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  1. I too feel the pressure to either make or break it - I think the key is that so long as we are all committed to improving and understanding what we are getting into, and how that will affect our families, we will be OK. It is definitely a grind, and not a sprint. There are definitely days where I just want to put my head in my hands and give up, but it passes and will for you too. <-- Can't figure out how to show GIF
  2. Still need to finish my UT level from last time But oh well.... UT it is! As for other games/ideas, those sound good as well. Let's do this.
  3. Great article @FrieChamp!
  4. Get a dog? Then...
  5. Making progress. I am understanding this process more and more again. YAY!
  6. Just sharing what I am currently working on. This is following Tim Bergholz's tutorial with exception to the final smooth operations for the high poly creation. This was just a screenshot of the successful test bake with a simple material slapped on there. I am hoping to finish this within the next week or two (handle, completely custom materials/textures). I am going to do a energy type slicing blade I think.
  7. I don't disagree with the sentiment - but there are still legal recourse left available to redress these grievances with this government. In that sense, we have not reached fascism (yet).
  8. @Sprony I did not think you wholly agreed with him. I admit, I am skimming a little as I live this s*** day-in and day-out due to its possible consequences on my job.
  9. @D3ads and @Sprony There is certainly some legal justifications that may be used to support the ban, but here's why it is unsupportable. 1. There was no input provided from the agencies that are now directly involved in dealing with this (law enforcement at both the federal and local levels). 2. There was no congressional input from either the Gang of 8 or a larger group. 3. The Governor's who would be most likely impacted (Washington, California, Georgia, New York, Texas, Illinois) were not given notice or input as to how to deal with this. It was just simply dropped on them. 4. This is the biggie - the ban includes persons with Permanent Legal Residence status (meaning they had immigrated LEGALLY and already had passed the US immigration vetting process, which oh by the way is one of the single toughest vetting processes in the world for legal immigration purposes). 5. There was no plan made for persons already en-route and how to address their needs (e.g., necessary medications, food, housing, sanitary needs, etc . . .). On Bannon's permanent position to the National Security Council: You're correct in that it has been precedent for the Chief of Staff to be promoted with clearance on an as needed basis to the NSC meetings. This in and of itself is not horribly concerning (although based on political viewpoints, it certainly is from my perspective). Rather, the concern stems from the removal of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of National Intelligence unless they have issues specific to their areas of expertise to address - whereas Bannon is now a constant member. Furthermore, the removal of the Ambassador to the UN is an additional impediment that must now be overcome. This move, regarded widely by experts as a mistake, demonstrates a lack of objectivity that will become a cornerstone of USA's international relations and military action if it is not addressed. Imagine military action being taken on the basis of politics from the strongest military in the world, as opposed to national (truly national, not one demographic) and international interests, and human rights interests. When the US suddenly expands military presences in the Middle East to steal oil (even though we have plenty of production within our own nation; but that is another topic altogether), further destabilizing those regions and countries that will negatively impact the world by increasing the sheer number of refugees - anyone in the vicinity of those areas (namely Russia, Western Asia, Africa, and Europe) will experience the effects of such unilateral (and unwise) actions. The Bannon promotion and NSC actions is not the distraction, that is the meat of it - whereas the Muslim ban is the distraction.
  10. Nope... nope nope nope nope nope. Go to the midwest, throw a stone at a group of democrats and you'll have a group of democrats with guns pointing at you. Source: Am Midwest liberal. @(HP) hit it on the nose though. Hopefully we can fight this without use of force. Escalation is never good for anyone.
  11. It's an important point that she makes, but you're right in that she does not get why the Dem.'s continue losing. When you cede an entire demographic to your opponent and do not speak directly to them and their concerns, of course they will go to the person(s) who are speaking to them.
  12. Thanks for the explanation As a matter of passing along information, apparently you can quickly edit vertex normals (for trees/foliage) by transferring another meshe's normals (say a very smooth cone) to the vertex normals of a tree mesh. This makes doing the foliage/trees normals work much easier (and faster).
  13. I understand what a vertex normal is (and how to edit it), but can you describe a use case where it is a better option than applying smoothing groups on a complex object? Foliage it works well for clearly as it smooths shading across the various planes making up the foliage... any other use cases where it would be advantageous though?
  14. Oh snap! This idea is back again? Awesome. Let's do this!
  15. This right here is how I feel. Pretty much the only draw for me to Nintendo products anymore is Zelda. Maybe if I quit being lazy and played Bayonetta I would feel differently - but alas, I have not. So Breath of the Wild on my Wii U it is. Mario looks like it has strong platforming as always, but the inconsistencies of art styles does not get me excited.