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  1. I think quality community maps for Arms Race (or similar) would be a nice thing. You won't have to spend too much time on the layout and can focus on the visuals instead where - i think - people can learn the most along the way. And i could imagine Valve to implement maps like these into the game, which are not made for the classic competitive game modes. But please: Wait with the CS contests, until later in 2017. Would be nice to create stuff with (hopefully) new tools.
  2. What if i told you.. These options are closer together than you think?
  3. Already voted for Source 2 Yeah i'm curious how the transition to the new CS:GO tools will be... Afaik no word has been told about the "details". But long story short: A contest for the "old" tools is not worth it imo. A contest is a great way to learn new stuff.
  4. Source 2 because Source 2. But.. what if i don't have a VR headset? :/
  5. Yeah, i just did some math when i placed the arenas and calculated where the buildings had to be in the skybox. From then it was just a "normal" skybox.
  6. This is probably the wrong thread for it, but to answer your question: In this texture pack by @TopHATTwaffle, there are some building textures you could apply to skyscrapers made of brushes: http://www.tophattwaffle.com/downloads/real-world-textures/ Also - and probably more relevant - @MrTwoVideoCards and @holiestcows released their assets of Junction which include some nice skybox models: No matter what you use: Always give credit to the creators
  7. Created for the /r/csmapmakers Multi 1vs1 contest. The single arena AIM version will soon™ follow. The plan is to enhance the visuals for the single arena version since 16 arenas kill any limit the Source engine has. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=862651488
  8. We need a Valve thread. All this HL3 thread bumping!!
  9. Damn, looking good! Textures are a bit flat, but apart from that i really like the visuals.
  10. "Seaside 2" not Seaside remake. That's why And unique names work better. So.. If i'm not mistaken
  11. Looking promising! MORE!
  12. Absolutely no regrets joining this community. All hail the Core!
  13. Holy Cow that finale was on FIRE! Well deserved Astralis!
  14. It's looking so wrong