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  1. Now that you say, I remember some comments on forum… liked you say is been long and not sure, kinds thought they just patched the game. I'll find out when I play…
  2. So there's a Square Enix sale. What's the difference between Deus Ex Human Revolution and its "director's cut" edition? I thought I owned the latter as I bought it in some sale and "The Missing Link" DLC appears in my list of games (so maybe I have the digital deluxe edition?)
  3. In absence of a topic on Elon's awesomeness or a container of good articles, a little OT. Man crashes his Tesla to save another driver and Musk pledges to pay for the damage
  4. Interesting behind the scenes
  5. There's a rumour that just came out yesterday. Some people are saying that Ben Afflek is trying to get out of his contract: that means they would need to cast a new Batman after Justice League! Weird. I mean I can understand why he would want to, the DCU seems an utter mess, the praised Jeff Jones direction doesn't seem to improve things… Ben must be getting really stressed. Or maybe he doesn't like the ridiculous sunglasses they put on the new suit 🤢 Shame because after all the critiques I found he was making a very good batman!
  6. Speaking of Strange, today the advert for DVD release popped up: warm up your modems! Hope it comes soon to NowTV.
  8. “Some of the more childish members of our company have worn Half-Life 3 T-shirts to GDC,” Newell said.
  9. Nope. And to think that among my friends I'm one of those who've seen most stuff.
  10. Guys you're taking a bit too seriously a half-truth trolling Valve has merits, there's nothing wrong in acquiring talent and IPs, that's the way it works really for tech giants in general. But yeah, except HL they've never developed a game/IP that was born from the inside… so I see what some people are saying and it's agreeable when you apply a certain abstraction.
  11. No my boss didn't talk to me. Spoke to the line manager and finally, after she contacted him, he replied to my original email and explained he can't do the increment until I have my PDR... what a dick, why didn't you say so the 4th Jan?! While regarding my promotion he says he's been holding off because Head Office is launching a "trainee" scheme for these roles as well. Sounds really weird, I've contacted Hospitality Managers from other centres to see if they heard anything. Even if it is, sounds like the kind of bs they do to save money. I'm far from expert, but after 2 years managing 12 people you can't put me on a trainee scheme because you didn't bother to train me before! (I've only done a management course sept-dec 2016). I bet I will have to negotiate a higher pay, they will refuse, and I will leave. Big kudos for your backpacking! So jealous, I've been wanting that for a while. I discussed with my girlfriend to take a 1 month holiday this year (eventually timing it with me leaving the job) and go to a hiking holiday in Canada. For now she's taken three weeks (can't take more)... hope nothing comes in the way and this worry is the only reason I'm not at ease regarding that.
  12. Oh i missed all the easy ones
  13. Has anybody here watched the first season? I'm pretty hyped for the return of this mini-serie… the only problem is there are so few episodes!
  14. Infinity war has started filming already a few weeks ago and they've now made a promo #hatersgonnahate