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  1. It was just awesome. That's a mix of the best from HL2 (and mostly its EP2) with bigger maps and more space to discover than usual. I just couldn't find that ladder at the end of that first map, i thought this zigzag was just a secondary path with a reward (ammo crates or something) for people trying to discover everything. Try making the big fence door obviously blocked, I was convinced I had to continue by car. Also, I thought i'd be able to open that big door to get in the village with my car, i looked for a way to do it for a while ! Great work, was really enjoyable !
  2. Yes, but in the end, you still try to kill as few ennemies as you can. I tried playing Dishonored 2 without killing anyone (or really few) but it isn't the way I enjoy it the most I think. But, because of how the first Dishonored was made, i'm afraid of killing them because of how the story would turn badly (Emily being cruel and willing to kill everyone was scary !) I pre-ordered the game, played almost the entire campaign but i haven't finished it yet because of that and the new game mechanic in the end that i dislike :-( I should really go back to it and finish the game ...
  3. @rocky Do you have a 3D Skybox ? Any object in the 3D Skybox that cast shadows will have its shadow projected from the 3D Skybox to the map. I just made a drawing to show what exactly it means : Therefore, if your 3D Skybox is not properly placed, an object could cast a huge shadow on your map. Or maybe as Plat said there's just no light_environment ... ^^
  4. If this Operation's maplist is true, i find it a bit sad I mean, I personally prefer to see new maps get opportunities to be exposed to the public with these operations, and operations to be a good way for players to see fresh content. But, i guess the truth is : CSGO players get a bit scared when they see 6 new maps (we saw that on previous operations, they just start by trashtalking about these new maps and don't take them really seriously). And then you see reddit users arguing how much they loved maps from previous operations and which one is the best (which is cute) You generate more money by pushing people to buy passes multiple times for the same community-favorite maps on limited amount of time (instead of adding the maps forever in the game in which case they don't really make immediate profit out of it) So the best options might be to do what they do if you want it to be successful and avoid taking too much risk. But it means even less spot for new community maps than before (we used to have operations with 8 maps, 2-3 times a year).
  5. Maybe you should show some of your stuff, the work/thinking you've already put in this map and pics of previous projects of yours. It would be a much more attractive project for potential partners.
  6. Oh ok nice, thanks
  7. @blackdog Go either for Ethan Carter or Firewatch, but don't do them in a row if possible (similar games with different strenghts, both really great) And the Redux version is an UE4 version (the original was on UE3). You only need to instal one (the redux, don't bother with the original). It's not really different visually, the changes are only slightly noticable (from what i remember i heard). The main difference is that the UE4 version doesn't have loadings while you play, it's seemless (the UE3 version did have loadings between areas).
  8. Plenty of great informations. I love the interest they have in innovation rather than trying to compete with others. If i had enough money i'd buy a 3D printer at my house and build prototypes of crazy controllers and stuff (It's also the interview in which Gabe say that they are working on 3 "full" games (not expriments like the lab), using both Source 2 and Unity and all the infos we learned recently.)
  9. Played the first and second, they were both great games in their own ways. The tension on the first was really there and there were amazing long sniper shots, a really great feeling when you aim many meters above an ennemy and end up destroying his face in slow mo. Plus, being able to see the bullet going from A to B is so enjoyable because you know you already succeeded and just have to watch the result of your shoot. It was a bit strategic, you had to cover your back with traps and stuff, that was a nice touch. I loved the V2, did it twice (a second time with a friend in coop), dynamic game. It's a simple mechanic and the rest of the game is probably is a bit standard but it was a great play. Haven't got the time to play the third though, i wasn't a fan of the desertic environment, i'll take a look at this V4 ! Congratulations beck !
  10. That's really helpful ! Can easily and quickly make a low poly and bake few stuffs !
  11. Stop doing what you're doing right now and play Portal 2 ! @Stract Looks amazing !
  12. Alright, yes indeed it's important to learn them the good maners i guess I just find it a bit disapointing that it doesn't fully show the potential of PBR (from my point of view). Maybe it's just because of the camera position or lighting orientation, i can't see much shading on this single picture (just some bumps on the top left).
  13. Is there a specific reason to demonstrate the PBR with a low-res texture ?