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  1. that turned out great, love the colors!
  2. a bit different, looks at games with a different perspective. Highly recommend the stalker video
  3. designers trying to balance this game :
  4. those machine look very german
  5. Played the new map a bit in competetive, and my main issue so far is that there is a lot of stuff to get snagged and stuck on. Both sides can do some really quick aggressive pushes, and at the same time, the two sites are complete opposites when it comes to how open they are
  6. I think it's cool that they're trying something different. A most layouts seem way too formulaic lately
  7. keep it up! showed the picture to the original level designer, he said he first made the bsp for that level 10 years ago
  8. looks good, but don't try to spread all the trees out evenly like that, cluster some of them together, open up some areas
  9. it looks great man
  10. thanks for beta testing bois
  11. great to see a new IP do so well
  12. does the free weekend include the remastered version?