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  1. @blackdog I better see you play all of them within the next weeks.
  2. And remember, winners don't use carve!
  3. It's cool that Cameron is getting back the rights, but I would rather have him solely direct the new film. Still, I'm curious to see if he'll disregard the films that followed after Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  4. After photo uni I can confirm all the niche situations/jokes in the game. It was amusing to play through, but the music was really the thing that sold it to me.
  5. It takes me 5 minutes to load up the menu and another 5 minutes to load the map. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I understand that it's a beta and not without its issues, but damn.
  6. It would be a shame if someone.. you know .. blew it up
  7. I might go see it this weekend. It should be fun.
  8. Oh man, the ending line is so good it made me laugh.
  9. Looks like we'll be able to discuss everything openly and post screenshots very soon:
  10. I guess I don't have a fetish for whips. Great art style though. I would love to see these guys work on a Legacy of Kain game.