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  1. Yeah I've seen that on one of my displacements too. I remade the brush and it disappeared, though that may just be incidental as I wasn't actively trying to fix it. I've also been seeing dark blue/purple shadows cast on props by the env_sun, in related news.
  2. Thanks for your interest ExtraCheesy! I'm still laying down basic brushwork at the moment, so nothing to show. As long as I don't get called up for work in the next few days I reckon I'll have something rough to show around Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
  3. You've probably already played it because it's ooooold, but Minerva definitely deserves a mention whenever SP HL2 mods are concerned!
  4. It's "okay" to make a fully indoor map, but there are good reasons it doesn't get done very often for two main reasons that I can think of: 1. The opportunities for interesting grenade tactics are greatly reduced 2. The map will likely be visually unappealing and repetitive.
  5. Yeah FMPONE has clarified that gray boxes are eligible as long as no art-passed version has been made public, so I think this entry is fine. I like breweries and would be sad to blow one up, but I look forward to playing CT side.
  6. Slightly saddened by the lack of any hostage rescue entries, I've decided to enter cs_cult, a bit of a cs_ thought experiment that's been sitting in one of my sketchpads for far too long. I've designed it to try and appeal to 5v5 competitive types, by spreading the hostage spawns similarly to bomb sites. The tricky part is then balancing the CT's return journey, but through a few one-way drops and boosts and things I think it works on paper. The theme will involve rural cabins, woodland, a lake and some cliffs. I'm still working on de_brutal so if that's finished by October then great, but cs_cult will be my focus for the competition. I'll knock a gray box together tomorrow (disclaimer: if it plays shitty in the gray box I reserve the right to turn my full attention back to Brutal :P).
  7. There's always going to be various people at various different stages of various different projects, so it's impossible to come up with a set of rules that caters to everyone. If people want to be secretive about their work for the sake of upcoming competitions then I guess that's their call to make and I'm sure they'll burn in the deepest pits of hell if they decide to do so, but some level of "cheating" is unavoidable in any competition. I think the rules this year are the fairest possible option as they recognize that the art pass is the lengthiest part of a map's creation, and in the last contest a lot of people felt intimidated by near-complete entries such as Gallioliolioiwior or whatever it was called. It shouldn't need to be pointed out, but it's also worth noting that the rules don't exclude anybody from entering (aside from staffers, obviously), so anyone who wants to take part in a fun competition can still do so, they'll just need to start a new project if they don't already have one in an early enough stage of development to qualify.
  8. I feel like you should earn an Operation Star just for understanding how the operation works. Edit: Lul, a response to being in the earlier operation?
  9. Previous WIP topic here, containing dev images and radars:
  10. Congrats all, you must be chuffed! And the day after Mapcore's CS:GO contest gets announced! Coincidink, or cunning plan?
  11. Woah, you even added a nice transition! Thanks @Yanzl
  12. Yeah those things are fine too. They could just be up against the wall as if they've been moved out of the way by security. It just "tells the story" a bit better than having a big ole gap.
  13. I've been meaning to post a feature request for ages but I keep forgetting, so I'm going to drop everything I'm doing right now and post it. Here goes ... feature request incoming ... NOW! Would it be possible to auto-generate a hammer preview texture when you create a blend material? Like the ones where there's a diagonal line through the middle and on each side you see the two textures that are included in the blend material? I think that would be neat, and super helpful when you're working on a map with lots of complex interlocking displacements.
  14. Lovely visuals. On a basic logistical level, it seems a bit weird to have those turnstiles on one side of the ticket-booth/hut, whilst there's a big ole opening on the other side. Maybe you could put in some sort of open concertina gate on one side of the opening to suggest that it's usually closed to the public.
  15. Disabling auto-taunts has shot to the very top of the Quake Champions wishlist since the last two champion trailers.