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  1. I don't think porting CSGO over to Source 2 would solve all it's problems. It'd probably just introduce a whole new set of problems that would take ages to fix and I doubt Valve want to have bad press ahead of Source 2's eventual release. It probably was better and faster for them to just fix CSGO's hitboxes in the current engine. They're moving to some new offices with an additional 100,000 square feet over what they have now: I didn't know Valve invited some Indies to go work there. When was this and did they take their indie projects with them? It is interesting seeing as that's pretty much how Portal came to be.
  2. Pretty much covers everything
  3. Think that's one of the first times I've seen Elon genuinely excited talking about something. I know he's passionate about his products/projects and he's super awesome at what he does, but it just goes to show how much joy gaming brings to people.
  4. Just get the "Pro" controller. I'm sure they'd support using that since you won't always have the touch screen if you've docked the switch so should be easy enough for them to support non tablet controllers on the Wii-u.
  5. I started reading this thinking I'd missed so much over the weekend... 4 pages in I noticed the dates on the post -_- lol
  6. Good guy @Sprony. Love the look of that Mario game. I think I'll just get Zelda on the Wii-U. I doubt there will be much difference and then I can wait for the Switch's price to drop before getting the rest of the first party titles. Looks like a fun little console though!
  7. Bought this from a colleague yesterday for 15 quid. After the huge 12 gig patch I did the first part of the story and already messed with the photo mode. This game is stunning.
  8. Spoilers!
  9. There was a leak quite a while back with of their JIRA database if I'm not mistaken. Had references to L4D3 and I think there was some HL3 entries in there too. But of course, with the way Valve works they could have been small teams trying things out and they've been canned like in the article. I'd love for Valve to release an actual game. L4D3 would be very appreciated. You'd have thought if Valve were going to release and push Source 2 they'd need a big game to release alongside it to show off their new tech like they did with Source and HL2. We need someone on Mapcore to get a job at Valve and leak us info
  10. Raising the Bar is a great read and a lovely art book. So happy I got a copy when it first released. I have hope HL3 will come one day. I'm not excited or anything for it because I know that Valve never releases anything in a timely manner. But yes, would rather it never came out then have a sub-par experience.
  11. Not that great 'cause I haven't seen it
  12. My girlfriend got me a PS4 with Mafia 3 for Christmas. I renewed my PS+ subscription and bought Ratchet and Clank so I'm playing through those when I'm on my couch. My girlfriend also got me BF1 for an upcoming birthday so I'm playing a lot of that whilst on my PC. Loving it, she's done well
  13. True. Re-compile times can be long and especially annoying if there's an error at the end of it meaning you have to redo it all again. I'm not sure what Valve has in-house but here we can unload a lot of that stuff to servers or slave machines to save us from sitting around for hour/s whilst stuff calculates. Valve might have something similar which would make it easier for them. I think it just all boils down to CSGO not having competitors. They're a top 3 e-sports game and nobody is challenging them for that spot really. On the flip side DOTA gets loads of nice tweaks, balance changes and updates to keep it competitive with LoL. We know Valve can do it but obviously they're putting their resources into projects which need it more. We also don't know what they're doing with stuff like Source 2 and any other internal projects. Maybe a lot of their time is taken up with porting it over to S2 or whatever. It's all rumours and speculation when it comes to Valve which sucks a bit. Would love them to be more transparent at times.
  14. My girlfriend bought me this as an early birthday present and I'm loving it. I enjoyed the beta but not to this extent I wish I picked it up sooner! The atmosphere in this game is so bleak it really does capture the horror of WWI I feel. I know most of the war was in trenches and not running around towns and deserts but the explosions and amount of people that die in a game is frightening. Operations mode is a lot of fun and I've actually played it more than my beloved conquest mode so far. I love it when you have to push/retreat and you hear everyone's whistles blowing and lots of screams in the background of people charging. Love it so far. Add me on Origin: Ren182
  15. I saw season 1 and really enjoyed it. Probably going to binge season 2 over the Christmas break.