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  1. plz mapcore fix multiquote
  2. Ahah no worries, you won't see a new map from me anytime soon ^^
  3. Getting there, slowly but surely
  4. > Register in a mapping forum > Only talk about politics > ??? > Profit.
  5. inb4 forgot to check the light entities in the visgroup. Send your compile log m8 (More seriously, could be a T-Junc error)
  6. Today I enjoyed my first flight experience with my best friend, was great
  7. C'mon dude, smooth that transition between the ground and the snow wall. Subdivide the shit out of that map
  8. Voted CS:GO, then I thought that a BMS contest could have been extremely interesting, would love to see a new modding community rising again. Bring back my vote Also yeah an Overwa... nevermind.
  9. What about stop to search a new girlfriend for a while and focus on yourself instead ? Just sayin'.
  10. No pics no clicks.
  11. Shoulda work that blorange man. BLORANGE TEAM W/ ME GOGOGOGO and
  12. Well, in the civilised countries ofc