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  1. Hey, just the annual update on the London event. This year they have Ken Levine as the keynote speaker! Also to follow Colantonio will show some new Prey gameplay. The full program: Anybody going? I just bought a ticket for Thursday, as I'd like to see the main talks I listed above, but I'm actually free on Friday so considering if to return. Anybody here going to be there?
  2. Yeah definitely! Congrats on the good feedback! and thanks for the tip, I was wondering if they were going to do new contests but have been too busy and forgot to check back Last year I tried to start couple projects but couldn't make the deadlines
  3. Modern classic already Most badass scene of the whole Star Wars
  4. Dissecting what's probably the best scene in the whole collection of movies (I haven't seen episode 7)
  5. @Klems I don't understand what contest you're taking about. Link?
  6. Thanks @FrieChamp, will try to give a read at lunch break. Yeah in-Game currency sink sounds about right and as long as you can earn it in-game I don't have critiques. also perma-death is good, there are so many rogue-likes… my problem is with the pricing, paying that much real money for something you can, actually, probably will lose, is imo crazy. Also I really don't like the way there's this much "micro" payments in general, I mean didn't seem was going this way when they did the kickstarter. Same with all these "spin off" games, seems like development has been spread and diverted from the original focus. I admit I might just be getting the wrong impression, as after the kickstarter I didn't follow developments (other than what was coming from media outlets) cos at the end of the day even if was the standard $60 game I wouldn't play it: too big PS: on the other hand in down for the single player campaign with the big Hollywood actors, if that's still a thing
  7. Very positive review for the game! sorry @AlexM, didn't see any notification, I only used steam on big picture… I'll send it your way
  8. I mean, I understand the making you valute your digital possessions hence making you feel more into the game… but this is ridiculous to me.
  9. Well what would one do at this point? It's either buckle down and get through the first couple of years or give up/go indie hoping your games will at some point be enough to sustain the family…
  10. What's lifetime insurance in a videogame?! Like not only you can pay $100 easy on a ship… but if it gets wrecked or captured by others is lost forever?
  11. I wish there was that kind of modularity in SnapMap! Regarding the monetisation, I really don't understand how you guys are convincing players to buy all that stuff. Add-ons that cost as much as a game is crazy for what I'm concerned.
  12. HL3 confirmed!!111
  13. Awesome 😀
  14. If this was BF4 or Gears, the map would flow like it happens for real
  15. Yeah, instantly recognisable. I say kudos to Valve for trying this: probably half of the mappers of the world have attempted or thought of setting their map in Venice, the alleyways and coloured houses are so attractive. But everyone has given up because of water and such open areas that bottleneck to a tip of a needle.