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  1. The GDC channel is one great resource for interesting talks regarding game design.
  2. Do you know that Arctic Monkeys song - Do I Wanna Know ? Pretty much sums up everything going on in this thread. That was a moment of vulnerability where she opened up towards you. If you didn't catch onto that.. well, too bad. Maybe we should write some articles on mapcore about it
  3. I hear you on that one about Tinder, but I'm still waiting to give it a go once spring hits. It's gonna be amusing.
  4. Sprony is probably searching through his pirate vhs chest to lock the thread yet again.
  5. As much as I like black & white opinions, reality is more grey. It's true that Valve didn't come up with the core concept for games like Portal, L4D or Dota 2, but they nonetheless shaped the games into what they are today. For all we know, Portal might have remained as Narbacular Drop if it wasn't for Valve. To say they didn't play any part in development is unfair. It's like saying that the F1 sponsors and teams don't do anything, because it's the drivers that win the races.
  6. Hope you guys are hungry
  7. @El Moroes I started watching True Detective today. Guess what scene came up
  8. Don't forget Team Fortress 2 and its transition to f2p hat simulator.
  9. Target hit!
  10. Alright, it's time to properly get this thread back on track:
  11. If you didn't feel awful you'd do something unproductive in celebration of your good health.
  12. That's not a bad thing. Not every map has to have the exact same timings or number paths/entrances.