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  1. Just wondering, are the playtests still being recorded/feedback uploaded? It seems in the feedback folder there hasn't been anything uploaded since the 15th of last month so I'm just curious if this has been discontinued or missed or if you just have to specifically request this now.
  2. Pretty large update coming in here. We have still been working on Aviv quietly these past few months and have been setting almost all of our effort into detailing a first art pass. It is still not complete, however I would like to show off some of the work that has been done recently, and receive criticism on our detail work thus far. As you can see, most of the work has ended up on the A side of the map, followed by B and with Mid not receiving much love yet. Really curious to see opinions/suggestions as I do believe that A site might be far too visually cluttered and has generally just ended up a mess. In the meantime we'll keep chugging along and hopefully hold another playtest before the year is out.
  3. This really does look fantastic, seriously great work on this. Composition of each screen is spot on and I love the color choices. Not sure why either, but I really love looking at those cloth-type ducts. Just very organic looking I suppose. Can't wait to see this released!
  4. Haven't found any new map crashes after fixing the aforementioned one that ended two playtests so I've taken the time in between submitting for a new one eventually to spruce up a few of the buildings while Quoting made some changes to the layout at mid. Updated overview will be up soon as well.
  5. The flags and references to Israel were more just to help set the proper theme and immerse the player more into believing the location was actually set in Israel. We don't really plan on removing any sort of indicators all together, just making it more sparse and subtle so that they are distracting nor main features of the map and are merely just little details here and there to help make the scene believable. This is actually something we have discussed previously as we're not trying to make any statements either way, just attempting to recreate a specific and recognizable location.
  6. Over the past month or so, @Quotingmc and I have been working on a new competitive defuse map set in a rundown refugee slum section of Tel Aviv in Israel. As of right now the most developed section of the map is the A Bombsite: T Side: B Bomsite: While we have done quite a bit of detailing thus far, most of it is to capture the feel of the map and experiment with the direction that we can take the art once the layout is finalized. The amount of clutter the map actually features will most likely be heavily edited and tweaked to make sure that it does not impact gameplay visibility, performance, or anything else negatively. We both look forward to any and all feedback, and while be submitting for a playtest shortly after a few more personal playtests to fix timings and small things are worked out. Also special thanks to Rick_D for the various Agency assets used throughout the map so far!
  7. First off, really love the atmosphere and setting you have captured here. The map and architecture feels properly detailed and realistic, and is generally nice to run around and look at while playing. I haven't found anything in my few minutes of running around that is gamebreaking, rather just a few small bugs and minor gripes. Obviously these are nothing too huge, but if you fixed them I think overall players would generally have a better experience while playing.
  8. I truly feel for you guys having to deal with some of the negativity and ignorance I've seen about this map with people calling it a clone or remake. Love the feeling and design of the map, once the bugs get cleaned up I think it'll be fantastic. Really good to see another well-made cs_ map as well. Congrats on the release guys!
  9. What a joke honestly, that most popular page is plagued constantly by these no effort, spam riddled, and bot boosted maps. You and every other serious content creator shouldn't have to share the front page of the CS:GO workshop with maps that are created in minutes time and are literally uploaded by someone with the name "Advertising".
  10. continuing off of this theme of never completing or really accomplishing anything past a scene here's some more things I never did anything with... I've essentially come to the conclusion that I blow at designing layouts/anything gameplay wise (even after heeding your advice/links) so I essentially just sit and create scenes or straight layouts when I map until I can really figure out how to design a legitimate layout Seattle Neighborhood Street: Luxury Golf Course/Lodge: Arctic Submarine Base: Construction Site (Either a large nature reserve facility or simply a city construction site): New Orleans Streets (Posted this one before): Now obviously these examples were detailed far before any sort of layout was built, and of course that is a pretty terribly incorrect way to go about doing things, but these are the more nicer looking examples I've got. There are countless attempts/examples of "full" greybox layouts I've made that I've either immediately hated or simply didn't feel were even worth continuing to pursue further. The farthest I've ever gotten with a somewhat decent and more or less acceptable layout has been with Monaco but that's hit a bit of a stagnant point where I've got little inspiration, but I hope to still be able to release that eventually. Nothing really to do but keep continuing to create but I do find it rather unfortunate I can't seem to see a defusal map to completion.
  11. @kinggambit that looks incredible man, you've really improved since the map you were working on for the contest I just got back from Seattle last night and got some inspiration, but I'm just about to head out again on another trip so before it passed I quickly pieced together a modern townhouse type scene. Sorry for no compile. Used a bunch of assets from agency and resort as well, so cheers to those creators!
  12. Super glad to see an update again! Will definitely be loading this up in a bit and hopefully give some feedback. Great work guys.
  13. Back again, birds are gone. Lots more buildings have been textured/new art pass, etc. Still kind of unhappy with how certain things are turning out but hoping to find the right balance soon enough. Also had a little skybox change (old one was bugging out so this is probably a temporary change) and still feel like I need to brighten some areas considering how many shadows there are (might end up entire redoing the lighting at some point) As you can see it's a lot of custom assets for the most part, and I hope to continue to increase the amount of new content used in the map. Anyways comments and criticism is greatly appreciated and encouraged as always, especially with a lot of the new detailing done to some areas. Planning on updating workshop/possibly running another playtest soon as well.
  14. He probably means the new nuke crates from the bombsite picture(?)
  15. Looks fantastic. Really a fan of that stained glass/arch as well--great work with new assets!