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  1. Love the article. The bit Paul mentioned about learning a lot of different lessons from shipping Homefront was a great nugget of truth.
  2. I agree. It's why I feel UT4/UE4 is a better investment of time, especially for newcomers trying their hand at level design.
  3. I'd like to nominate UT4 because I feel like UE4 will be much more inviting to newcomers. I'd also like to hold off on CSGO until any future Source 2 integrations occur. After that? Sure! Let's try all of the new stuff! So much new stuff! Hey, where is all of the new stuff?!
  4. @cashed is here and a few others who lurk without posting.
  5. So hot with the nice skylights. One minor piece of feedback I have is that it's hard to read the arrows on the <-B A-> screenshot. I know the arrangement implies B is left and A is right, I still think something can be done to make the arrows a bit more legible. Yellow on gray is making it a bit difficult.
  6. Fantastic! Can you say what role you'll be occupying? LD or something else? There are many mapcoreans among the ranks now!
  7. Hey Joshiraptor, Glad you read the article! 1. In addition to what you've said, I think the weaker CB enemies are a way of training the player to recognize and be fearful of the sound signifying a CB being fired. This is especially important to consider since later in each game, there are typically the heavier CB enemies who fire slower bolts that can do considerable damage -- even killing weaker VIT builds in 1 hit sometimes. 2. Gundyr is a really unique moment. My memory is a bit foggy, but I think he's one of the few boss enemies that the player actually gets to move close to, examine, and start the fight with a button prompt on the boss (as opposed to a prompt on a door or, worse, simply crossing a threshold into a trigger volume). I think it's really great when trying to onboard players, in the tutorial, that they control when this encounter starts -- but only the first time. After that, they're introduced to the White Fog Door concept if they die. And you're right -- never trust anything that appears dead in DS games unless you did the work yourself!
  8. Hey folks, We're currently looking for a Senior Level Designer here at Ubisoft Toronto. Posting: I'm reaching out because we have a lot of great unannounced projects at the studio cooking right now (I unfortunately cannot and will not be able to tell you what they are, sorry!) and I think our studio culture, benefits, and general neighborhood are fantastic. I've been here for nearly 5 years so feel free to ask me any questions about working at Ubi TO.
  9. This looks fantastic. I love the architectural work on the exteriors of the structures in particular. The radar is a bit hard to judge the sites from though. Can you post some detailed shots of the sites so we can examine them? (I ask because I'm at work and can't play right now.)
  10. For anyone who wants to fill their dark souls with LITE, click here. Lookin' good. It's come a long way since early days! Excited to play it again now that you're officially released.
  11. The logo and accompanying text get a bit lost, especially from that distance, on the corrugated metal they're sitting on. Maybe a solid backing panel (or something of the sort) would help it standout a bit more. It's really the vertical lines of the metal texture that kind of slice it up and make it difficult to read. The green text also blends into the white/gray of the metal texture -- the black text is much more readable. Minor stuff to come back to after the tedious work, honestly. Attached some other feedback notes. I'm not sure if you're going in to do other visual touches and polish later on, but I made some suggestions to that effort. Some of the stuff you've already thought of I'm sure, so forgive me if some of the feedback is obvious or stuff you're planning on doing but just haven't gotten around to doing yet. All around, good progress in such a short amount of time! You've been crushing it this week!
  12. I think this one looks best so far and will probably be most readable at a distance. Have you considered all caps in this font?
  13. Can I be added to Ubisoft Toronto as a Level Designer? Porfolio site is
  14. Thanks, Corwin! And thanks for writing your fantastic series! I put a link to your article at the bottom of my post, as a bonus for readers who make it all the way down.
  15. You're not alone -- I'm also incredibly hyped! I'm also really jealous of the people who get to work on this game. Not only does it look fantastic, it also seems like a level design dream job. The first game had its issues but it's still one of my favourite games of all time. Really excited for this one!