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  1. No DSLR/special lens were used for this shot I used a Canon compact but...with a wide angle retractable lens 14X optical zoom I used a fast shutter speed (1/125) since I did not have my tripod with me and did not want a blurry shot.
  2. After almost a week of heavy rain, strong wind, freezing temperature, and thunderstorms, a sunny day finally emerges, which means...dramatic sunsets
  3. Who are you???? Great work buddy. I would suggest to add 3-4 more screenshots to this thread to better showcase and promote the map
  4. Infinite is next on my list after I finish 2. You are right that the second was made by 2k Marin which btw incorporated some guys from Irrational Games (briefly known as 2k Boston) who created 1 and Infinite. Bioshock 2 in its own right should be played if you completed the first; the story flows naturally after the events of 1 with every major character/event/battle in 1 referenced in 2 (Ryan/Fontaine/Tenebaum...), the environment and game mechanics feel familiar, and you could see that the consequences of the first game are felt throughtout the second. Give it a try
  5. Finished Bioshock, immediately started Bioshock 2 Great game franchise so far; Rapture is so bleak and foreboding, yet it pushes you to keep exploring further and further like you can't get enough of it.
  6. Hurk was a hilarious dumbass Hope you enjoy the game, story was much more solid than FC3 and that douchebag Brody
  7. Very early and rough WIP to test urban night setup/lighting
  8. Bought the game a year ago in December 2015 and hopped straight into building my first city; reached 99,000 population with 1.7 million $ surplus budget. All is good except for really bad traffic. I then stop playing for about 7 months when around July 2016, I decide to go for a second city from scratch. The city reaches 101,000 population with 1.9 million $ surplus budget. Again, all is good except this time for pollution and garbage piling up. I stop playing again for about 5 months until Christmas holidays this week when I decided to go for my 3rd city; hey, third time is the charm This time, I avoided all previous mistakes and everything is running like a Swiss clock; so far population is 85,000 and budget is +900,000$ and not a single major problem in sight In fact, in 2017, I will run for mayor in my city and when they ask about my experience and proven track record, I'll show them this
  9. Fresh coat of snow today
  10. How dare you replace the BMW with a rusty old tank! literally unplayable, no authenticity Awesome work you've done here guys, great job Best of luck
  11. Damn son(s), I'm proud of y'all Looks very polished and detailed, love it. One minor nitpick is the slightly "clean" look of the cobblestone floor in the dock area (1st pic); one would expect it to be a tad dirtier in a busy docks area. This is just an observation based on the screenshots only and this could be different in-game. If that's the case, disregard this nitpicking Really solid contender here, best of luck
  12. Merry Christmas to you too. From the screenshots, this looks like a solid contender; best of luck
  13. You should ask for a donor special badge in return
  14. I managed to knock down my backlog's size of unplayed games over the past year but I still have several games to go through. ARMA 2, ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead, Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite, Metro 2033, Metro Last Light, and some missions/expansions packs for Quake 2/Doom 2 . Many games, not much time.