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  1. @Dillon Beard Looks great but I personally would like some things that break the style. Everything fits to perfect. For example, you could add some realistic power sockets. Or a poster that doesn't blend in that well st the others. Or whatever, but it's to perfect now making it imperfect.
  2. I would like to see HL3 become a MMO. So I wouldn't mind waiting another 15 years.
  3. Cool, I will test the maps again asap.
  4. I just checked if it would be possible to make a larger map with the new hammer that comes with dota 2. I was hoping for 64bit instead of 32bit so maps could be insane huge. But no, still stuck to the old size. Time to go to another engine...
  5. I tested 5 maps so far. But a few of them had AI disabled. I was not able to override it with the console (sv_disable_ai 0 or something). Also, if it is not meant that you continue with the weapons and the ammo from the previous map, you can use:
  6. I opened an issue. It probably won't help but who knows...
  7. Old stuff
  8. Close before the gloves update I had a obvious hacker again. And during switch to second half when we went T, the CT hacker spawned in our T spawn!I thought Valve fixed this issue twice already. I still love this game but this game also can piss me off so much! Also, I saw a video where a hacker explains you need 11 reports within 24 hours to get overwatched. So you never get overwatched banned if you play one game every 24 hours. And with a team of 5 hackers you can play 2 full games. Every year I start to love valve less and less.
  9. Got 'Kingpin life of crime' some time ago. I really loved to play it again. Some old games are not fun anymore when you play them so many years later but this is still great. And damn this game is hard, I started the game on normal. After playing a while I started with the first map again to play the game on easy. Cause damn... it is so hard to kill people after the first 2 maps. Even on easy the game is not easy, but it is fun! Map design is also great in this game. A great variance. And I love how you can talk positive and negative to people on the street. This game would be so great for a sequel. 'Hey you got a dollar?', 'Come back to me when you have a dollar!'
  10. I really dislike the pad that you have to use. I rather would aim at the ground and see a pie menu popping up. Also I would prefer ortho over perspective. Anyway, i really like they give it a try. Things might develop positive over time. Atleast it is something else then shooting from a position like most of the other VR games.
  11. @GRiNET I knew they weren't embedded. It's just that it takes so many actions to see all the screenshots. It so much nicer if I only can use a scroll wheel to see your progress. The overview looks nice.
  12. doom red alert tiberiun sun swat 3 delta force delta force 2 need for speed 3 hot persuit the settlers 3/4 carmageddon tomb raider half-life half-life 2 need for speed underground insurgency natural selection 2 project zomboid cs:go
  13. I'm totally not impressed with the new inferno. But maybe that is to much the source engine being really outdated when it comes to lightning.