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  1. Big new PTR patch with a rework of Lucio. His aura radius is reduced from 30m to 10m, but now it's visible to him and his team, and his heal and speed boost are both buffed 50%. He gets a free 30% speed increase while wall riding, plus an extra boost when he jumps off a wall. Finally, his projectiles are a bit faster. Tested it a bit, and it feels extremely different to play, but potentially satisfying? That boost when jumping off a wall means, as far as I've found, you can no longer ride around an outside corner, because you're pushed away from the structure, however since it stacks with amp it up, you can do crazy shit like jump over the wall around point A in Eichenwald when respawning as a defender. Also, Eichenwald now has an extra corridor connecting the health pack room on the left of the bridge choke (from defender's view) to the little tiny tunnel there on the left, meaning a Mei wall can no longer fully block that choke. However, that tunnel is a crazy kill room for scatters and grenades. Edit: Also your progress towards capping a point on 2CP maps are counted as tie-breakers now, which means if you get completely shut down on point A on attack, the previously defending team will instantly win the game by touching the point uncontested. Caught everybody by surprise both times I saw it happen.
  2. I think they've put more work in to improve the rendering quality from BF4's Frostbite... but it's really hard to tell. Especially for an area you'd expect a Bioware game to get the most attention, people. Skin lighting, especially for the darker skinned characters, looks pretty bad in that video.
  3. Based on two rounds just now, Canals feels very T sided, but I could've just been unlucky. B point especially is very easy for T to take and defend, it seems. A is kinda ridiculous, hard to really evaluate: It's enormous and right next to CT spawn, so nobody ever goes for it first, but late round rotates to it nearly always worked because everyone was so B focused.
  4. People who refuse to work with their team are so frustrating. I've discovered that basically the only solution to these people is to break from good practices and instead work with them, essentially babysitting them, to try to keep their dumb ass alive. For example, if your team has a ~pro genji~ who keeps jumping into the middle of the enemy team, dying, and then raging at his team, playing Zenyatta is practically essential, both because you can put your Orb of Harmony on his useless ass and hope he lives long enough to scratch somebody, and because you double as a backup dps. Having a Genji on your team significantly reduces the value of Ana simply by existing as somebody you can't actually shoot to heal, because even when he needs it he'll keep double jumping and dodging around you while spamming the heal request button.
  5. It's only $20, and it's easily worth it. It's a pretty long game, and has a TON of optional/branching/secret stuff in it. Plus it's a tiny dev team who worked really hard to get to this point, they deserve support. And it's definitely a better game than any TellTale game I've ever played. TellTale's okay, but this is like... look, it's video game's Citizen Kane, ok!? It just is!
  6. Just finished Night in the Woods. Fantastic game, and probably the closest I've ever felt to recognizing the lives of characters in a piece of fiction. Absolute best writing of any game imo.
  7. There are genuine fuckups with the Switch's design through, especially those "Joycons".
  8. If I don't instalock Hanzo and spent the entire match dying over and over to Pharah, I will forfeit my Honor
  9. It's like there's a DDOS going on, except instead of just internet connection requests it's a bunch of shitty players.
  10. Played three losing rounds in a row, all three had the same guy accusing everyone who killed him of hacking. Did all the good teammates leave for the PTR or something?
  11. I was at 2800 last season. Ranked 2160 after placement.
  12. I did not have good luck with my placement matches. A whole fucking lot of genjis... and 5/10 rounds on Hanamura, 1/10 on a KOTH map (guess which ones are the draws?)
  13. Orisa is really fun, in theory. Her kit is totally the kind of stuff I love, too, as a Heavy with lots of utility. Too bad I can only play her against bots rn, because in live games somebody else always loads first and chooses her and then fucks around all match, clearly without ever actually reading her abilities. In like two months I look forward to getting to play her against humans.
  14. I universally hate angry, ranty, "rage" youtubers... unless they're Scottish, for some reason. This "Why you suck at Overwatch" video is actually pretty useful.
  15. I dunno why but lately my SR's been plummeting, with bad teams who can't get their shit together. I'll regularly have 2/3 golds but finding myself without a team behind me because they can't shoot a pharah or tracer or sombra (????). Or I'll protect the backline and the front guys will inevitably lose their Rein shield first and get wiped out. Down to 2400 now.