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  1. Yeah, someone must definitely be able to guess this so I'll wait a bit Great fucking movie btw.
  2. I recognize that kid from E.T. but I don't know this movie.
  3. But seriously dude, pick it up in a sale and give it a go sometime. I'm not saying it's flawless or that your critique isn't justified, it's just that it does a lot of other things so extremely well.
  4. I played it a lot more and unfortunately got my ass handed to me several times. It appears I've gotten too old to keep up with these fast games Anyway, like I said before, the maps are stunning. Even though little remains of the original id Software team, the studio still has this unique style that I simply don't see anywhere else. Just like you can see it's a Blizzard game, the same goes for id. Having said that, Q3DM6 has never been or looked better. All three maps play great. Lots of room to maneuver, plenty of tactical choices and good layouts. I did notice that the spawn points need some work, because I often spawned on top of someone else. Bought some Champions too. I like Scale Bearer his Bull Rush ability. Visor his ability isn't that helpful. Nyx her Ghost Walk is great too. It adds additional tactical layers to the game, but it doesn't overdo it. The game runs very smooth, matchmaking is on point, but the waiting times could be reduced a bit, the same goes for the warm up time. Vanity items and loot boxes don't interest me. But I do like that you can buy the original Quake rocket launcher or the Quake 3 machine gun, etc. Overall very impressed with it so far.
  5. I got the game for free, does that count?
  6. Holy shit, this game is fucking awesome! Everything I wanted is there.
  7. I got in thanks to @BJA and I fucking love it. It plays and feels like Quake. It's fast, fluid and brutal. The maps are gorgeous and overall it just feels like home. I played TDM with friends and I didn't feel the need for Champion abilities at all so I can't say much about that yet. The only thing that bothered me is that they keep saying the same goddamn thing over and over. It's so annoying, that after 30 minutes of play I just turned the sound of because I couldn't handle it anymore.
  8. Something like this I suppose
  9. Well I do know that if you ever visit me, you are staying the fuck away from my tv's and monitors
  10. Maybe buy some extra insurance with it as well since these things seem to drop like flies with you
  11. Say what you want about Bethesda's games, but those guys sure know how to sell it.
  12. Yeah, that's it!
  13. They are working on something 'better'. That's me quoting them. They said that feedback on the previous one made it clear that the season pass didn't work out and that they heard the cries for more content, progression, etc. So maybe they'll take the Titanfall 2 route? All the maps and modes are free, but you have micro-transactions for cosmetics.
  14. I've been thinking about this all week. Can't remember where it's from but I know it's based on a Stephen King story.