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  1. Honestly, I would avoid remakes. I've went down this road many time. Making your own map is the best way to improve your design skills and tbh isn't as tenuous as you might think. Iteration is key and quite frankly, remakes really hold this back. Blockout -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Finalize -> Ship The more you do these steps the more efficient and better you become. If you like certain aspects of russka, why not implement iterations into your own designs? On a side note, who's to say Brute isn't working on Russka? The only issues he's had about remakes are with FMPONE, still worth a shot to try and contact him.
  2. Oooo Wonder what project
  3. That's a risk in all pc games. Hitting the highest mark is better than only going half way.
  4. I am using it! how it looks in source after color tweaking
  5. fuck i love substance designer... 3 hours just vanished before my eyes
  6. Happy new year and a safe and successful year to all!
  7. Sorry to hear about the pain you've gone through. But like many have said its past pain. I've listened to this a lot when I went through breakups. And in sprony fashion this is also a great motivator.
  8. Where's the damn Operation 8
  9. Made an iso and got it reinstalled. I'm lucky to have all my data on other drives and its a matter of reinstalling apps. I came over from win7 so a clean install is probably for the best.
  10. Computer bricked after win10 auto update Tried restore point and backup copies to no avail. Had even more trouble creating a USB bootloader, but got that going and trying again to fix.
  11. One thing people tend to forget is valve looks at old maps as well. Everyone is compiling lists of the latest submissions
  12. Ever since CSS Inferno, banana has been crap. As the only direct path to B for Ts, it is the tightest choke. The pillars always pissed me off.
  13. are you using a custom Color Correction?
  14. My guess would be that it gets payments like operations still. FMPONE still updates it. If Valve bought it, they would be doing them themselves.
  15. Valve don't buy maps. This is the purpose of the workshop and operations. Essentially, when you create work in hammer it is owned by Valve. When chosen for an operation they give a percentage of the "pass". Prior they would purchase the "IP" from the creator/s. ie. Mirage