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  1. I just don't know about this game, what do you actually do in it, is there a story? Don't get me wrong, I'd love a good pirate simulator and for this to be that, but every video I've seen shows people simply messing about on their ship in co-op, playing instruments or fighting other ships. Did you get a sense of what else there might be to do in it at E3 Liam? Are there pirate towns to explore, things like that?
  2. Still hiring guys, specifically I'm looking for a level designer with an artistic nature, who'd be interested in working alongside the art team to create world areas for our new project. It's advertised as a regular position but I will consider hiring a junior also, if they have the right portfolio. If you think that's you, drop me a line. Cheers!
  3. I've been playing Steep, surprisingly enjoyable actually once you get into it. It's got that addictive 'one more go' quality to it, and some of the events remind me a bit of the old Skate games. The paragliding events are lame though, as the reviews mentioned, but the wingsuit challenges make up for it.
  4. I had some horrible virus over the weekend so was off work today, binge watched the whole series of Netflix's 'The OA' - I don't think I've ever been so engrossed in a show only to have my perception of it pretty much spoilt by the final episode. Still, I enjoyed watching the first seven, it just left me with a bit of a sour taste in the end.
  5. For me it's probably either Battlefield or Dishonored, though I did enjoy Uncharted too
  6. Having been through this situation at Crytek UK it's really sad to see it happening again, but also not really surprising. Everything I've read about this latest incident seems to be exactly how it was for us, right down to the constant lies and false promises from the Yerlis. I feel bad for the employees, but kind of hope this is the end of Crytek, or at least the version of Crytek with those guys at the helm.
  7. Hi all We are now hiring again for our next project, with positions for regular or senior level designers, as well as animators, an art director and more. Please check out our hiring page if interested! The positions are all based in Nottingham unless specified.
  8. 33 soon...this is one of the first games I remember playing on the Amstrad And then this the year after, which simulated players crying after every match they lost following Italia 90:
  9. This is a good point, but it reminded me of one thing I didn't like about the game - I made it my aim to collect all of the runes and bone-charms but on the time travelling mansion level I killed the main bad guy and progressed things to the point where the layout of the house was permanently altered, before I'd finished collecting them. This meant that I was unable to go back into the house to collect the ones I missed and by the time I realised I had no save game to go back to. Considering that you can't load into certain chapters via the main menu to finish them off this was an annoyance, I carried on collecting the rest but it was frustrating to miss those ones. I enjoyed the fact that you could break into every shop and just rob all the stuff
  10. The digital version of the complete first season is available on psn now for only £24, down from £44 - offer ends in a couple of days though. This is the same as the version that's coming out boxed in January right?
  11. This is the offer I posted above But yeah it's gone down even further now, will be picking up a copy
  12. For anyone in the U.K. it looks like HMV are doing this for £25 on consoles for Black Friday
  13. I love how each mission feels like it's own unique world area and is so substantial that it takes about 2 hours to fully complete - the level design really is excellent, no doubt aided by the fact that there are so many abilities and mechanics that can be utilised throughout, which seem to keep evolving too - there's no rhythm with the missions that I seem to settle into every time and that's a good thing.
  14. I kind of agree with this - but it's only really especially noticeable at the start of the game. The first mission in Dunwall has you navigating the city without powers and it was frustrating in terms of it being quite trial and error based as to whether enemies spot you. You could sneak around a corner and a guard would be looking through a window, or try to cross a gap between cover sections (with no other route options available) and again have someone spot you from the street. I found the same thing on the third mission (The Good Doctor) - immediately after getting off the boat you have one main entry point with an opening either side of it, and trying to get inside that without getting spotted was a bit of a nightmare, as guards are on either side of the entrances, not very visible in amongst the scenery inside and you have no minimap to tell you which way they might be facing or where they are. I read up on this mission after I'd done it and read that you can possess a fish in the fountain to get inside, but I didn't have this power at that point. Anyway, later on this does become less of a problem, mostly because I now have some of those powers. I found the later levels to be well designed in terms of having multiple route options and I'm really enjoying collecting the bonecharms and runes as they're quite well hidden. The Clockwork Mansion mission was a highlight in that respect, particularly with the level sections that could be moved and rotated. I'm playing this on PS4 by the way and found that graphically it's nice overall with a few concessions, such as the low detail level backdrops - it seems it might have been tough to fit it onto consoles and maybe they could do with some engine upgrades. Interiors look generally nice, although there are some anti-aliasing and lighting issues, and some pop in. Framerate can be an issue but only at certain points and it's occasionally a bit buggy too - the first main character I had to kill fell into a wall and I had to loot his foot for the mission item as it was the only part of him I could still see. Either way none of these things make it a less than enjoyable experience - gameplay wise it's pretty great and I look forward to playing more.
  15. Put me in the camp that will try it around Xmas when I get all these other games out the way