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  1. Can confirm ; subscribed and tested alpha 1 way back in late June 2014. I'm glad you're not abandoning ship (pun intended ) and continuing with this project; it's coming along nicely
  2. Testing the waters in Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II
  3. Found the disciple of Jeremy Clarkson @Bastion Make sure your power/current is consistent (no spikes or surges that are causing many units to fail at the same time); invest in some good UPS unit for the future. Good luck
  4. Welcome to the club
  5. so, finally we meet the harp-playing spider we've heard a lot about
  6. let the frames per second flow That's one hell of a beast you got there ; its numbers/specs are off the charts
  7. This was taken at a developers meeting
  8. More WIP/modular assets In parallel, alpha blockout layout is being tweaked and finalized
  9. I believe this is Verona. If you look closely under the bridge, you can see Romeo's ghost .
  10. Couple of nature closeups I took last month
  11. Thanks. As stated many times before in this thread, my main inspiration is small villages in Bretagne (and to a lesser extent Normandie). All these villages are in the "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France" category and they kept their charming rustic and medieval looks. For the church, my main references were the churches in Saint Suliac and Le Bec-Hellouin (Saint André). I checked your reference (Église Saint-Martin-de-Vertou), and while I can certainly take some more reference points from it, the overall architecture is a bit fancy for the small rustic village look I'm going for . (c'est presque la taille and les ornements d'une cathédrale)
  12. Edinburgh
  13. lol we still need de_middleferno and we'd be good Looking good so far, keep it up buddy; glad to see you around here