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  1. another mapcorperation! congrats!
  2. As long as it's good mostly looking forward to all the small details they put in their games.
  3. Link to actual gameplay, doesn't seem like a game for me personally
  4. Jokes on them, now the pirated versions have zero competition
  5. Shows more of the updates to some of the cutscenes in the latest patch. Starts at around 2min if the timestamp doesn't work
  6. recommended buy?
  7. its out next week bois
  8. A lot of the people playing cod nowadays were too young to experience the last ww2 wave, so for them it will be a new experience
  9. I just want a good COD game again, pleeeease don't suck. Also good to see the video not rated down to oblivion like the last one
  10. didn't hear any chickens at all, must be all in your head Furiosa
  11. ofc its the game, not you
  12. very specific, but nice thread what first comes to mind for me is the radioactive water from Half-Life, the emissive green color and the oddly calming geiger sounds that plays every time you go near it gives me some nostalgia so... lev...levolution?
  13. looks very dated visually
  14. just adding some slight AO in the eyes really helps