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  1. @[HP] This is gold. No need for satire these days.
  2. can you confirm? I read something about enemies running in straight lines towards you therefore running backwards is the best strategy. tbh, I just want to finally play Gibhard. LUL
  3. Wow, what.. that's freaking nice.
  4. Is this next level trolling?
  5. This might help. I had a similar problem after shadows got updated in CS:GO.
  6. Kinda exclusive, here's the rest of it. Any feedback on the CC is welcome.
  7. Wow, El Moroes - those shots are incredible. As well as yours HP. I've visited a lost place recently and still have to edit some of the footage, but here's my first one from a large (maintenance?) train hall.
  8. "(...) What we're doing is an exercise in perception (...)" Describes the game best, I guess.
  9. I know a bunch of people who would love to see that.
  10. I think if someone had doubts in mind of getting a PS4, they should be convinced now.
  11. I'm playing since Year of Kraken, so what I experienced most is: People who have played for pretty much since the game was out, had a big advantage because they had more of the legendary cards that were used in top tier decks and guaranteed the most wins. But it's F2P and so it's kind of okay, I guess. I rather enjoy a few rounds of arena lately than climbing the ladder. Is there a release date for the Year of Mammoth? I didn't see any in the news article.
  12. Overall, I like it - very well thought out. It has taken me a bit longer to finish stage 2 due to not actively playing Portal recently - but I didn't pay attention to the broken glass hint right from the start (despite the dead crow). And I like that idea, although I second the logical hole that Radu mentioned - if you implement it correctly (with the chamber design in mind) I find it quite nice to keep the two stages/chambers and also find something for the turrets that isn't just working anymore. Nonetheless, you make good use of the Portal 2 content and it has a very authentic feeling true to the original.
  13. I just played one game with bots (to get to know the map and layout), so I don't know how this plays out in a real match. What I can tell so far is (just a little bit of amateur analysis): + I like the layout: it gives a lot of opportunities for variation in round tactics and rotations Why? You can flank almost every path on the map and change your intended target on the map. / 3 entrances to middle for Ts give the impression it's a tough ask for CTs to defend (they also arrive later there?) This results in: Ts can close out A with mid-control, while A already feels like it is easier to take/retake Spot B has less benefit/impact from mid-control while it is already harder to take (presumably), although you have three entrance points for that as well - There's a lot to check on B when attacking/retaking All in all I like what I'm seeing.