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  1. They could also go Blizzard-Overwatch-Style all over the game and just double all hitboxes and AoEs.
  2. I might be wrong here but it feels like the reason SC2 didn't kick off was due to the immense learning curve and there was always a bit of resistance from the Korean fanbase about SC2 'not being SC:BW' because of features making it more intuitive, (or as they saw it; easier) to play. I just see it like if SC2 couldn't easen that learning curve SC:BW won't work for the players that aren't previously familiar with the series either. I know that in Wings of Liberty a big chunk of the Korean playerbase didn't even look at the game. What I mean is, it was like SC2 was the approach to broaden the playerbase and now launching the remastered SC:BW it's like they want the player base to go back to the roots and in that sense admitted defeat. Oorrr.... maybe it's just a cash grab! (INB4 Diablo II: Remastered, you heard it here first )
  3. Oh lol. Well then it feels totally like a cash grab! Sadly, this really feels like admitting defeat for SC2.
  4. Can't seem to find a download link, did you?
  5. Have to say I'm not a fan of all of these remakes, would've felt like a cash grab if it wasn't for the fact that they're actually going F2P. I have a hard time seeing Blizzard actually creating in-game monetization for SC1:Remastered (let's pray the leave it untouched). It's cool and I'm a fan but in reality I think I will just open it up sometime during the launch, play a match or two on Big Game Hunters, play a sunken defense and then close it down and go back to my other games.
  6. Heya! Just wanted to share this quick side-project I did this and the last week just to checkout the Reflex Arena editor. It's a simple FFA-map with this long slope with a teleport at the bottom reaching to the top, jumppads leading all over the place and meant to be used for Rocket Launcher and Bolt Rifle* practise. Wanted to make something small before considering whether I want to give a map with a more competitive compatibly layout. ** In Quake terms that's the Rail gun. Steam Workshop Link Topdown Screenshots
  7. Thanks! Yeah there are many brushes in there I planned to replace entirely with meshes. Probably should've switched from brushes to meshes a lot earlier. That's the thing, I've been winded up in too many things and I've been spending more than a year just wrapping up projects and finishing them. Won't start anything new until I have a clean slate - decided to finish or kill all my side-projects and I think I will do that in the future. Either finish or kill the projects and stop freezing them all together and really reconsider my projects thoroughly before I decide to do them. Not sure it will work out but I'll give it a try.
  8. So much love! <3
  9. Today I decided to kill one of my projects. It's been running for too long and I find that making maps for the Unreal Tournament-community doesn't give all that much considering how long time it takes to develop maps. Was planning to replace all flat surfaces with meshes with vertex painting materials, do some proper lighting etc. However, I feel I need to focus my creative efforts on commercial projects and thus I'm killing this one and I won't ressurect it.
  10. Pics or it diddn't happen! Seriously 'tho, great job!
  11. I will!
  12. Haha I see you guys kept an eye on Reflex as well. Thought I'd necro this thread but yeah, so they're out of early-access and releasing on time! I'll totes play some this weekend, Saturday evening, I'd love some company! Looking at you @Sprony @jackophant! My steam is: Ice_bane (yeah I know, old ridiculous name)
  13. Awwh yeah, lookinggood!
  14. Heya! Got some friends at Frictional and they're hiring! (I'm not affiliated at all with Frictional Games, I'm just posting.) Also ignore what you heard about Sweden and Malmö in regards to Trump's ranting the last couple of weeks. I lived in Malmö for 5 years and it's great. Sure, don't walk shit-ass drunk in dark back alleys at night, but what city doesn't have that? Everything is within biking range, there's an influx of concerts and other cultural events and if the city's still 'too small' for you, you got Copenhagen a 20 minute train ride from the central station. I might be able to put in a good word for you, PM in that case. Cheers! FRIDAY, 16 DECEMBER 2016 Hiring: 3D Artist At Frictional Games we love to make stuff that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Penumbra was a unique combination of horror, physics and adventure gaming. With Amnesiawe redefined what horror games can be and helped to kickstart the Let’s Play phenomenon. In SOMA we explored deep subjects in new, unsettling ways. We aim to continue this trend and we’re now looking for a 3D Artist to join our ranks. This is a full-time employment, working from home or from our soon-to-be-established hub-office in Malmö. Applicants must be living in Europe and be prepared to move to Sweden in a near future (if you are not already here). Working closely with our Gameplay Programmers / Designers and putting your modelling, texturing and prop-making skills to use, your main responsibility will be to create breathtaking gameplay environments and player experiences for our upcoming games. Here is a rundown of some of a few more specific tasks: Make the basic models that make up our levels (walls, floor, etc).Work with designers to design the layout of our levels. Both from a gameplay and artistic perspective. Build whole levels from whitebox to the finished polished product. Model props of various complexity, both with and without the use of previously drawn concept art, often having to take certain gameplay aspects into account. Construct particle systems, both by drawing textures and setting up parameters in our editor. Recreate various effects such as flowing water, fires, etc. by making best use of the tools at your disposal. Collaborate with designers/scripters and come up with the best player experience possible for a particular scene. Full application post here.
  15. That's good! Just building with tunnel vision and metrics without feeling the level is not a good idea either, it's somewhere in between!