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  1. Let's all hope you've finally cured the map of it's personality disorder . It's sad to see such a promising theme go, but if you're confident in the new setting - best of luck, just please commit and finish it, this map really deserves it. I like that you didn't completely scrape it and kept a lot of structure from the older layout, but I think you're trying to rework in all the wrong places. Your previous map had very exciting and polished pathing into the bombsites and the bombsites themselves, but you seem to have abandoned that and gone for more direct and bold gameplay approaches for both teams. That's obviously not inherently bad, but you're reworking stuff that did not need any fixing, a simple theme redo would have been enough. Meanwhile your Middle is still kind of unexciting because it's just a glorified angled rectangle with two long connectors, very similar to it's previous version. Maybe new design decisions will prove me wrong, playtest it! :^)
  2. Wouldn't expect anything less from you Grimwald, you always deliver.
  3. It's one of the main engagement points in the map, as you know it's always the best when cover and angles are strict shapes, so I felt like it was vital for you to fix that up. By the way, the map looks amazing, completely nailed the theme with the visuals. The layout is also standart yet unique, great job!
  4. Some possible problems: Out of map bounds/leaking light_environment (I'm assuming that's not the case) Messy brushwork (lots of intersecting, micro-brushes) sometimes causes VRAD to completely fail. If you can't fix it, it would be nice if you gave us the .VMF so we can take a deeper look.
  5. no man i played it in casual n its fun!!!1
  6. What a shock to see Valve wake up from it's map content hibernation with this unconventional masterpiece. Not sure what motivated them to ditch the competitive setting that they have stuck to with all their previous map remakes. The layout is objectively bad: scale issues with both chokepoints and pathways, unnecessary routes, too much angle and cover clutter. Textbook tier "rectangle hallway to room syndrome" that most new mappers suffer from even just looking at the radar. My only guess is that it's all intentional and it's all in favour of realism since it gives little respect to the mapping rules they have established. Now the visuals are just inconsistent in terms of level of detail, but the content is generally polished and nice. My theory is that Valve just plain doesn't care what the community thinks and they're willing to give a mediocre first impression in order to do massive overhauls to it as time goes on. What better way to gauge what to improve than with thousands of Reddit mapping experts crying about the map, let them do your thinking for you. At least I hope so.
  7. Absolutely beautiful architecture and color scheming. Good luck with the rest!
  8. Nice traps!
  9. Atmosphere is gorgeous!
  10. Map looks properly detailed, great job. Obviously the industrial setting using stock content is generic, but it's just a drawback in terms of uniqueness, the most important thing is that it's functional and pretty. Hope you'll get it playtested before you're done, so we get to admire your work
  11. Nice, it looks a lot like Seaside, if it was actually a good looking map :^)
  12. Stop worrying about my future and create one. like that's going to happen kek
  13. I've always glanced at this entry during the contest and enjoyed seeing the development screenshots, so I finally took the time to run around the map and see it in-game. Let me just say that in the visual departament this is probably the strongest entry in the contest and I'll gladly admit that. The level of detail you've achieved on this level is amazing. Every single area is properly polished and the different themes of a Mediterranean village, a Sandstone fortress and and the grassfields tieing everything together work very well and it all feels very realistic. Probably the strongest thing visually with this map is it's composition, the positioning and shape of building architecture, props, lighting - it all looks incredibly aesthetic in both exteriors and interiors. I couldn't tell exactly how much of the content on the map was custom, it honestly seemed mostly stock (correct me if I'm wrong) but you did a splendid job of utilising the content that was already provided and made it look unique. That being said when it comes to the gameplay aspect, I think you're aware that this map is quite small in comparison to both other entries in the contest and the stock NWI maps. Now this is where I think your map is playing the wildcard, either the map plays good enough with the size it provides or it becomes too hectic and cramped for a full 32 player server. Obviously, such an amazing level of polish visually comes at a cost of size of the level and in turn gameplay. Hopefully my speculation here is wrong and your map exceeds at both areas, I wish you the best of luck in the judging phase
  14. Map Finished! Bure is done and ready to go! We finished all remaining areas within the map and got rid of most of bugs (aside from the displacement lighting bug that seems to be a problem regarding VRAD). We'll continue to update the map after the contest and will get of any remaining bugs. Best of luck to the rest of the contestants In the unlikely case that we somehow screwed up and the content did not pack, I'm providing you, @Xanthi a link to download all the content in a private message here on MapCore. This is in case the judging process involves running around in singleplayer, so that our entry doesn't lose points for a technical issue. Info: Steam Workshop submission: Click here GameBanana submission: Click Here Gamemodes: Offensive (main), Liberation, Frontline.