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  1. Two people making a game really takes ages. Good news is that they're at least determined to finish what they started. Here's 13 min of gameplay: Gives me a The Swapper vibe, but still a bit different. Looks great! They promised more details regarding release next week.
  2. There's a pre-release demo coming! Wait.....Is it really you Bethesda?
  3. It's like a simulation of dropping large quantities of acid. You're a bit everywhere, feel a bit of everything.
  4. Maybe they need some time to tweak it to the same level?
  5. I thought Dr. Strange was a pretty nice break from the usual Marvel brawls and it had some really trippy CGI. I'm excited to see how they tie everything together in Infinity War.
  6. Sniper Elite 4 is out in 2 days. Congrats to Beck&Co at Rebellion on finishing another project! Looks like tons of fun! Will we be able to play the whole campaign in coop?
  7. It's a shame that they can't be upfront with their decisions. I hope you get the wage you deserve and if not, take the opportunity to go on a unforgettable hike instead. Things will pan out one way or the other. Just don't let people walk over you.
  8. Agreed.....but once I've suffered through it all, I'll value my normal daily life so much more. When you see people sleeping on the sidewalks you get a slightly different perspective on what a good life is. Also, I love diving and I'd much rather do it in crystal clear 30C°water.
  9. So...Did your boss avoid the talk once again? Also, It's my third month of backpacking around Southeast Asia....Found my way to a remote island in the Philippines. The road ahead is full of curves and no clue where I'll be sleeping the next night.
  10. I thought they cancelled the crowdfunding because of the feedback regarding not having any gameplay to show? They claimed they'd revisit the campaign once they got actual gameplay to demonstrate their concept.
  11. I felt the same...the symbols and exclamation marks on NPCs is also a bit immersion breaking. Let's hope they have options in the menu to turn parts off.
  12. I think it gave a bit too much away. That's it, no more media of this for me.
  13. Intrigued.
  14. As far as I know Remedy has at least two games in the works. One of them is a mystery and the other one is Crossfire 2 SP campaign. I'm more interested in the former, but I'm also curious how a FPS game by Remedy looks like.
  15. I guess the EA executives are in the same tier as this guy: