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  1. Dune is definitely one of the better book series ive read. Not to circle jerk it, it does have deep philosophical ways of thinking embedded into the writing, but It can be a little wordy at times. In regards to the other books in the Frank's 6 Dune Books, Messiah(2nd book) is remarkably different in terms of pacing and style of story telling. While the first book "Dune" takes place over the time span of 2 years(or 3 I dont remember exactly), the 2nd book takes over just a few months, and is at a time of "peace" per say, and is much more introspective thinking with the characters and much more political.
  2. How about a 1024x contest ran for UT4 and CSGO.
  3. Yeah feel free to use http://www.mapcore.org/topic/20514-csgo-junction-assets/#comment-424354 just be sure to credit
  4. http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/valve-interview-pt-2-devs-talk-cs-go-dust-2-rework-paying-mod-creators-optimization-and-overwatch
  5. Ive addressed all of the issues in the WIP thread, as Horse stated we dun goof'd on the version; none the less ive re-addressed them and more found by various people online. Thanks for anyone pointing out bugs though.
  6. Yeah kind of, been working on it the last month during my free time between projects with TheHorseStrangler. Spent the first 2 weeks alone learning strictly blueprints, its been fun though, UE4 is just genuinely enjoyable to work in. Especially after all the hoops that source puts you through on bigger scale projects.
  7. Im sorry you guys are having performance issues. I am enjoying the game at 60fps on my 980. Im not trying to say the problem does not exist, nor that its excusable by Bethesda for this to happen etc, but on a gameplay point of view, I do enjoy the game...
  8. You got the UT4 ascetic down, great work. Pretty happy with how this is coming along. Have some camera occlusion issues when you look at certain angles, with the water shader. I still have to do some parallax for it as well, but none the less, UE4 is great.
  9. This isnt the final version of inferno though correct? There seems to be some areas that are unfinished.
  10. The foliage definitely has a lighting issue right now, Horse will be working on a way to address that. Glad you like it though.
  11. I really dig this level's theme it has going. To me it reminds me of a cool hybrid of the remade Season by FMPone and Cache. I will definitely have to check this one out in game.
  12. Beautiful map as always. I have not gone in game to play it(sadly it will be with bots) yet, but the first and only thing I could mention is that the map is one sided. What I mean in that is its a north vs south kind of push. Obviously that can be said the same for most maps, like Dust II but I just feel that this is a tad more stream lined. Clearly it could play totally different than what im envisioning via screen shots, so take this with a grain of salt. Overall very visually pleasing map CatFood, great job!
  13. Thanks for giving it a look Ted! 1. Thanks, that was a big issue in Black Gold so ill look into it. 2. Im going through that with a fine comb, thanks though. 3. Noted 4. Horse will try! 5. Like Walmart?
  14. @Beviels Essentially, before I get into my response, I want to establish I have a smurf account. I use this account to play with my lower ranked friends, who are not within the 5 rank bracket required to que, unless in a 5 man group. Along with that, I too, have had fun beating other players who are a lower rank than me. However, I dont explicitly search out for low rank players in which whom I am clearly better than due to my experience playing the game. Not all times do I also try at my max potential when I play on my smurf with my lower ranked friends, because it would not technically help them grow, if they were always carried. With all that said, I feel as if your attitude towards smurfing and the reason it exists as a terminology, and the principle of facing players who are obviously less skilled than you, is silly. Its nothing to be proud of for winning an unchallenged situation. I recommend you stop posting passive aggressive comments in response to users. I say that not as an authoritative figure, I am not one, but as a regular member of Map Core, an environment I would prefer to stay civil. Now having said that, I openly welcome your response to my statement, and I will have no malice or prejudice reading it.