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  1. I understand what a vertex normal is (and how to edit it), but can you describe a use case where it is a better option than applying smoothing groups on a complex object? Foliage it works well for clearly as it smooths shading across the various planes making up the foliage... any other use cases where it would be advantageous though?
  2. Oh snap! This idea is back again? Awesome. Let's do this!
  3. This right here is how I feel. Pretty much the only draw for me to Nintendo products anymore is Zelda. Maybe if I quit being lazy and played Bayonetta I would feel differently - but alas, I have not. So Breath of the Wild on my Wii U it is. Mario looks like it has strong platforming as always, but the inconsistencies of art styles does not get me excited.
  4. Hey Glenn, I caught the obelisk when you were working on it over at Polycount. The props are turning out great! I see that you are using sketchfab to upload your works for web based viewing. That is a fantastic step. My only comment right now would be, as you are targeting games specifically, to get these props (and others) into an engine. Take high resolution screenshots/renders from that engine, and post that as well. This way, you not only demonstrate expertise with the modeling/texturing aspects, but you also demonstrate technical proficiency with an engine. Can't wait to see more from you (and to hit your level of quality!).
  5. Dangit @El_Exodus!! Now you got me excited for episode XIII. Great. Thanks. Now I will suffer for almost a year waiting!
  6. May have just killed off the project I have spent the last 6 months working on that I was hoping to turn into my dream job. In other news, going to the gym tonight with my wife to get back in shape. Edit: Gym was a success. Going back again tomorrow (today is a rest day while we get reacquainted).
  7. Picked up Destiny: The Collection this week to play with a friend who has been playing the past couple of years. It's an enjoyable experience but I am not 100% sold on it (of course, I am only level 21). I am playing on the PS4 - and the controls feel too tight on the horizontal look (left-right) compared to the other FPS's I am playing right now (Titanfall 2 and Doom). This creates a problem for me where I expect to turn faster than I can. Different games being different, I feel like this is something that just simply misses the mark (especially when my vertical sensitivity is perfectly fine at higher sensitivities). Maybe once I do a raid it will be different.
  8. @grapen: I havn't done foliage, so take this with a grain of salt. But my opinion is that by creating hedges the way you have done, it still looks very unnatural because the sporadic foliage that does stick out is still too uniform in both shape and size. I think you could probably achieve a better outcome using multiple planes with transparency settings and rotating them to more-or-less fit your desired shape (but not perfectly to suggest it was cut by hand without perfect measurement). You could still use an interior plane to prevent transparency from going all the way through. The other thing I think may be inhibiting your hedge is the size of the leaves themselves. For a hedge, those are some huge leaves I think. Just my $ 0.02 on this one. Maybe yours will look better when paired with other hedges and I'm just full of it.
  9. Priorities right here folks!
  10. You can do it @tomm!
  11. - Start exercising - Take Honeymoon - Finish current consulting job and turn into full-time job - Finish boat asset for portfolio - Do 3 major portfolio scenes - Finish UT4 map
  12. Ok, I can finally read and participate in this thread as I just saw it. I thought the story was good; well grounded in the Star Wars universe while not being overt about space wizards. Nit picking follows: All in all a great Star Wars experience and fit in very well with the context.
  13. Thank you @Lkarlsson! I assume when you say island by the link gun, you mean where the redeamer is placed. You have to jump out of the windowed area nearest it from the upper floor (there is an elevator next to this on the inside). The narrow trench will be on a timed lava fill actually. My intent is to make the level a little dynamic by having the large pots moving into and out of the hot magma area (to collect magma), then deposits them into the collector piece that the stinger sits on top of (making this a timing grab to avoid the magma), and then after 3-6 "fills" the collector will release the magma downwards onto the jump boots and send the magma back into its original connector point. At least... that's my hope. Whether this is good for gameplay is, of course, another issue altogether. As for the area with the beams, I have an idea drawn up on how to make that better and leading into one of the other areas. My thought on that was it would be a drainage point for the fire suppression system inside of this building, and lead to the adjacent lower-level room to increase entry/exit opportunities there as it can get tight if 3 or more players are there. Lot's of assets to create including 6-axis robotic arms, welders, beams, suppression systems, floors, walls, lights, all that good stuff. I'm glad you like it and liked the pacing!
  14. Hey gang, This dropped in the news today: A statement reveals the company plans to "refocus on its core strengths" by concentrating on development in its Frankfurt headquarters and Kiev studio. All others branches - including studios in Budapest, Sofia, Seoul, Shanghai and Istanbul - "will not remain within Crytek".