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  1. Right now @planetphillip is streaming the mod, check it out!
  2. Announcement: HL2_Odyssey_GOLD_v2 is out! The mod have now been patched with some new visuals and with the ai_disabled supposedly fixed.
  3. Hey! How cool of you to test so many of them. It's a bug that went through the alpha release but it's fixed in the Gold version which is now available! Thanks for the tip but you're supposed to continue with the previous ammo except in one map where all player items are dropped. Announcement: Full release of HL2_Odyssey is now out! Here's a link to a .zip with all the maps: We are still to compile it into a mod and we had some technical issues with it, but we're getting help from @planetphillip to get it all sorted.
  4. Agreed, I'm getting some 'Unity Flashlight Horror Game in The Speed Tree-forest'-vibes from these. They do look thin in terms of interaction. I'd love it if it's not a jump-scare based horror game, more focusing on atmosphere and weirdness. That and some mysterious puzzles would probably make a fantastic VR game
  5. Sad to heard that, but don't you worry, hard work will get you anywhere in time! And nonetheless, you still got a wife and that car!
  6. Street Fighter 5 you say? With the stick and all? Never really got into it but it sure seems cool. If you need a third gimmie a shout!
  7. I'm all in on Doom 2016 any day. It's the first game for a very long time that I instantly felt like I wanted to play it again. I still mourn that they're not going to make more single-player experiences such as DLC.
  8. So anyone else playing Dota 700? I know I got a new waifu, and it's Techies support
  9. It's an example post like the title is saying! Simply to give students and beginner a heads up on what a post could look like. (Example) [HL2_Odyssey] We Don't Go To Ravenholm I'll add a disclaimer so its easier understandable.
  10. Thanks, I've practised a lot!
  11. Electric Miami Christmas Party yesterday. Times were had.
  12. Hello there Mapcore, Description As you might have understood there's some kind of a project going on named HL2_Odyssey, which is a project name and we might change it for release. In this project 13 students collaborate under the course of 8 weeks (at 50% working hours) to create a Half-Life 2 campaign. While the campaign will not contain a storyline due to the production time it has an order for how the different weapons, enemies and mechanics are presented. The goal is also to have transitions between levels that makes sense but will not be as seamless as the original Half-life 2 game. Background In case you have missed it, I'm one of the two level design teachers at The Game Assembly, an advanced vocational education in the city of Malmö, Sweden. The level design programme stretches over two years (4 terms) at the school and after that a two year In one of the courses, Level Design: Advanced, we are trying something new this year, namely this HL2-project. That said, we are very happy for all the feedback we can get, both on how the project is presented here on the forums and more importantly the students' levels. The first two weeks of the project were spent at learning the Source SDK as the great majority of the students had no or very little experience prior to the start of the project. Playing the mod All the maps are connected with level transition so upon starting the first Map it should load all others if you have them installed as well. If this doesn't work you can still play them by enabling the developer console and type 'map HL2_Odyssey_M1_OnTrack' if you want to play the first map. All other map names are following the same convention 'HL2_Odysssey_M2_Sewers, HL2_Odyssey_M3_Courtyards' et cetera. If you have problems please let us know! Any feedback is apprieciated and if possible in each students thread if your feedback is specific to their map. Download & Installation There are two ways you can go about installing the maps. Put the maps in the maps in C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\common\half-life2\hl2\maps and use the developer console to open up the first map, Write 'map HL2_Odyssey_M1_OnTrack' to open it. Release version map pack: Content By the end of this project, which is December 20th, we are going to release the entire project as a mod with all the maps included. Here's the current list of all the maps, the order is set but the names may change in the final version of the mod: 1 - On Track by @Falck Link to post here. 2 - Sewers by @Breadnut Link to post here. 3 - Forsaken Courtyards by @PhelgeNanker Link to post here. 4 - Outside by @BigCheese Link to post here. . 5 - Urban Crawl by @Lucas Silwer Link to post here. 6 - Occupation by @GRiNET Link to post here. 7 - The Raid by @BjornFred Link to post here. 8 - Confinement by @Yokogeri Link to post here. 9 - Shore Outposts by @Dea Link to post here. 10 - Old Farm by @Julia Link to post here. : 11- Showdown by @Diana R Link to post here. 12 - Mountain Town by @Lkarlsson Link to post here. 13 - Mansion by @William Link to post here.
  13. Arcane Dimensions 1.5 just came out. Published by Simon OCallaghan with credits to sock, mfx, necros, Lunaran, Scampie, FifthElephant, ionous, EricW, Preach. Haven't played it yet, that's for lunch tomorrow, but I bet it will be kickass! Download link here
  14. Word. I've been thinking for years why the heck they haven't made a remake or just a new one.
  15. Yeah just wow. This lighting is amazing, looks like it's coming from everywhere.