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  1. In other games like Elite: Dangerous it's really cheap to insure a ship. It's like pocket change really. I'm sure insurance will be very affordable like in those games. There are a lot of things to buy for real cash at the moment. But I'm not sure ships will be available for real cash once the game releases? I'm not really fussed about it to be honest so long as it's not an impossible grind to get a new ship in game then I'm all for microtransactions. I'd rather earn my ships by playing.
  2. Senior in the UK is about £30k+ I think. It seems to fluctuate a fair bit between studios. Level Designers really aren't paid all that much compared to other departments. The US seems to earn about double what we make this side of the pond. But they have health insurance and the lack of job security so it's swings and roundabouts I guess.
  3. Well you certainly get your monies worth with it. Can't deny that! I'm only like 6 or so hours in so I've got a long run ahead of me especially since I can only put in a few hours a week between all my other games!
  4. I'm forcing myself to actually play through this. Well, forcing is the wrong word because it's not like I'm not enjoying it, just making time to play it because it really is awesome. I restarted from the beginning again and I'm just at the Bloody Baron. Can't wait to get deeper into the game and eventually the DLC. It is a masterpiece and probably the best RPG I've ever played.
  5. My DLC mission was released yesterday. Here's a launch trailer: They also added a new multiplayer map which is a night version of my campaign level which the guys up in our Runcorn studio did an amazing job with.
  6. Well, the way I see it is (if they can pull it off) it could potentially be the best space game out there. I think a lot of people want to see it happen and the target market for this game are the types of people who have disposable incomes. I bet they don't mind dropping hundreds of $'s on a single ship if it helps fund the game. The ships normally come with perks like lifetime insurance too so there's that too.
  7. Yep, pre-taxes. I think Codies is kinda known for paying less than everyone else though. I got a very nice jump in pay when moving to Rebellion and whenever I've looked at other jobs they've all paid more than Codies would have done. Until I told them I was leaving and suddenly they had the money I wanted
  8. When I was a junior about 5+ years ago I was on about £18k. That was at Codemasters in Birmingham. London will have higher wages since it is more expensive to live there but it might only a few more thousand a year and I doubt it'd make much difference since London is so expensive.
  9. Some really cool shots but I've never seen this. Any good?
  10. Sounds awesome dude. Love the modularity seen in the video. I already have an Aurora MR with lifetime insurance which I bought a few years ago. It's not a great ship but it allows me to fly around a little. Hope other ships are obtainable without hundreds of hours or money when the full game drops. I'm not expecting to ever have a capital ship of course but at least a fighter or maybe even the Prospector (The solo mining ship) etc so I could at least do some of the professions. I'm sure it'll work out fine in the end and I'll be able to do everything I want to do. You've got a new addition to your studio from Rebellion soon. He's coming to work on cinematics for SQ42 if I remember correctly. He's a cool guy Keep up the good work!
  11. Been following SC very closely lately and I cannot wait for 3.0 to hit. I do love how the interiors for everything from the tiniest of ships to the biggest capital ships all the way down to the planets are all built to scale and have purposes. It'll be insane when it's finally done! The only downside to this for me is that I can't afford any of the ships! What part do you work on @FrieChamp?
  12. Played my first 4 placement matches last night and lost them all. So many players who just solo one character and complain about the team setup whilst playing a character which probably isn't suited to the map. Had a guy playing Rein who would charge in alone whilst we were all dead, use his ult and die, and then complain saying he had a lack of backup. It's really infuriating. Placement matches are always shit and I seems to always get the trolls/stubborn/brain dead people on my team
  13. Grats, @Sprony! Hope all goes well!
  14. Yeah, I like that about them too. I was really disappointed with Torn Banner when they did nothing about the animation abusing etc. They started off so strong and Chivalry was awesome in the beginning but then they just seemingly stopped caring about the game that put them on the map so to speak. I know studios need to move onto other projects etc but you think a smaller studio like TB would want to please their fans. I think it took them less than 24 hours to hit their goal! Pretty impressive.
  15. Been following this game for a year or so and it's finally on Kickstarter for a March 2018 release. I used to be a big fan of Chivalry when it first came out but after a while people figured out how to abuse the animations and it ruined the game for me. Hopefully these guys can get it right.