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  1. Reminds me a lot of Battlefield 3's Armored Kill dlc map called Alborz Mountain, except prettier ( bf3 maps were awesome )
  2. I played around the map a bit, looks nice although I'm not a big fan of the color correction ( too bright for me ) I have a couple of issues with the map: 1. Terrorist spawn is surrounded by swat teams and police vehicles, no dead bodies or bullets showing prior fire exchange, or blood. 2. Vehicles all have their lights on even if the map brightness equals 2 suns 3. Police vehicles lights strobes are turned off 4. Bombsite circles on blue tarp (imo shouldn't be used as randomly as this is a bombsite indicator in other official maps) 5. around 80 fps in gardens/outside areas (I usually have 150-250 in official maps, including nuke and inferno. 6. I understand you restricted jumping on the outside bombsite structure, but there's some weird clipping buffer that prevents from touching the structure, especially noticeable in the 4 corners. 7. In the indoor bombsite, there's a piece of equipment with motor and its door is open, Feels like you shouldn't be forced to crouch as the height is very close to allow walk-able.
  3. Maybe this could apply to your projects? I've did it for my CS:GO map and it works wonderfully.
  4. This is a great read! Unfortunately, the image links are all broken as well as the Part 2 and Part 3 links.
  5. Minimal optimization pass would fix that for you.
  6. Been tracking this beast for a week now on nhc website, hopefully the computer models are wrong in that it will loop back on Florida!
  7. I bought Destiny The Collection. I'm having a lot of fun right now with a couple of friends.Looking forward the Rise of Iron raid. However, I really dislike how Bungie manage their old content. There's no incentives to play older Raids or missions because they didn't scale the difficulty|rewards|previous gear.
  8. What about Cache?
  9. Thanks for the kind words guys! I'm going to apply tonight and hope for the best. I've been working on this project for far too long, I'm not sure adding a date would be beneficial! I will add a date once it's done!
  10. Hello! If you could give feedback on my website, that would be awesome! I tried to make navigation the best I could. My portfolio: Thanks!
  11. Some Bf3 maps were pretty decent, at 32 players max.
  12. By Nintendo's latest count, it had sold 12.8 million Wii U systems after almost four years on the market. I have a WiiU and there's a lot of good first party games. Having no Third party hurt them though.
  13. I ran through the map and made an album! It's a really nice map, I love how wide it is (cs 1.6 style)
  14. ''starting to come together''
  15. There's something off about the post process or lighting you use that makes my eyes want to implode. Too bright? Too much HDR? Too much fog? Combination of all maybe. I can't put my finger on it. Couple of things I also noticed: 1. Those metal grate textures in front of the many ladders disappear at distance, which lead players to believe they can be used. 2. Many gaps between models across the whole map, which will be abused by snipers 3. Some weird clipping at back of B site. 4. Bombsite A rotating piece should have a lot more sides to it. Optimize somewhere else in that room! 5. Make it retard proof that those Black Doors are locked.