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  1. I was asked by an American if everything is ok in my country. I didn't understand why he asked and he then told me that lots of media, including Fox news, report that Europe is being invaded by refugees who commit mass rape, terrorize entire cities and impose Sharia Law on us.
  2. I noticed this too and I seriously wonder why it's like this:
  3. Is that John Malkovich?
  4. Yes!
  5. It's good guys, it's really good!
  6. It's a recent movie with big names attached to it and quite a emotional subject.
  7. I feel sorry for you guys but my past 4 weeks have been great. Every night I sit down and enjoy The Daily News with Trevor Noah, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Real time with Bill Maher. Trump is a non stop source of comic relief. Plus, I love his fanbase even more. Completely out of touch with reality, calling every one a butthurt snowflake while they are the ones that are the whining hypocrites.
  8. I'm looking for dedicated Game Design YouTube channels and websites. I'm already subscribed to Noclip (not really game design) and Gamemaker's Toolkit (Bosskey). The best example of a dedicated website I've found so far is Gamasutra. Do you guys have any other recommendations? If so, why do you recommend it and what is the appeal? Also, what's missing from a developer standpoint? Thanks in advance!
  9. All this girl talk is making me miss my single days and making them go.....
  10. I love the sequel. It's everything the first was, but even more violent and more deaths. It was fucking awesome!
  11. You've been made bro. Women can smell that loneliness on you. That's not me trying to insult you, but me simply stating the facts. I bet everyone here can confirm that when they were single, girls weren't that interested. But as soon as they were in a relationship, they seem to attract every female in a 5 mile radius. Because you are no longer looking and you feel desirable (either knowingly or unknowingly) they pick up on that real quick and that makes you attractive. Your current attitude and position doesn't. In short, the less fucks you give, the more fucks you get. Here's another great example. Being seen, alone, interacting with your child (the younger, the better). That triggers so much in a woman. You wouldn't believe the amount of women I could have dated if I wasn't married. Not because I'm attractive, but just because their unconscious is telling them I'm good daddy material.
  12. Nah, I was out sick. But here you all go:
  13. Mission Impossible 2 right?
  14. Damn, looks like you guys are building a new studio.