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  1. Welcome to the Core @JackW!
  2. A little critique @grapen: The wall texture looks very nice, as does the texture of the door trim. However, it blends very easily into the wall texture due to the geometry. Consider widening that so that it stands out a little bit more and takes advantage of any AO you have. Secondly, the top of the arch needs refinement as the point is jarring and the texture seam is noticeable. I suggest you create another separation piece there, as this would likely be done in real life (grout straight up and down). This will mask the natural seam and add a little bit of additional realism to the piece. Other than that, great job!
  3. That hurts Sprony. Take comfort in knowing that you, his best friend, was there to comfort him at the end of this life to carry him to the next.
  4. Thank you Dr. @dux! Your diagnosis saved me!
  5. So one of my friends got one. I think I shall test on his. I will report back here with results ASAP.
  6. This past weekend my car broke down, then my computer broke down, and I got a hell of a head cold that I am still fighting. . . did I do something wrong in a past life about this time in my life?
  7. Switch? More like "Switch back to WiiU!" No, but seriously - this is just really sad. I'll stick with my Nintendo "Switch" rev 0.1 (a/k/a WiiU) for the time being until the manufacturing process is improved for this (I want to love this console, I really do).
  8. @Vaya got it! Look, if we talk Jamaican, act Jamaican and Jamaican, We better bobsled, Jamaican!
  9. Weird Science. Nice choice Sprony!
  10. You got this!
  11. So do something about it and create something to show off. Take a look in the 3D section, the 2D section, the WIP Map forums.... there are tons being created around here.
  12. Welcome to the Core @Nam Nguyen!
  13. I too feel the pressure to either make or break it - I think the key is that so long as we are all committed to improving and understanding what we are getting into, and how that will affect our families, we will be OK. It is definitely a grind, and not a sprint. There are definitely days where I just want to put my head in my hands and give up, but it passes and will for you too. <-- Can't figure out how to show GIF
  14. Still need to finish my UT level from last time But oh well.... UT it is! As for other games/ideas, those sound good as well. Let's do this.