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  1. It was surreal watching the opening scene as the theater that was shown during the car chase in the second shot was the theater I was watching the movie in.
  3. Yeah, it is only in 3D at the IMAX.
  4. The movie was even better on a second watch, IMAX this time. My wife loved it as well!
  5. Just go see it, and watch the others afterwards to see all the awesome little Easter eggs.
  6. This year, I would have to go with World of Warcraft Legion and Battlefield 1 multiplayer as my runner up. I also want to add that the Star Wars Rogue One VR experience was amazing. I could play an entire game based off that if it were to exist and would totally buy the VR for it. I would love to bring back an X-Wing/Tie Fighter game that would utilize all systems. (pipedream) Lows, probably The Division.
  7. I donno about that but I have had 0 interest in this series until I seen this trailer, lol. I thought it was really well made, but maybe it comes that way because of the generic looking new protagonist.
  8. From regular sandwich to club sandwich!
  9. Nitpick about a couple things? Are you serious? But hey, one mans garbage is another mans treasure, and I sure have a lot of garbage!
  10. I thought BvS was ok, only watched the ultimate edition on Bluray. It kept my interest and the end was the only Superman Comic I ever read, so it was entertaining to me to see a new take on it. Suicide Squad however was worse in my opinion. The plot was the worst thing yes and the treatment of most of the characters was pretty bad too. Deadshot and Harely were really good though.
  11. Was lucky to see this last night, but unlucky that I was excited for it to be over because of how bad it was. There is a good movie hidden away within its mess though. It just isn't this one.
  12. Biohazard was the original name for Resident Evil games in Japan. Jinx
  13. The latest trailer was atrocious... Reminded me of those Divergent movies, lol.
  14. Yeah, of course not, its a game, therefore fun game-play over 100% realism. This is why the Battlefield series (MP) has always been my go to fps. They put you in the most realistic settings with tons of attention to detail, but they make it fun to play at the same time.