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  1. The framing and lighting are awesome. I take it this was shot at sunset judging from the "derniers rayons" hint?
  2. So, now basically your toilet is the binding of Pampers?
  3. Westworld...not bad
  4. Thanks gentlemen
  5. I'm seeing some pretty impressive stuff coming out of SD in this thread So my question is how hard is it for someone who is "intermediate to advanced" in PS to make the jump to SD? steep learning curve? too similar? very different?
  6. Very nice prop collection Keep up the good work, nimble navigator
  7. A round of applause everyone for the guy who works behind the scenes to keep the "core" tightly knit. Great work Sprony . This community keeps us constantly in awe with the quality work churned out around the clock; it's like all the talent hang out in one place Keep up the great work mapcorians.
  8. You go ahead on your own, I'm gonna drop by the Italian Deli to get some pasta Thank you
  9. Hey Shawn, thanks. The layout remained the same as the original map but it could be altered in future updates to incorporate what you are suggesting Hey Spa If you check the map in-game, you would notice that this is exactly how the lighting setup in the map is. The env/ambient lighting is a very dim dark blue/greyish tone with street lights having light orange-ish light_spots. No yellow/orange in ambient light and no "artificial"/additional lights where no physical street light exists. you can see this setup in screenshot 5 for example. I experimented with a lot of lighting setup until I struck a sweet balance between a nice night atmosphere/ambience and visibility/gameplay. With street lighting being any dimmer or sparser, player readability/visibility will take a nosedive, and the map will be bordering on Dying Light/Left 4 dead territory which is cool but not in CSGO Thanks
  10. Night Borough - Hostage Rescue by Will2k cs_night_borough, a hostage rescue map, is the night version of my own map cs_east_borough (2012-2013) with updated/upgraded visuals and hostage location. It is based on neighborhoods from The Bronx borough and Harlem neighborhood in New York City. The map incorporates most of the details that make New York so unique for the authentic experience. Funny billboard, building, and bus stop ads are scattered throughout the map. Some are brands that I modified and parodied (Grey Van shades, Lesswiser beer, Redbook footwear,...) while others are my original idea/work that I designed and created from scratch (Crook law firm, LOL insurance, Family jewels,...). Many others will be discovered while roaming the streets. The map supports 64 players (32 vs 32) and features SWAT vs Professionals. A manually-tuned nav file with place names is included for bot play. Enjoy the map. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=852441498
  11. No DSLR/special lens were used for this shot I used a Canon compact but...with a wide angle retractable lens 14X optical zoom I used a fast shutter speed (1/125) since I did not have my tripod with me and did not want a blurry shot.
  12. After almost a week of heavy rain, strong wind, freezing temperature, and thunderstorms, a sunny day finally emerges, which means...dramatic sunsets
  13. Who are you???? Great work buddy. I would suggest to add 3-4 more screenshots to this thread to better showcase and promote the map
  14. Infinite is next on my list after I finish 2. You are right that the second was made by 2k Marin which btw incorporated some guys from Irrational Games (briefly known as 2k Boston) who created 1 and Infinite. Bioshock 2 in its own right should be played if you completed the first; the story flows naturally after the events of 1 with every major character/event/battle in 1 referenced in 2 (Ryan/Fontaine/Tenebaum...), the environment and game mechanics feel familiar, and you could see that the consequences of the first game are felt throughtout the second. Give it a try