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  1. Watched John Wick last night. AKA Headshots: The Movie.
  2. Mapcore obviously needs to branch into hardware.
  3. Would love to take a proper look at Source 2 and a VR project.
  4. Every. Single. Time. xD
  5. Honestly, I've never had much luck when I've actively been searching for girls in the past. Dating sites are shit, people are usually on there because they can't keep a partner down because they have something wrong with them (Too clingy, too demanding, gold diggers and all that kind of stuff). In person, I guess it comes across as a bit desperate if you're looking for someone every time you leave the house. Maybe that's just me and you might have more luck there but in my own experience I've got with more girls when I've just enjoyed myself and done things I wanted to do. I don't have kids and I know that will play a part in finding someone but just spend time with your kids, take up some new hobbies or activities, go drinking with your friends and go outside more. You'll just meet loads more people actually enjoying yourself and they'll probably be more attracted to a happy person rather than someone who might come across as a little desperate. I'm not saying you are desperate, but just saying that's how it could come across if you get me?
  6. Reviews are starting to release.
  7. Thanks @Zarsky! Yeah, the whole campaign is playable in 2 player coop. There's a 4 player coop survival mode too which see's you against waves of enemies. Been a lot of hard work but a lot of fun too. Can't wait for it to be out in the wild
  8. Yeah that is some awesome foliage!
  9. Could have bought a full priced game surely with those two cases? Now you have about 50 cents?
  10. I don't think porting CSGO over to Source 2 would solve all it's problems. It'd probably just introduce a whole new set of problems that would take ages to fix and I doubt Valve want to have bad press ahead of Source 2's eventual release. It probably was better and faster for them to just fix CSGO's hitboxes in the current engine. They're moving to some new offices with an additional 100,000 square feet over what they have now: I didn't know Valve invited some Indies to go work there. When was this and did they take their indie projects with them? It is interesting seeing as that's pretty much how Portal came to be.
  11. Pretty much covers everything
  12. Think that's one of the first times I've seen Elon genuinely excited talking about something. I know he's passionate about his products/projects and he's super awesome at what he does, but it just goes to show how much joy gaming brings to people.
  13. Just get the "Pro" controller. I'm sure they'd support using that since you won't always have the touch screen if you've docked the switch so should be easy enough for them to support non tablet controllers on the Wii-u.
  14. I started reading this thinking I'd missed so much over the weekend... 4 pages in I noticed the dates on the post -_- lol