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  1. Mapcore in [current year]
  2. >Deep and compelling story-telling >Robot dinosaurs pick one looks gorgeous though
  3. put your stuff up on artstation
  4. Got this game for some coop action, got a sick main menu theme
  5. have a wank before your next move
  6. but will it appear to the smegmass market?
  7. up and comming dog pictures poster: ???
  8. how is it even legal to withhold pay like that? are they promised extra compensation for when they actually get paid? more brain drain from Crytek then I guess
  9. finally some silhouette to the player models! the old ones had basically just cylinders for arms and legs
  10. Another huge patch incoming bois. Some highlights here. Be sure to check out the standard issue rifle game mode, bolt action ironsight only
  11. so what is different about this one?
  12. Imho books are the worst medium to learn from studying anything gamedev related. By the time they get to print, they are already outdated. Never used one in my life
  13. Ctrl+s that good feeling and reload that feel on a rainy day
  14. Oh shit totes forgot about this game, will fetch. Hoping for coop later too!