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  1. Barnacles in HL2 were a lot of fun to interact with. Especially combined with slippery ground.
  2. I guess he means Early Access
  3. Okay, now I understand where @cashed is coming from with his critizism. That DOES look awful. I also feel like the high amount of pillars used throughout the map within the playable space can be very disturbing. Pillars don't work well in a game like CSGO. Same goes for the many dead angles behind door frames in the indoor parts. I definitely need to check it ingame before commenting on it further. Thanks for the overview @text_fish
  4. de_marquis? Can anyone post the overview? I am at work and cannot check out the level yet. And there is none in the news ...
  5. If you use stock material, be sure to thoroughly study the models to see what is available to you. When you don't have the artistic freedom by making/requesting your own models you have to work with what you got and therefore worst case adapt your level design to it. In that case it's also wise to study how Epic assembled their levels by kit-bashing their assets. They use their versatile assets very creatively. Get inspired there! When it comes to workflow itself - Yes, BSP blocking would be the first thing. Test it thoroughly when finished, adapt to iron out any flaws. Once you are happy with the gameplay you move on there are multiple ways to go further. The next two major steps are meshing pass (adding meshes by replacing the BSP blocks) and blocking/collision pass (replacing BSP blocks with invisible blocking volumes). The order in which you approach those to passes is pretty much personal preference I would say. They can also go hand in hand. Be aware that some of Epic's meshes have their own collision while other's don't. After that the Final Art pass with lighting, details and decals comes into play. Please keep in mind that I have only created one level for UT4 so far, so my approach might be flawed. But I think it aids as a general direction. Edit: I found a picture that might be helpful to you. It's the roadmap/workflow for the DM-Deck remake by chonglee (full credit to him/her):
  6. There is nothing wrong about trying out ideas and sharing it with others to get some feedback. As said before, I appreciate the effort done. The thing is, it restricts mappers to stay on a 90° grid. If you'd advance a little further maybe 45°. To make the pipeline a little more valid to usual processes: scan a hand-drawn layout, put it into Photoshop and try to fit the displayed structures/shapes into the drawn layout. I imagine this might be very useful for some people!
  7. As much as I appreciate the share of resources, I think this system very restricting to the creative process of designing a level. At least for me. This is actually something you can work out pretty easily within Hammer itself, if you use the top view exclusively. The rough timings for certain distances might be very helpful for beginners tho! No question about that. In my opinion it is important for the process to have things changed up from paper to editor. That is totally natural and can/should not be avoided completely in order to achieve the best design possible.
  8. How about sharing something cool yourself? This is a community after all. Give the forum what you expect to receive from it. - As @Sprony showed, people are actually posting great stuff. I have no idea why you'd have a different impression.
  9. WAT?! I didn't know The Dark Mod had public level design tools! There goes my weekend ...
  10. Excellent idea!
  11. There is very few information about what that vote actually is for. Reading through the possible answers I can only assume for the next contest?! In that case I would really like to see something fresh. We had UT4 and CSGO in the past years. I feel like Black Mesa would definitely be very interesting.
  12. Not in TFT, only RoC. In regards of TFT I was a mere enthusiast of competitive players.
  13. Warcraft 3 player to rap monster to game-/level designer. What a story. Nice to have you here! Shadow Tactics is looking neat, gotta give it a try!
  14. Stunning. At first glance I thought I was looking at a reference picture. Keep the good work up. I love browsing through your stuff - very inspiring!
  15. Yep, happens every now and then. It will not appear when using "3D Textured" instead of "3D Shaded Textured Polygons" in the 3D viewport.