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  1. I don't know if you've seen this before, but you should definitely check it out
  2. Your love for design really shows. The site is clean and functional(or it will be completely functional once you sort out the mobile view). I like the "comp" page the most. It offers an equal amount of images and text. Videos are cool too, but I doubt many people will take the time to watch them through; same thing goes for long texts. I think the strongest portfolio piece you have is the work you did on Rally Bug Turbo. You should add 3-4 final in-game images on it's page.
  3. @WhatGrenadeWhere There aren't that many people online at once. You can check how many are in-game under the menu. I have never seen more than 200 players at once. Though, there are 2-3 popular servers where I always find people playing. It's understandable since the game is still in early access and most negative reviews complain about the lack of content or bugs - which I experience frequently. That's what turns potential new players away.
  4. @Dillon Beard What's the catch? Is it chocolate on the inside? Edit* Ah, top page king - gotta grab some fancy thing to post. Alright, so I'm in the planning phase with my recreation of Tobruk for Day of Infamy. I've gathered all the useful war photos that I could find from several archives and right now I'm just sketching out what the layout could be. I'd like the playable area to stretch from the outskirts, towards the city center and then lastly on the main street. Photo copyright IWM
  5. I briefly visited Portugal back in march 2015 with my dad. We stayed one night in Esmoriz and another in Porto. It's pretty cool to walk the narrow streets at night. Some guy even offered to sell us coke.
  6. Mapcore - Masculine Advisement Program Concentrating On Relationship Experiences
  7. I'd be up to pitch in a few hours daily towards a l4d2 campaign - as level designer.
  8. Guess you'll just have to settle this old style.. .. a staring contest
  9. @the0rthopaedicsurgeon I think the relatively low number of people also plays a part in that. Whenever I'm online, the number of people that are in-game never exceeds 200. Most of these people want to play official levels that have been tested and refined. Though, your suggestion is good.
  10. Nice one! I remember when this map was in the greybox stage and was already looking pretty promising. Btw, I know you from gamebanana. Can't believe it's been 5 years since that junkyard contest.
  11. Man, I'd love to give you the continuation, but that would be just mean. I'm hoping it won't unfold that way.
  12. Nice one, chaps! Now bring on the Top 5