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  1. Apparently there will be a written pie e as well
  2. My uttermost annoyed disgust for this.
  3. Not bad Warowl's video, but I would have liked more if when mentioning the different maps he would have them on screen. He does that but not to the extend that would make it a great video.
  4. A bit of retrospective for Quantum Break and a look at the multi-platform future for Remedy
  5. Really excited for part 2 best of luck @marnamai, again congratulations for the release, I'm happy you are getting all this marvellous reception
  6. HL3 confirmed pls
  7. Some insider details And details So @WD there's full co-op apparently
  8. They already released a new trailer, a more in depth look at the baddies guess spoilers the core of the story? :/
  9. Been waiting for this since the first teases: was imagining a civil war kind of scenario, separatists, domestic terrorists… but this looks just as good. Although I haven't finished FC4 yet (I got stuck in the escape scene for too long and run out of steam, even if I managed to get through the section later) I still feel like I'd play FC3 again, especially the challenge maps were more enjoyable than the sequel.
  10. I like your post, you have the same taste/interest I agree that Downfall is really faithful to Valve's vision. Marnamai has made another map about crossing a motorway(?) that looks great aboutbut I haven't played. Check his portfolio Minerva is really good, I am going to replay it as I never finished it (wasn't fully released at the time), agree that it doesn't feel as HL as other mods. Can i sound my own horn and promote Riot Act, the mod I collaborated on. Features a new character but I don't think that hampers the experience, as the objective was to keep it as HL2 as possible, and create a spin-off that would coexist aside Gordon's quest. It is a bit old so doesn't feature graphics from Ep2.
  11. I wish @Radu, is an impossible task. I have started Spec Ops The Line recently, need to finish that before I start a new SP. Also should try working on the CS contest or DoI map… and probably not waste time watching TV, unfortunately I have to be selective with my time :/
  12. Beaten to it as usual. Hype!
  13. The weird "charge" effect of the suit is horrible :/ unsure about the overlay that is now showing when he's exerting himself. Also I don't like they have put the AI and HUD from Iron Man in the Spider suit