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  1. Woah, you even added a nice transition! Thanks @Yanzl
  2. Yeah those things are fine too. They could just be up against the wall as if they've been moved out of the way by security. It just "tells the story" a bit better than having a big ole gap.
  3. I've been meaning to post a feature request for ages but I keep forgetting, so I'm going to drop everything I'm doing right now and post it. Here goes ... feature request incoming ... NOW! Would it be possible to auto-generate a hammer preview texture when you create a blend material? Like the ones where there's a diagonal line through the middle and on each side you see the two textures that are included in the blend material? I think that would be neat, and super helpful when you're working on a map with lots of complex interlocking displacements.
  4. Lovely visuals. On a basic logistical level, it seems a bit weird to have those turnstiles on one side of the ticket-booth/hut, whilst there's a big ole opening on the other side. Maybe you could put in some sort of open concertina gate on one side of the opening to suggest that it's usually closed to the public.
  5. Disabling auto-taunts has shot to the very top of the Quake Champions wishlist since the last two champion trailers.
  6. http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2017/03/18277/ Yay. Well done Valve Yay. Well done @FMPONE
  7. So I'm experimenting with something a bit different now. I've introduced a new path from mid to bombsite A but it''s got a door that can only be opened from the mid-side. My hope is that it'll make the gameplay feel a bit more dynamic, especially in a retake/rotate situation. The jury is still out, but it's fun to experiment with. At the moment the main tripping point is that bots find it very confusing. They often walk to the locked side of the door, realise they can't get through and then start to reroute, except when it really matters (i.e. the bomb's been planted at B whilst they were guarding A) in which case they run at the locked door and hump it. Anybody have any ideas how to resolve this problem? At the moment, I have a trigger_once to open the door from the inside, though ideally I would like the player to have to "use" the door for consistency. Anyway, here's the latest overview: I'm also starting to create the graffiti which I hope to use to inject a lot of colour in to the visuals. There's a WIP below, I'd be very grateful for suggestions as to how I can make it look like actual graffiti. At the moment I'm just using various spraypaint-like brushes in Photoshop to layer colours, then adding a few paint dribbles and light splattering around the edges. The concrete in the background is just for reference, the final graffiti will be a decal (possibly split up to fit around architectural details).
  8. They're such trolls. Somebody should report them for griefing.
  9. You're remaking Piranesi. If you're worried about "originality" I think there are probably bigger issues than a canal. That's not a criticism though, I love Pira and would dearly like to see a good remake in an operation.
  10. Oil spill? I feel like Nuke windows didn't have this oily sheen on them before the shader update: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/81468944265441086/EC6BF91FA1018092FD0EA3EF16C2073B8FFB4A86/
  11. Can we all share the effected .vmt's to see if they share something in common?
  12. Fair point, but everyone hated on Overpass a lot when it was first released too, so I guess the feedback was useful in the end. Valve have made a decision not to communicate directly with the public most of the time (and I completely understand their reasons), which negates any control they have over the tone and direction of the conversation, thus turning it in to one-way shouting match where the player-base feels they have to very aggressively assert their opinions. If Valve aren't happy with that situation I trust that they'll take steps to change it. Yep, that is definitely in the top 5 on my CS:GO wishlist. In fairness to Valve they went some way towards fixing casual by disabling all-talk during play, but 5v5 is definitely the holy grail of casual servers, and they should reinstate armour buying etc. too.
  13. That's weird. It runs considerably smoother than Newke and Infernew on my machine.
  14. That's the one, thanks. Here's your reward:
  15. You just answered your own question. It's the same reason people get butt-hurt when graphical updates cause an FPS drop in CS:GO. Some players are just happy with what they've got, but in order to make money developers need to release new stuff and attract new players with pretty graphics and new gameplay hooks. It's a difficult line to tread and there are examples of developers going too far either side, i.e. Quake players feeling abandoned by a lack of new stuff and the UT community being split by too many installments back in the Noughties.