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  1. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus
  2. Valve don't make games anymore, this shouldn't surprise anyone. They merely maintain their current popular games.
  3. Just broke my phone screen this morning
  4. Only yesterday what about the rest of your life?
  5. Deus Ex and Hitman so far, have high expectations.
  6. I mean they are literally pixels regardless....
  7. Hes doing some other jump thing though, at this point he just jumps about a mile, doesn't have the gauss cannon yet.
  8. Haha, well yeah basically but if its true the regulars should still notice they havent been paid
  9. Have talked with some people and they say its true, others say its not. Really strange...
  10. Any idea how he is doing the crazy jumps like 5 miles.
  11. Little Felix shot at 4 mins, going to be interesting to see how many people you know in the background shots
  12. Unfortunately pretty much all those books are written by people that have never made a game. Complete and utter theory crafting. There might be a few useful books but tbh in general level design resources are pretty poor, the best thing are all the GDC talks etc.
  13. Yeah my only experience of quake multiplayer is quake 3.
  14. The one of the problems I have found in the industry is a desire from certain people to want to control levels a lot as if that is the true goal of level design, they aren't willing to let elements go to create Sandbox designs. I am finding myself more and more drawn to sandbox design. I'm sure I would still enjoy building a linear experience if I was learning from level designers who are really experienced at making linear levels, its certainly an area I could improve in but I think sandbox design is becoming more and more standard.
  15. So I played that map a little recently and hated it, just watching a video of it right now and can see multiple huge issues with it compared with the gameplay of the game. Has a bunch of weapons down dead ends totally messing with the flow of movement, also making it easy to stop someone getting to those weapons if you already have them. Has a few areas where it goes from nice and open to allow for the fast paced movement of quake to 1 character wide stair ways. Can you explain to me why its considered a good quake map, because I would have thought the opposite.