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  1. I find it funny that i took a similar shoot while playing it I hope i won't spoil the game for anyone but i had to share this beautiful scenes!
  2. Hi, I do a lot of playtesting with my team, if you ever need the map playtested please let me know.



  3. Could you elaborate more on " if you can 'normalise' the gameplay more it'll be AAA. " The gameplay is pretty much gonna be like the old havana i think you've been on some of the playtests.The only difference is i killed some of the height elevation because it looked like you were fighting on the hills and not in a city.Also i'm trying to keep the low level as clean as possible so it doesn't feel too cluttered and the upper level(2nd floor , 3rd floor etc..) more detailed.
  4. Still slow progression but wanted to upload some wips from CT spawn to B path and yeah i know there's still a lot of work:
  5. 1st rule of Hammer Club : never use the carve tool. 2nd rule of Hammer Club : NEVER use the carve tool. Tho in all seriousness , don't use the carve tool..
  6. ^^
  7. Bought a new GPU few days ago since the old one stopped working.Luckly it still had a warranty and since they couldn't find the same model they asked me to choose a new one in the same price range or add more money and get something better The old gpu was msi gtx 760 2gb and the new one Sapphire 380x 4gb.Really happy with how all this went.
  8. Dev screenshots : And cathedral comparison We'll try posting few screenshots at the end of each month.
  9. Dude this is a really old topic i hope it's not against the rules but if you have any questions ask them here :
  10. Before you know it , we'll start seeing this stuff soon
  11. Long story short , the map is getting complete visual overhaul.
  12. So i know you guys are talking about optimisation but i hope i'm not the only one bothered with those windows outside.I mean compared to the rest of the map they look really ugly.Those blocky brushes around the window models.Can you make the windows look better?