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  1. Made this low-poly Unity scene just to try out some hand painted workflow with the Unity setup. Fun stuffs! Edit: Used my lantern at home for ref. Edit 2: Made a gif this morning before work with a point light animation. I know, the gif doesnt loop.
  2. I wonder which are the most obnoxious, Illumninati consiprators or HL3-Conspirators. Can't tell.
  3. If I were you I would try some extrusions or a concave shape for the ceiling in the big room with the railings and bridge. Looking good insofar!
  4. The width of the gap between devs and consumers never really seizes to amaze me.
  5. To all of you metalheads out there. Some really badass Djent band I just found: Btw the Haunted is dropping a new album this year! Wohoo!
  6. Lol yeah, really sells it. I won't take his word for anything after Alien: Colon Marines. If they'd release a kickass editor I would still be game. Like snapmap but with smaller parts, just a streamlined editor where you can push out maps fast. That'd be amazing.
  7. Can't come this year either. But next year I will! Guess I'll have to tune online to see @knj do all that ass kicking!
  8. Subscribed as well! Sweet content, looking forward to see more. I'll make sure to forward it to my level design students. Keep it up!
  9. Word! It takes out the bits I loved about the AVP multiplayer and adds some twists and turn. Love it! Sadly, most people I know didn't pick it up for some reason.
  10. Yeah you are entirely right about that. When normal maps drop so low in res it looks like the definitions kinda dissapear completely or gets very blurred out. But there is some definition there that can be seen if you rotate the whole thing.
  11. Yepp. I will show them how to use UV-tiling to get higher texel density to make a point; that it's important to reflect over your texel density and not just lazily use high res textures. I'd say a low-res texture shows this better.
  12. Some quick model practise before doing a lecture about modelling and pbr texturing. Maya + Photoshop, 256x256
  13. Yes seriously! What about it? I was looking forward to play it. Comon, it could become a Twitch-meme and you'll get all the dollaz.
  14. Awwh. This thread made me think of the Old EOT. I miss it.
  15. As in low settings would use lower mip-map levels?