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  1. I like the MP. Still going through the beginning of the SP. Not thrilled they scrapped the squad abilities control
  2. I recompiled and the purple went away
  3. I also noticed some trees on my map turned purple
  4. I think it hits the theme fairly well. Just weirdly released when we haven't had an operation since early summer... yet all the maps selected were chosen early July...
  5. This has the worst bombsite design ive ever seen come from of an official map... B site is a chokepoint hallway bombsite. A site reminds me of bf2s strike at karkand's 1st CP which was a hilarious nade basket
  6. Sweet, great start!
  7. Division did a great job with rooftops. I think using it and daredevil as reference is awesome
  8. Very nice. Was the Division a key reference?
  9. Nice work! Did you make the Blend Modulate in SD as well?
  10. Honestly, I would avoid remakes. I've went down this road many time. Making your own map is the best way to improve your design skills and tbh isn't as tenuous as you might think. Iteration is key and quite frankly, remakes really hold this back. Blockout -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Finalize -> Ship The more you do these steps the more efficient and better you become. If you like certain aspects of russka, why not implement iterations into your own designs? On a side note, who's to say Brute isn't working on Russka? The only issues he's had about remakes are with FMPONE, still worth a shot to try and contact him.
  11. Oooo Wonder what project
  12. That's a risk in all pc games. Hitting the highest mark is better than only going half way.
  13. I am using it! how it looks in source after color tweaking
  14. fuck i love substance designer... 3 hours just vanished before my eyes