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  1. game sounds terrible but is he playing a pc fps with a controller or keyboard only or something?
  2. I hate hazards that do DOT's in FPS games, basically if you fuck up at all it penalizes you in the future where you can't predict what is coming. I prefer death pits to poison pits.
  3. Daves response was: "Haha" Which is a no.
  4. I would be surprised, he doesn't touch maps anymore, nor do I think he wants to. I'm 99% certain he has had nothing to do with De_Canals unless it's based on a very old map. I'll ask him tomorrow.
  5. Our taxes are a lot lower than yours, so in sweden it might be a bit higher, but i doubt much.
  6. Dunno what you are on now, but a junior LD salary in europe is about 20k euros. It is really low. Just be careful making the jump at this point.
  7. When I left there was still a little bit of floor mesh as part of the walls, basically making the wall tile 1m deep and on the grid. I have heard that changed. Interesting that was added by art to ensure there was trim on the floor where it met the wall. Looks like you have some whitelines along that trim now, is that a decal or is that just bespoke wall/floor transition tiles.
  8. Modular set seems very similar to when I designed it. What has changed on them out of interest?
  9. You can probably update this a little. Corwin is no longer at CIG, last time I spoke to him he was back in France. E-Freak is at Massive now AkatsukiUK (Henry Tofts) is an Associate Level Designer at Splash Damage.
  10. I have started a new thread so people aren't confused, these are all new positions that are open now. As you can see we are hiring for a lot of positions, if you are interested send me your CV and a cover letter and I will add you into our application system with a recommendation (or if your application isn't quite there I can give you some advice on what you would need to do to improve it). Splash Damage is a great studio (best I have worked at, nice offices, especially for a European studio and only getting better with the companies expansion), great perks (Health, Gym, loads of events, plus the normal stuff), good pension match scheme, awesome games, London scaled pay. You can view the actual requirements here: Design Lead Level Designer Senior Level Designer Level Designer Game Designer Lead UI Designer Env Art Associate Art Director Lead Artist Senior Environment Artist Environment Artist VFX Art Lead VFX Artist Senior VFX Artist VFX Artist Lighting Lead Lighting Artist Tech Art Lead Technical Artist Senior Technical Artist Character Art Senior Character Artist Animation Senior Animator Technical Animator 2D art Media/2D Artist UI Artist Matte Painter/ Concept Artist Concept Artist Misc Art Cinematic Artist Outsourcing Artist Production Producer Art Producer Associate Producer Executive Producer Technical Producer QA Manager Audio Lead Audio Designer Senior Audio Designer Audio Designer Programming Gameplay Programmer Senior Gameplay Programmer Core Tech Programmer UI Programmer Senior UI Programmer Senior AI Progammer AI Programmer Animation Programmer Senior Backend Game Programmer Backend Engineer Senior Server/Backend Programmer Systems Engineer Fireteam Consulting Programmer (OS) Tools Programmer Graphics Programmer OS Programmer Web Programmer Web Backend Programmer
  11. If its all one page anyway and it isn't that long I would just kill the navigation buttons entirely. As a general note I would suggest you focus your portfolio towards either being a game designer or being a level designer, they are two different roles and while sharing some aspects require a different focus, especially when demonstrating your abilities. If you do want to be a level designer you need to make custom levels for games, I doubt you would get answers from anyone if you don't have quite a few on your portfolio.
  12. Can you come back in like a year HP?
  13. Currently playing ori and the blind forest, titan souls and stories: path of destiny.
  14. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus