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  1. I made some bricks, too.
  2. Voted Black Mesa. If it's gonna be csgo, I second that it should be non-de for a change.
  3. Really nice changes. I like it a lot. I've noticed that somehow I can't associate tga or png-files to VMT_Editor.exe in Windows. Worked fine in version 1.2.4 though. But dragging the files onto the program / shortcut directly still works so no problem . Thanks for the effort.
  4. Thanks.
  5. I'm trying to get going with @Yanzl's Source Shader but it seems to me that the diffuse isn't showing properly. For instance when I use @Motanum's example substance it looks like this: while I'm sure it should look like this Apparently it works fine for everybody else so I'm obviously doing something wrong. Hint requested.
  6. subscribed and thanks a lot for your small bible of realistic multiplayer design - I discovered it years ago and come back to it ever since.
  7. fixed my washing machine today. feeling great.
  8. I bought genital jousting last month and must say that it's a really fun little game. Classic mode is best where you try to score as many penetrations as possible. Online didn't work very well but I think it's fixed by now. Recommended.
  9. @Vorontsov looking good! I'm sure it's NEWSSTAND
  10. To dark maybe?
  11. I had a playtrough yesterday. Overall it's a nice variety of levels.The ai_disabled thing still occures in various levels.
  12. Thanks. That hole is there on purpose as it might be used for grenades and such. We'll see about that in the future.
  13. I'm positive that those will look fantastic on your polar base. Imho, compared to the rest, the shovel looks a little bland. Maybe you could make it a little more interesting like in this picture Also those rubber-chaines (?) should be way darker than the metal wheels. Anyway great job. I would be interested in seeing the colission model if you feel like sharing.
  14. Update: I received some really nice feedback so far and reworked the layout quite a bit. Most importantly I removed that path behind bombsite b and instead enlarged the site a bit. Also there is a bridge at bombsite a now that hopefully breaks the long sightlines and adds some cover to that area. The connector to mid has been disconnected from ct_spawn and changed into a cistern-like room (with some water to wade through). In addition I tryed to smooth the generall flow by getting rid of some corners and stuff that people bumped into all the time. This includes most of the arched doorways. That's a very kind offer and I'd really like your references. Thank you! I followed your suggestion and the mapname is de_anchor from now on. Great fit! Screenshots: bombsite a with newly added bridge extension of bombsite b new connector room with some shallow water Some more pictures: Workshop: Please let me know how you like the updated version.
  15. This really shouldn't be made out of brushes. If you allready made some models you should also be able to bring them into the game. Everything that is needed is on the valve developer community. Go for it.