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  1. jakuza had been playtesting royal (or streets as it was known then) for months before the contest hit. the layout didn't really take a good shape until later on though.
  2. I'm in the same boat. I thought I would be okay as the artpass on the map was 'temp' but these things happen
  3. That'll be another nope then
  4. Hi Guys. Can you confirm if the above would be valid considering we were planning fully retheming and re-arting the map (sans reusing a couple of assets) and uploading as a new entry? It's the equivalent of re-greyboxing the map and building it back up in a different style. Thanks
  5. bastion I'm legit throwing 100s of PC things away just now at work - keyboards included. let me know if I can do anything
  6. stop using hammers to operate your PC
  7. take the GPU out and try booting
  8. you guys want to send me a signed one of these?
  9. I really hope he hits an alien in the face with a baseball bat while shouting 'you're fuckin out'
  10. Good progress. I'd suggest spending some time with the radar in photoshop/gimp to edit out any non-player areas. That's help define parts of the map for players.
  11. this has kenny powers in it? what?
  12. Lil' Easter update. -Reduced custom texture sizes across the board without loosing visible fidelity - Expanded on Stronghold mode to use more of the existing map - Tweaked docks area to give players more options while also having decent cover -Expand cellar area to include cover as this is now a capture point on stronghold mode - Visual updates to church and added more cover in surrounding space - Fixed Fog settings As it stands this is the last update for this iteration of the map. Bigger things incoming in the future
  13. dux is gonna end up chaperoning