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  1. @Corvus What is it for? And what engine is it?
  2. Good old days, I truly miss them. Diving with my desert eagle and 3 combat knifes
  3. I think it would be great if we have monthly challenges. It could be things that take from a few hours to a weekend. It should be mostly about crazy ideas, and making something you normally won't. For example -a vertical map -a surf map -one room with exactly 200 props -every brush should be a moving entity -100 headcrabs -no lights, only flashlight -a map where you fall down and have to dodge object -a basic floor plan, where we stack them later to make one map -a map under a 45deg angle -a 4 player co-op map who's with me?
  4. Really great! I only dislike the log, someone make him a better model
  5. Yeah I know him The octopus.
  6. Not many people within this community are making games I want to make a game but my prototype is less then bare bones atm.
  7. Makes me wanna play the ship
  8. Looks amazing. To bad COD is so shit those days.
  9. The language has nothing to do with games. It's just that it is very well suited for games cause there is little friction. It's typesafe, and aims to be fast. At the moment you can hook up other libraries that are written in C / C++. There is someone else working on it as well called Joshua, but he works on the backend compiler. I don't recommend this talk if you don't program. Also it shows just a small part of all the great things his language has.
  10. I watched the talk about jonathan blows new programmng language online. Can't wait to get my hands on that. Waiting atleast 1 and a half year now...
  11. @Dillonbarba That map would be great for a rat map version
  12. It's quite useless. Sometimes it's good for holding angles to delay the defuse do
  13. Hahaha, I wish I could play right now And don't forget the negev is a one hit headshot!
  14. I already have an idea for a mod. I had the idea for chivalry, but why work it out for chivalry with mordhau on the way So maybe you can make me a map
  15. Great new video: