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  1. that bastion looks like a midget
  2. why is it that hl2 had and probably still has better lipsync than most games these days? do players even care about good lipsync? is it such a low priority thing in modern games or it's just that difficult to do right? genuinely asking, I don't know much about these things.
  3. not sure if this classifies as game design, but it's still interesting
  4. I dislike the lazy textureless artstyle and last time I checked there was no way to import custom assets, so you can't really "fix" it either.
  5. interesting idea, but it's probably faster to just grab a pen and scribble the layout on a piece of paper.
  6. I wish people were more interested in killing floor 2 map making.
  7. That's strange, maybe it doesn't work with blend materials even though it should. I've only tried this on a regular VertexLitGeneric.
  8. try to put your alpha in your base texture and add this parameter in your vmt hope this helps
  9. + 50,000 hours and a frequent visit to a psychiatrist
  10. we will have a playable version by the end of the month hopefully we can show you some pics soon.
  11. looks great, it just needs more foliage
  12. I'd also expect a rather drastic increase in visual quality in hl3 compared to hl2, so it wouldn't be just maps obviously, who's feeling like rigging and animating all those monsters/npcs? This could easily be underestimated and it's likely to fail because of that. Better start with something small imo.
  13. why not brighten up the alpha planes and use a single darkened rectangle behind? the thing is you're duplicating the entire mesh with little to no gain. but what do I know, I'm no foliage expert
  14. I'd only use a single rectangle with a flat diffuse, it doesn't make much of a difference with the additional one, only adds up geo. sauce: