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  1. I don't have any details regardless if I could share them or not. There will for sure be something in place of it no doubt. I am just happy we can get away with one of the largest flaws that has been separating every game player base.
  2. Thanks Jason, just been hiding in shadow of the Empire. 😜
  3. Oh shit awesome! PM me your real name and I will hit you up next week when I'm back to work!
  4. Yes sir. Are you?
  5. Our first reveal trailer; enjoy! Short Recap from the panel details: Full Singleplayer Campaign (us) Multiplayer Classes are back in all eras. Soldiers and Hero Progression, Epic Space Battles, no season pass* and a bunch more stuff.
  6. "Its time for the Jedi to end" - Luke Skywalker
  7. IT

    Movie looks good, looking forward to it.
  8. It was a treat. Really hoping to see more marvel movies go for the R route. The movie gave me some Terminator 2 + Last of Us vibes.
  9. I think it looks pretty good, gonna pick it up to play Orks! But I can see why you might dislike it compared to other Warhammer stuff.
  10. It was surreal watching the opening scene as the theater that was shown during the car chase in the second shot was the theater I was watching the movie in.
  11. HAHAHA
  12. Yeah, it is only in 3D at the IMAX.
  13. The movie was even better on a second watch, IMAX this time. My wife loved it as well!
  14. Just go see it, and watch the others afterwards to see all the awesome little Easter eggs.
  15. This year, I would have to go with World of Warcraft Legion and Battlefield 1 multiplayer as my runner up. I also want to add that the Star Wars Rogue One VR experience was amazing. I could play an entire game based off that if it were to exist and would totally buy the VR for it. I would love to bring back an X-Wing/Tie Fighter game that would utilize all systems. (pipedream) Lows, probably The Division.