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  1. Polling data across the board is fake news
  2. Are you going to do a mapcore article at some point about the process you follow making a SP map? I'm interested
  3. No I've not. I've been told the 'valve cut content' discord has links though? I'll let someone else do the summary, this stuff is all probably too old to be relevant to current projects
  5. I don't know what you are talking about. UK politics is like a large mensa meeting... ...wait, what?
  6. Reported
  7. Wait, what's the issue here? US politics is a hilarious shitshow. Are we not allowed to comment on it anymore?
  8. rendering a couple extra low poly models in the skybox vs entire large areas of the map. Would need to be tested but I'm pretty sure it would help the frames dips.
  9. you can increase the optimisations massively by moving high up models into the skybox. this will stop large areas of the map being drawn at once.
  10. that is is a NICE drawing
  11. ME1-3 was amazing to play through with one character. The ending was a nasty rushed mess though.
  12. I believe you are free to remake mill as long as you give Mr Auty a mention. I was toying with the idea of remaking it but I've got other plans now. You should go for it.
  13. mappers aren't allowed to talk about their maps being included or not. wait and see.
  14. Venice is a highly unique theme. I've never seen it before in a videogame.
  15. that is one angry flammable teddybear