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  1. I would prefer 1024x1024xinfinite
  2. I would like the 1024x1024 but people have to use UT to get the mapcore community out of their comfort zone
  3. They Hunger 2 i hope.
  4. Yeah I readed about that. Could be really interesting. I switched to prime now, it seems to help a lot. No spin bots so far.
  5. So many cheaters lately. They don't even try to hide it anymore. Spinbots. Wallbangs wherever possible etc.
  6. Looks great, but I think the walls are to thin.
  7. I will try it with the vive soon
  8. I think this is a really great resource for textures: It's by Andrew Price, a well known and respected member of the blender community. What really really really great is about it is that the textures come with a diffuse, gloss, normal and reflection map as well! It also offer HDR skies now!
  9. I couldn't find a topic. @dux (he works for UWE) I think we all know what the game is, so no video here. Ok, I bought this game quite some time ago. Well it is not as great as NS2 (I played ns2 so much), it's still a really great game. I wanted to give feedback to UWE for quite a while but I lost interest in the game. But with dux on the forum I will give it a shot I really like the beginning. You start with almost nothing and slowly expand. The time it takes to craft more stuff in the beginning is really good. But after a certain amount of hours, things start to develop to slowly for me. It makes me realize to much that life is to short to play this game... How I would like to see the game improve: -I want a harpoon, harpoons are freaking awesome -More interesting sea creatures to fight, I love fightings skulks, fades and lerks. I miss the skill ceiling in fighting sea creatures in subnautica. To gather food for example, you just swim around and press use at the fishes... -Maybe this is fixed, but I really hated that when opening a door with a laser or putting out a fire, they would reset when you came back later... It's like the games keeps putting you back in time. -As last and my most important thing that would actually would make me play the game again: After a x amount of hours in the game I want harvesters, silo's and macs. Just like harvesters in red alert that go over the ground gather resources. After an x amount of hours I have the need to build more and bigger things. Base building is cool. But I got tired of collecting resources. There could be silo's that are divided in 6 pie's. Where each slice could hold a different material. They could hold things like copper, scrap metal, gold, and other materials like that. But not batteries, knives, fish, and other stuff like that. When placing blue prints for things to build, the macs could go to a building that is connected to the silo's to gather the resources needed to finsih buidling the blueprint. After a while a player will have more and more silo's, and more macs to build faster and faster. Hope you can plant the idea as a seed in the head of charlie cleveland
  10. NS2 is one of the best games ever. It sucks that the skill level of the people left playing goes from braindead to 2013 championship winners
  11. O yeah I hate it when they say:
  12. @Dillon Beard Looks great but I personally would like some things that break the style. Everything fits to perfect. For example, you could add some realistic power sockets. Or a poster that doesn't blend in that well st the others. Or whatever, but it's to perfect now making it imperfect.
  13. I would like to see HL3 become a MMO. So I wouldn't mind waiting another 15 years.
  14. Cool, I will test the maps again asap.