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  1. Not seen a thread for this yet and they've just released the announcement trailer: Looks like an interesting setting.
  2. Previous 2 were good fun. Glad to hear we're getting a third!
  3. Yeah I bet the crunch at these studios and some other AAA studios (Rockstar, Naughty Dog etc) is unreal.
  4. I have to say, this does look sick. I do get jealous of studios who have these unlimited budgets and teams who can pull this kind of stuff off. If the game play is right it might be the first CoD I'll pick up since MW2.
  5. Part two of our three part DLC campaign comes out today: Also a free multiplayer map (Urban), CTF mode for multiplayer and a load of bug fixes in our patch Cheers!
  6. Never been big on Quake but I thought it was meant to be a level playing field between everyone? No special skills or differences between players. Just pure movement and aim? My old tutor is complaining on Facebook about the classes and such, he's a pretty hardcore fan as far as I can tell too!
  7. I'm all for losing the splintering of the community so if this is the route they're going then that's great. Hopefully other games follow suit!
  8. Forgot to reply to this earlier, but what is the star for? What's the catch? Is it just going to be cosmetics which need paying for? I'm sure they could create loads of different suits of armour and all that from the entire star wars universe and people love cosmetics so I'm sure they'd make a pretty penny for it. BF1 was the first Battlefield I didn't buy the season pass for. Mostly due to a tight budget but also due to being let down by other season passes in previous BF's. I always found the player numbers dwindled more and more with each DLC release with the community becoming more splintered. It'd be nice to keep all the players on all the maps and just put the cosmetics behind the pay walls.
  9. Anyone read/listened to the books? They're awesome. Currently listening through them all on my commute (in the wrong order, started with Blood of Elves - Which is the first of the novels. Rather than the short stories books - Listening to those now before I move back onto the novels) The games really nailed it, they're just like the books. Recommend them if you're a fan of the Witcher games. Whilst I'm here, are there any mods you guys recommend?
  10. Interesting thread! Not sure it counts as an environmental hazard but in L4D2 they had the "uncommon commons" infected. Basically, zombies which had some kind of immunities to what you would normally find in the environment they're placed in. So if there was a lot of fire around they'd have the zombies in hazmat suits so they wouldn't burn. Or in construction sites with a lot of noise they'd have the construction work zombies with ear protectors so they wouldn't be distracted by your pipe bombs etc. Was a great way for Valve to address things like molotov's and pipe bombs which just made you immune from the zombies if you used them. You'd always have some zombies harassing you with them around. Can't think of any traditional environment hazards off the top of my head that I liked. Can't wait to see what others post!
  11. New event has launched: Link to page with all the skins etc:
  12. Stay safe Vivi.
  13. It's reached 200k funding too which unlocked mod tools. Might have to get a map on the go Hoping some more stretch goals get met too.