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  1. Nice to see you still lurk around @kikette
  2. Very interesting concept you developed, well done! I wonder only about the choice of having only the pistol, why? I can imagine pacing is more predictable, but should get boring quickly.
  3. Congrats and good luck for the talk @knj! Will see you… on YouTube what's the session title to look for?
  4. Yeah, surely the switch will bring along many many bugs and problems: that's the nature of things and, of course, no one can or should expect a fluid transition... but at some point it will have to happen. The only way they can do it is to throw behind CS a lot of manpower, have a team maintaining the current and another porting the game. Anyways, is not what I meant. Is silly because I'm referring to the "non-said" and probably reading too much into it... but they made it sound like Source 2 wouldn't solve problems... because the hitboxes work the same. If it was like that, not really something to look for in the future! The other thing that sounds quite weird is the implied modularity of Source 2. I mean they've been working this way implementing upgrades for the whole Source lifecycle, which sounded great at the time but then they really dropped the ball/mislead the audience as they said stuff like "yeah we are implementing HDR in DOD and then every other game gets it", really not what happened as improvements in CSGO's or Portal build never made it to sadly forgotten games like DOD. I dunno, on one side there's a lot to be excited thinking of Source 2, as everyone's expects a more approachable engine, but thinking of the Valve time one has to wonder what kind of support devs will get considering it will also be completely free. Unless the big space upgrade is also for establishing a tech team. Yeah, don't think they made a fuss about it at all, has just been mentioned, without details, by the couple indies that have been invited. I was watching around the xmas break the latest video from Tom Francis, the Brit making Heat Signature that made Gunpoint, and he mentioned it. There's a bit more info in the blog - haven't read until today lol There's another guy that has been invited but can't remember, I only heard him being mentioned. Based on what I saw of the DOTA Source 2 editor, very early when they just came out with it, I couldn't really imagine it as an FPS level design tool... as they were showing off terrain. Did more stuff come out like brush editing?
  5. I cannot wrap my head around the hit boxes answer, sounds nonsense. For HL3 maybe people should have asked "sequel". Personally I don't find anything interesting in there. Nothing that surprise me, nothing really about what's to come. The most concrete answer was really the one on movies… that says a lot. What about the offices, i thought they had already moved like two years ago? have they moved a third time? Right now the most curious thing would be finding out what is happening with the indies being invited to work there like in an incubator…
  6. So in short, what was interesting? I imagine several asked explicitly about HL3, what did he reply? "Can't say?"
  7. Being such a huge HL fan, I really like the idea of making content for it. I have in my drawer stuff for what was supposed to be the second chapter of Riot-Act, the add-on I collaborated on years back, and other stuff of mine I never developed. The HL2 world is so rich is not difficult to develop ideas for. There is definitely an audience as well, there are a lot of mappers and community, and a great mod would surely ignite the interest... but taking over what Valve has been working for years? I don't mean to be negative, because I think we can come up with a great project, just worried it could be a big "waste"... in the sense that for as good as it can be, if Valve doesn't put a stamp on it, it can't be canon. And that would be quite sad. So I would rather work on a spin-off. As short and with as much "bang" you can put in it. Valve likes it? You might get access to Source 2 and work on an approved sequel. Flying too high? Yes that's basically what I said. We expect Source 2 to be released but won't be for a long time. "HL3" on the old engine is not as exciting. OT: @FMPONE I meant to PM but didn't get around to it... in the past you shared a couple shots of HL2 environment, you ever worked on that SP map again?
  8. Not at all. Thing is that picture is also pixellated enough to look like a game more than a movie
  9. Well setting out to make HL3 is a bit daunting… We should structure and release in episodes (ehrm lol 😅) More seriously, every time I think of something big Half-Life I wonder if it would be worth working the cumbersome Source, especially considering that they haven't been taking Source 2 since, and the gravepine suggests it won't come (soon). Since Valve itself is using Unity for VR, wonder if it'd be better doing something in Unity or UE like Vivi intends to. I have been thinking of starting something smallish to learn UE, something that would be an HL tie-in (if Valve liked it) and that should be functional in VR too…
  10. Thought this would have been up (couldn't be bothered checking time conversion)
  11. Reminds me something but can't place it :/
  12. This is old, I remember watching it but for some reason yt pt it back on my page this morning so for those who missed it, since the recent interviews
  13. The Switch craze reminded me of the "Steamboy" console. If that was available I'd get it. On the Indiegogo they were saying was coming late 2016 but there are no updates.
  14. Happy birthday to me!
  15. Congrats on the release! Would have liked some more shots