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  1. Thinking about the other dudes that were alone tonight :/ Happy New Year everyone
  2. 2016 was, well good in the way it looks but I didn't felt that good: - While we are very proud of our game, Ultraflow 2 was a huge commercial fail even if we received great critics - I finally finished school at 23 - My final year project was an intense development but we faced awesome challenges and I learnt a lot about UE4 and open world creation (for both design and technical matters). Plus, the prototype has grown an incredible anthousiasm from Youtubers making it visible to millions of players. - I got contact by people from the industry for opportunites which, enven if they did not get to an end, made me more confident about finding a job. - I got my first real contract in the game industry - I shipped a big game - Unfortunately, the game we shipped doesn't encounter the success it deserves neither :/ - I haven't feel very proficient since August and I haven't start anything serious as personal project. So for 2017: - I want to start a serious personnal project with a small scope... - 'Cause I want to finish it. I have game ideas, map concepts for UT I have to achieve. - I want to learn how to code in C++ and C#. Even if I know I won't be the best, I want to be able to read more code than I can now, in both of these languages to strengthen my profile. - Get a new position for which i'll feel useful. Getting experience on a pro PC/console game would be a huge plus for my profile. - Make more money. (May be with short freelance work I could do on my spare time) - I want to travel. I need to see new things, learn more, feel something new. - I also would like to start a Youtube channel dedicated to very high quality video about level design or game design theory. Like lessons you'd give to a classroom.
  3. Mine could be Rayman and rocket league now.
  4. Yes, I'll go where there's work to do ^^
  5. It looks like I will be unemployed on the 1st of January. :/ My contract ends on december 31. They would like to keep me but I refused to renew my contract for my sanity. The team is just awesome but enough is enough. I already talked about these problem on this thread, but the bordeness of the tasks I had to do during these last months is the main big reason. I know I won't be able to evolve the way I want to. I need something new, something that challenges me. Of course, it goes with other issues I won't talk about in public. I still don't know what I'm gonna do though. It scares me a lot.
  6. Hey guys, This is the period of awards. What about MapCore Awards to reward our favorite community members, topics of the year, that kind of stuff to celebrate this awesome community? Like: - Funniest member - Best support member - Best map of the year - MapCore's Game of the year - Best new member - Introducing MapCore's Hall of Fame etc Cheers
  7. Well, concidering my good performances, I don't think they damage anything if you know what you're doing. My objective is not to become like Arnold. And yes indeed, I don't want to have my hand like a grater.
  8. I stabilize around 86kg. I keep working hard on my shoulders (my weakest point). This is me one week ago. A big buddy in perspective and before you ask for it, no @Bevielis you won't have a nude pic of me. Never.
  9. The show is brilliant.
  10. Even my dear Gears of War is now 10 years old
  11. Wooooh yeah Ford Focus RS (2016?), Good choice ! You're gonna be the new gymkhana king?
  12. I've shipped my first AAA game this week yeaaaaaaah !!! Gear Club is available on iOS. So proud!
  13. My eyes are burning
  14. This First/Last episode is the point of no return for me. I can't stand whining anymore. The last seasons were total shit. The show rely on clifhangers at the mid season and that's it. They had a great cast and cool characters. But it's not worth watching after season 3. I'm done with this show.
  15. And what a pleasure to destroy all of them with the support class when you flank these cocksuckers