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  1. I find that extremely true and feels like it should be taken more into consideration from everyone. Great talk, it really is a great HL2:EP2 mod (game ?).
  2. Yes it replaces cs_opera. But no it doesn't use the same layout, half of it is different and even in the similar area there has been drastic changes (for example : the 3 main paths are now way more seperated, paths has been deleted/removed, the rescue area has been moved, an elevator replaces stairs and is not facing CTs so its use is reversed ...) cs_opera layout The main reason is that i changed it from an Opera to a library, the main room (on top of the radar) is completely different. And a lot of gameplay ideas changed the layout recently (started working on the project like 2 months ago, only on layout for now). Also, cs_opera has never been released for public download.
  3. A hostage map taking place in a library. Worked a lot on the layout to make it as competitively viable as it could be (for a hostage map layout), i believe. I wanted it to have some verticality. The CTs start outside and Terrorists inside near the hostages. Most of the map is inside. Ground floor : Basement : 1st floor : The layout has been recently validated. Right now i'm doing file management, putting everything in place and preparing all the assets that will be needed. Once it's ready and that i've created placeholders for props and textures, i'll look for an artist to work with me until the deadline.
  4. Is it ok for Archives ? (the map that used to be cs_opera) No public release (or any kind of release), still a lot of work to do (a lot of the art has been thrown away). That would make a great deadline for me to plan everything, a great challenge. Very nice contest, i'm really impressed with the Guest experts you gathered and the prizes. And no votes from the community, yay \o/. Looks like the best contest we ever had for now, let's just hope amazing maps will come out of it.
  5. That's exactly what i'm doing. I'm trying to fill the space with ambience lights that cast light far away with low intensity. These light could be blue, green or red. And then i use white/orange/beige lights to do the actual lighting with artificial lights. This is how i've been able to do that for example : (far from perfect examples ...) Testing takes time because you have to compile the area with cordon tool and look at the map ingame, but you have to do it :-/
  6. There's no negative impact on using this approach, it's actually a good way to do it. The default falloff configuration is 100% Quadratic, which means the brightness dicrease by the square of the distance between the light source and its destination. This is the closest you can get for a "physically based" lighting. This is known in photography, if you take a picture of someone at a distance of 1 meter with artificial lights, and then you want to take the picture at 2 meters, you won't have to double your light intensity but multiply it by 4 (2^2). In the real world, our eyes are incredibly good for adjusting to huge gap with light intensity and an enormous amount of light can lit a big room easily and you won't have any overexposed spot (pure white spot). And a moment later, you can go to another room that is barely lit and can still see shapes and stuff. In games, HDR has been implemented to help with that but the range allowed by it is still extremely short (at least on source engine). I think this video explains it pretty well : (it's been a while since i saw it but i think it's the video) So you have 2 solutions : - You can lit your room with a classic quadratic falloff with huge intensity (2000 of brigthness! why not !) and adjust the exposure parameters of HDR to make it work, but you'll need extremely powerful lights everywhere to lit your map and will very easily have overexposed white spots everywhere. - You can fake it with lights that cast light further away I prefer the second one since i feel i have better control on it, but that's not mendatory.
  7. I wouldn't move the lights because they could really be there, you just have to configure the light_spot entities to cast light further away. Try to configure your light_spots like this : (For the Constant, Linear and Quadratic parameters). It should now be able, with the same intensity (Brightness 4th value) to cast light much further away than before. You can find some examples in the beginning of that article i wrote a while ago : You don't have to put hundreds of light_spots, even if you have that many models, you can put less frequently and make them more powerful. You can share that part of your map in a vmf and I'll show you how i'd light this area.
  8. I'd just like to precise that Macron was not the president most of the french wanted, most of the people weren't committed voters. It just happened that 4 candidates were around 20% and only 2 can remain in finals. Most of the french people do NOT want Lepen and vote against her. Plus, it appears that a significant part of people who voted for Macron in the first round were already doing it against Lepen. So most of the french people aren't happy with Macron and I hardly believe in most of the stuff he says (that's almost the first time I hear him speak about ecology, he was almost only focused on economy). I don't see hope here, i only see the same government we've had for 5 years being here once again and we're going to get fucked. I just hope i'll be wrong.
  9. It was just awesome. That's a mix of the best from HL2 (and mostly its EP2) with bigger maps and more space to discover than usual. I just couldn't find that ladder at the end of that first map, i thought this zigzag was just a secondary path with a reward (ammo crates or something) for people trying to discover everything. Try making the big fence door obviously blocked, I was convinced I had to continue by car. Also, I thought i'd be able to open that big door to get in the village with my car, i looked for a way to do it for a while ! Great work, was really enjoyable !
  10. Yes, but in the end, you still try to kill as few ennemies as you can. I tried playing Dishonored 2 without killing anyone (or really few) but it isn't the way I enjoy it the most I think. But, because of how the first Dishonored was made, i'm afraid of killing them because of how the story would turn badly (Emily being cruel and willing to kill everyone was scary !) I pre-ordered the game, played almost the entire campaign but i haven't finished it yet because of that and the new game mechanic in the end that i dislike :-( I should really go back to it and finish the game ...
  11. @rocky Do you have a 3D Skybox ? Any object in the 3D Skybox that cast shadows will have its shadow projected from the 3D Skybox to the map. I just made a drawing to show what exactly it means : Therefore, if your 3D Skybox is not properly placed, an object could cast a huge shadow on your map. Or maybe as Plat said there's just no light_environment ... ^^
  12. If this Operation's maplist is true, i find it a bit sad I mean, I personally prefer to see new maps get opportunities to be exposed to the public with these operations, and operations to be a good way for players to see fresh content. But, i guess the truth is : CSGO players get a bit scared when they see 6 new maps (we saw that on previous operations, they just start by trashtalking about these new maps and don't take them really seriously). And then you see reddit users arguing how much they loved maps from previous operations and which one is the best (which is cute) You generate more money by pushing people to buy passes multiple times for the same community-favorite maps on limited amount of time (instead of adding the maps forever in the game in which case they don't really make immediate profit out of it) So the best options might be to do what they do if you want it to be successful and avoid taking too much risk. But it means even less spot for new community maps than before (we used to have operations with 8 maps, 2-3 times a year).