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  1. Andu and I are working on a defusal map called splash (for now). Its still in its early stages and is desperate for some playtesting and feedback! Basic idea of the map is mid as central distribution hub from which the whole map is pretty much accessible. There are two things to spice things up a little: Terrorists have no direct access to mid, which makes it harder for them to get into at first glance - but they can rotate between sites unseen - if the CTs dont pay enough attention. The map is set in a waterpark. Overview Some early screens Workshop:
  2. Nice to see you working on this one again!
  3. 0o! Really cool! Gj Guys! Im back mapping nao!
  4. Nice Design I like the design more on the mousepad. Now to the interesting stuff: Got some screenshots of subzero?
  5. Isnt unlit "selfillumed" by default? I mean, it isnt lit so... just asking here xD Map looks really cool. But I think day time or sunset would look even better. amazing job so far!
  6. Nice one! Are there any tutorials on how to make models with source 2 hammer?
  7. love you guys Ive taken this one BDY6-N27N-E4UQ-9Q9M-U64D
  8. No key for me Did the NDA drop? More and more Videos and Reviews getting uploaded 0oNo key for me Did the NDA drop? More and more Videos and Reviews getting uploaded 0o
  9. I loved the first 2 games! Im so happy we get a third one
  10. Same here
  11. Did anybody check out the changes to militia /canals / cbble? I dont get why valve isnt moving up the spawn on canals. I think that could fix a lot of issues many people have with the map. Militia and cobble changes are looking good to me.
  12. Ive played titanfall 2 a lot recently - there is a gun which is basically the same like the new negev - people abused the hell out of it, until it got nerfed I dont know whats wrong with the Devs atm. I think the revolver could be a nice adition, but the negev was hardly used right from the start - i mean why did they add it in the first place? nobody used the heavy guns in comptitve anyways.
  13. Would be a shame if we get "the next big action" in summer - last operation ENDED July 15 2016...
  14. Which WIki are you talking about Rivfader? Couldnt find anything about Dave working on Canals. Played Militia yesterday. It still feels T-sided to me. I dont get why they removed the plank leading up the left side of the house and replaced it with an strange jump. But the Map feels way better overall.
  15. Your Avatar combined with the Post killed me - so fitting I think the water on Canals looked different, too? Or is it just me? Valve did a great job incorporating reallife locations from venice. But I think they took it too far - especially with the A-site. I get that its basically a open place in reallife. But the Site feels way to open and boring for my taste :/