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  1. I've heard brute has started russka actually. I believe someone else contacted him
  2. wait WELL FUCK that explains a lot
  3. I bet if you were to sit most of these people down (on both sides) they wouldn't be able to tell you what they are upset about.
  4. missing matching clothing
  5. wonder if trump will ban morocco now. if I was wanting to double down and piss off people on purpose that's what I'd be doing.
  6. Could you explain what you mean here a little more? Is this something easy to implement without fucking up visibility?
  7. Why do republicans all think they're in fucking diehard
  8. best idea is to join the DOI/Insurgency modding discord and ask required questions there. Most of it is not clear at all. Expect to lose braincells/will to live.
  9. awesome
  10. give the guy the benefit of the doubt and let NWI review the issue. Some are saying he's effectively quit the contest but I'm not sure how that works when the winners have been announced.
  11. sounds like you should double down and name it that