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  1. The one you enjoy making maps for.
  2. Can you change me to Senior Technical Artist at Rocksteady Studios ( I'll be starting there in a couple of weeks.
  3. Is it just me or does that waterfall look well ropey
  4. lol, poors.
  5. Man those interviews are the best ones, when you just end up chatting about random shit with like-minded people. You know it's gone well if that happens.
  6. And that is why people don't do leg day
  7. Summary of my excitement level: The Wetness.
  8. You can update me to Senior Technical Artist btw, still at CA.
  9. Marry me bram.
  10. I knew what was coming after jack's reply. Still choked on my sandwich.
  11. harry potter LOL so true
  12. Movie was trash, it was literally A New Hope rehashed with shakycam and flashy lasers. Far too fast paced, very little character development, a lead who's acting has been widely called out as the weakest part of the whole film ... Yeah. Sure there were parts that felt like star wars, but there was soooo much paying lip-service to the fans that it was actually retarded. OH LOOK another shot of x-wings flying through a trench EXACTLY LIKE THE DEATH STAR IN A NEW HOPE. When Ren is fighting Finn and Rey OH LOOK another shot of PULLING A LIGHTSABER FROM THE SNOW WITH THE FORCE, JUST LIKE LUKE ON HOTH. The entire fucking movie was completely unimaginative and consistently just leaned on rehashing iconic visuals and characters from the previous films. I hope they've got it all out of their systems now so that EP8 might actually do something new and interesting.
  13. Awesome job clearing this thread up man! FYI though Creative Assembly is in Horsham not London
  14. Been waiting for like 4 years for this game. Lets hope it doesn't turn out to be .... The Shitness.
  15. I bought this recently and I am *SO HYPED* to play it ! I just need some buddies to play with now