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  1. Cool. Let me know if you are in the Vancouver area and I can maybe take a day off to show you around. I'm hoping to take a bit of a vacation this summer if possible. As for nature and hiking. We have 4 places I can think of off the top of my head that are like 30-60 mins from Downtown Vancouver. Some are more casual hiking and others are shorter but far more intense. From most intense to most relaxing I would rank them as follow : 1) The Chief 2) The grouse grind 3) Lynn Valley 4) Lighthouse Park The top 2 are pretty famous and the grouse grind has a free bus that leaves every day from downtown Vancouver and back. The only one I haven't done is the grind. I hear it's the shortest but most intense (I put the chief above it because it's pretty intense but also pretty long). I'll have to think a bit about what else there is. There's certainly some much longer hikes if you go further away from Vancouver but I'm not as familiar as to which ones are good.
  2. Whenever possible. I still buy my games in disc form. That's right, I'm a crazy old man but you'll see! you'll all see!
  3. It's been about 20 posts since the last time so..... *COUGH* MAP EDITOR *COUGH*
  4. by wallhax you mean you can see the purple thingy through a wall for 3 seconds?
  5. Dayum. What does that make you now? Do you play with a dedicated group? Is that level even possible with rando games?
  6. I think there's a party in a couple week but I'm taking some time off. If all goes well it will be myself and my partner, some drinks in the sun, catching up on my games/reading backlog and most importantly. No pants.
  7. I totally forgot we're Sega siblings! (well, we were Sega siblings )
  8. Congrats!!!
  9. Out now. I'm quite sleepy
  10. My new favorite thing to do in skirmish queue for ranked: I follow people saying hello a lot then say "sir!, sir!, do you have a moment to talk about jesus?" You've never seen people run away so vigorously.
  11. So if you all recall I had the worst set of placement matches this season. I can't remember how many now but it was like 50% involved people disconnecting. As a result I think I went in at 1300/Bronze Well I've pulled myself out of that hole and managed to get to gold. Generally I've played as roadhog because he can help when your comp is low on tanks/support and have crappy dps. On a better comp I tend to just play whatever role is needed. There was this one night where there was a team of 2 and one of them was this stoner Canadian guy who was talking all spiritually about the game between bong hits. Saying things like "play the character you want man and let the spirit take you over" or "dude, just go with it and have positive vibes, we will win that way". We had such a great game we teamed into a group of 6 and won something like 7 games in a row. That was one of the most charismatic strategic stoner hippies I ever played with.
  12. I really need a vacation
  13. I'm not sure what a curator is but if it's for a referral and it's covered by your government system that's good. In Canada psychologists aren't covered. Cost me 110$ an hour. That's probably a big reason I stopped going :X -
  14. So that sounds like a psychiatrist, not a psychologist. Generally (at least in canada) those are the ones that prescribe medicine but don't really do as much regarding to working it out. i was put on anti-depressants at one point and decided I would rather sometimes be depressed than take those pills. They felt like a mini-lobotomy. Essentially I prefer to have big high's and lows rather than live in what feels a muted mind. I'm not saying those pills are bad or anything. It's just my personal choice. I did see a psychologist for about a year a long time ago. At the time I wasn't sure if it was helping but now years later, in retrospect I think it was beneficial.
  15. So this weekend is the open free beta thingy.