on education might be the most important part of the country development since he wants to use education as a mean for entrepreneurship and economic competitiveness, which is against the current trend at least in France. So that's refreshing. The rest we'll see how much he can do with the legislative results. (I'm curious to see what guys like John Oliver will say, since they mocked Europe, saying we'd vote like Americans ! )
  6. Oh my, we're all going to die if it continues like that... Why do so many voters of Mélenchon go far right?
  7. They did manage to make a lot of people think that Radeon Vega will come out alongside this game. Associating your launch with a highly anticipated hardware release sends a strong message on the confidence they have in the GPUs and the confidence AMD has in their game. That is if it's true. If it isn't it still genius, it attracts free publicity.
  8. 1st Macron, 2nd Le Pen. I haven't looked at the exact results, but overall 3rd and 4th are neck and neck (Fillon and Mélenchon ) 5th is Hamon and 6th is Dupont - Aignan and the rest share the last few percents. While where I come from, it was Macron, then Mélenchon, then Fillon then Hamon, then Le Pen. It appears that in well educated cities Le Pen has not gained much and remains 5th. I'll have to study it to know where her votes came from. My guess is rural areas and blue collar suburbs, but it's just an intuition, I could be wrong . That should be okay, because Mélenchon and Hamon voters will go en Masse for Macron, that gives him already almost 49% of votes. And Fillon voters won't all vote for Le Pen for obvious reasons, so he should win 60-40 I think. Not a landslide like when the previous election where le Pen the father went on in second round. He has his issues but he understood that the EU is important, that racism is bad and that he has to invest in education, so it's somewhat okay.
  9. Relatively proud of the results where I come from. Not so much for the overall results though!
  10. The moment of truth: are we as idiotic as some other countries who elected childs? Vote casted, done my part Edit: why did you put Hamon at last even after Cheminade ?
  11. To be fair with Trump, I think he genuinely thought he'd repeal Obama care, build a wall etc. (That's the sad part if you ask me). The president was as delusional as the people who voted for him thinking he would do that. (He still is probably )
  12. Aside the issues with v-sync I had, I found that the anti aliasing and v-sync were causing the most present issues. I have stable framerate between 45 and 90 with an r9 fury on ultra 1080p with just AA turned down to fxaa high and v-sync off. With those i had terrible framerate and lots of stuttering. Maybe that could help you guys!
  13. The user reviews were quite harsh on PC, I personnally think I'll buy it tonight, but I know some people were thrown off by the technical issues. On metacritic, it is rated at 86 by reviewers and something like 6 by users because it ran poorly at first. That may have hurt their sales, and they figured they should put a demo and a sale to get back the people who wanted the game, but didn't bought it at launch because of technical issues and then forgot about the game.
  14. Will there be dlcs along the way or is it complete as is? (There is no season pass or anything so I guess there aren't any planned, but just checking )
  15. I won't oversell my photographer talents, but I think I have slate sheets waiting to go on the roof, that could help