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  1. Ps: is that Hard Boiled?
  2. Darn I missed this hint!!! I saw this movie a couple times! I thought the first hint could have been it but seen it in Italian, and is so niche that I couldn't remember the translated title… need to see if is available to watch again
  3. Oh despite having not finished it (yet*), this is one of my fave games looking forward to see what he says about it. *was thinking of re-installing it in the past couple weeks… just couldn't decide if to put it on the Xbox where I almost finished it, or start from scratch on the PC (where I also have DS2).
  4. Sounds amazing @Sjonsson, glad you could participate… and now I'm aware of this event, maybe next year I can plan a holiday around it 🙈 It would be really a shame if Blow's studio doesn't churn out anything until he creates the tech: it would be like id Software and Carmack… only at much slower pace(?) Is the language gameplay oriented only/is he planning to make it pluggable in other engines other than their own, or this is supposed to also take care about rendering and allow to write a complete engine with it? Regarding geography and world building, have a look at this @Sjonsson I was watching it a few months ago, for what I remember she worked for EA and MS. I actually only got halfway, was in my list to get back to it!
  5. Need to check that; I tried to watch one of the streams but apart from being out of context, i just don't like unorganised "talks". Wonder how long it will take him to get to a release state, has he open sourced to work with others?
  6. Like I said in the portfolio topic, discovered this because of a playthrough and looks awesome. I've downloaded but I got myself burned so now can't play anything effectively as I have an annoying bandage around index and thumb... but will catch up soon
  7. Edit: Oh wow, that's some corner of Verona I have never seen. I would have swore it wasn't as the city is much flattier and more distant from mountains... but that's not Giulietta's balcony that is right in middle of town and is made of stone
  8. Thanks for argumenting. Just to be clear I wasn't saying "bunnyhop disappeared from CS so has to disappear from Quake", I'm well aware they are polar opposite in terms of gameplay, neither I think all bugs that end in happy accidents need to be removed... but like @Klems explained very well, this just makes it look like the game is stuck in the past. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but my thinking is that Rocket Jumping adds a feature that can't be replicated in any other way (unless you consider adding pick-ups of sorts), while Bunny Hopping is just basic movement (we all agree is part of the core). If the point is speed and inertia I'm pretty sure that it is possible to find a way to make this more widely accessible? I mean you could still jump around to be a harder target... I guess it was especially annoying me in the video because like Klems I find it sort of disorienting/nausea inducing. Maybe not so much if I was actually playing it... Unlike Klems I don't think that double tapping (or other combinations) are shit on principle, something's gotta give and in a fast game you'd rather compact commands like that compared to adding buttons. And you can have contextual stuff happening for traversing, I mean same button behaviour for wall-walk and vault over, for example. Hope makes sense.
  9. Gosh, a bit scary to read Scanner Darkly captures his narrative at best 😅 I read Ubik in Italian, then Scanner Darkly (and Do Androids…?) and Svanner was so difficult for me. Was one of the first novels I read in native English but man it's trippy… I mean was really making me feel disoriented, so if that was intentional he fully achieved, but still such a hard read that I didn't really found entertaining. I remember finding the full talk (I might even have created the playlist) but in this bit PKD suggests we live in the Matrix
  10. I'm surprised at people surprised by the trailer side-by-side comparison that is being reposted all over Facebook.
  11. I think this popped up on my stream, I think I recognise that multi-coloured slide, was going to watch as title is interesting
  12. Sorry missed this. I'm sure Square had the sale, and when they do usually they have on any website, but otherwise my other go-to places to shop are Humble Bundle and Greenmangaming (the latter often has an extra "VIP" discount for members, I preordered new releases at -40%). Lets see if G2A get their act together after Totalbiscuit pushed Gearbox to make a stand.
  13. Thanks for the sarcasm guys. Since I mean what I say, can you explain the flaw in my reasoning? I know experienced players like to differentiate themselves from newbs, but I think that "mastery" of movement can be offered in different ways. See UT with wall jumps and the likes. bunnyhopping was a thing in CS as well, is not like it's still a thing 15 years later. ps: the old school rocket launcher looks very out of place to me among weapons stylised the way they are
  14. I'm not feeling this, watched a gameplay with some rounds and the voices are incredibly annoying. I know all the hopping around is legacy, but I find it a bit weird that something that came out of a bug is implemented on purpose. I mean if the reason is to move faster why don't just make player speed faster?
  15. Oh just saw earlier is on YT, wasn't sure if was a new talk as the thumbnails weren't loading what about merging it in the presentation/talks topic?