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  1. This too is going to my desktop wallpaper
  2. While I already have my references photos ready, I wouldn't mine some extra ones especially if they are for nice authentic stone houses or old storefronts or the castle Focus first on the elections and if you manage to take some pics in your free time, I would be happy to use them .
  3. You can find them under "venice" in both texture browser and model viewer since the map is basically St Marc's cathedral/square and Doge's palace with their surroundings in Venice, Italy. Just search for venice and they should be all listed.
  4. The insects close-ups are masterful as usual but I really like that you went for natural landscapes this time. This shot is going to my desktop wallpaper btw
  5. Holy shit...I remember you from back in the day. was it 2000, 2001? How time flies Used to love the Celtic bagpipes sound Welcome to Mapcore btw, enjoy your stay
  6. In Normandy Historically, Nantes was part of Brittany, so... you're good @laminutederire: you're right about the roof being a bit over-reflective; this is a stock Valve texture, I'll probably replace it with a custom texture that is slightly darker to better represent "l'ardoise Bretonne"
  7. Keywords for this WIP: Moncontour, Locronan, Saint-Suliac Un grand salut à tous les amis Bretons de mapcore @leplubodeslapin, @3Dnj, @laminutederire, @Corwin
  8. Spring is almost here Took these shots last weekend on a very sunny Sunday.
  9. Narcos I was impressed by the performance of "Wagner Moura" portraying Pablo Escobar. I searched for his other works, found out he's an established actor in Brazil, watched 2 of his recent movies (Elite Squad and its sequel); ended up even more impressed with his performance and commanding presence on screen
  10. The framing and lighting are awesome. I take it this was shot at sunset judging from the "derniers rayons" hint?
  11. So, now basically your toilet is the binding of Pampers?
  12. Westworld...not bad
  13. Thanks gentlemen
  14. I'm seeing some pretty impressive stuff coming out of SD in this thread So my question is how hard is it for someone who is "intermediate to advanced" in PS to make the jump to SD? steep learning curve? too similar? very different?
  15. Very nice prop collection Keep up the good work, nimble navigator