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  1. Wait ... that's just a joke? Brb.
  2. If we're mapping for coop I'd prefer to use L4D2 or something. There's a good reason everyone forgets the two times Valve have tried to make CS coop/narrative.
  3. I'd say Hostage or Arms Race, personally. OR, open it up to all game modes but have a 'theme' for the competition, something abstract and open to interpretation like "falling" or "holiday".
  4. I never really understood the appeal of Demolition mode. It seems like an awkward half-way house between Defusal and Arms Race but it doesn't feature either of the strongest elements of those modes. I imagine that's why Valve have pretty much side-lined it.
  5. Can't beat angry Sega:
  6. What would be really awesome is if Mapcore came together to produce a game/mod (something smallish, like a recreation of Quake 1 Deathmatch in UE) and then ran a competition to produce maps for it.
  7. I can't get excited about VR until it becomes more affordable. I like @RivFader 's hostage only idea. It would be great to see people trying to make competitively viable cs_ maps.
  8. Looks good! I would suggest putting a gravel texture under the tracks instead of mud. Unless the trains are carrying helium they're going to need a bit of support.
  9. That's insane.
  10. If you want feedback/ideas/advice you need to engage the community with regular(ish) updates in the form of screenshots/WIP builds. There's nothing inherently wrong with keeping it all to yourself, but you'll find yourself working in a vacuum. I'm also a creative recluse so I speak from experience.
  11. I like the increased grenade possibilities.
  12. Ummm. Breaking news! I've just discovered it's not just Valve. Apparently iD software and a whole bunch of other studios employ other people to make their games as well. What a scam.
  13. Aaaaand ... discussion over.
  14. Looks good. I guess the only thing to worry about with the military stuff is player readability against the camo nets. Because ... y'know ... camouflage.
  15. Woohoo! Now instead of a constant rotation of Dust2 and Mirage casual will be a constant rotation of Inferno and Mirage, and everyone will ignore Hostage/Reserves again.